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Monday, December 19, 2005

   I can't wait!!!
Yes, I know that I did not post yestrday. I had some things going on. Well, 1 more day of school!!!!! Tomorrow there is going to be no homework for break. Or so I hope. German, we have been selling candy canes, so for three days we have been doing that.
I'll add more tonight when I get home.
6 more days 'till Christmas!!!!\
See ya later.

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Well, this time the boss's son did not try to kill me. He some how always closes the hood on me when I'm doing oil for the trucks. His cousent last time almost killed him. That was becouse by the time I knew that the hood was fulling on me was when it was diging into the left sides ribs. That is not a fun thing. I have almost have the hoods closed on me about 5 to 6 times. Yet I still love where I work. Then again, my brother work there too.
Well, after this weekend, I have two days of school. The next thing is 8 more days till Christmas!!!!!!
See ya later.

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Sorry for posting so late. I'm going to have one of my friends help me get my picts on photobucket to post them on the fan art here. That will take some time. I'll have them posted some time net week. So have hald your horses.
THe 4-H meating last night was ok. I have to get my feeder calf next month so, that will be fun. I did lambs last year, so that will not be that hard to do. I have a reserved campion lamb last year. I'm looking for grand champion this year. I'm hoping to good with the feeder calf this year.
Well, 2 more days of school. And now 9 days 'till Christmas.

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

The fan art was not working last night. So I'll see if I can do this be for I go to the 4-H meating to night. Yes I'm in 4-H. I do alot of the still projects and I've done lambs and soon feeder calfs.
Well I tryed. The pics that I have are too big to add to the fan art. Sorry, I'll see if I can't do some thing for ya.
Well I have about an hour to go befor I have to be at the 4-H thing to nght.
See ya later.
(P.S. 10 more days 'till Christmas. 3 more days of school!!!)

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I'm in the prosess of getting my picts. on my site. Some reason, the fan art was not working. So ya, I'll try and post a new one every day. If not your going to have to live with it. It not that great on the computer yet. Well, I'll add it later.
See ya later!!

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O.K there has ben a missunderstanding in my part on school days. There is only 4 days left of school. We don't have school on Wednsday. So, ya, my misstake. Any ways, for the countdown 'till Christmas there is 11 days left.
Well that is it for now. If any thing happends between now and the time I get home, I'll add a new post.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

   Pep Band
Sorry to say this. But tonight I will have no time to check my site. So that means that I will not have time to go around and read any of yours neather. (Sorry.) But that is the way life is. Well, this is the first pep band of the Basketball season so, I'll try to tell you when I will not be on. I hate doing the pep band, it takes too much time out of our lives. First football, I don't mind that I love football. Not many girls can say that. But some how, I dislike basketball. It's a non-contact sport. I like contact with in a sport. Whats not to like about contact??
Well I'll see ya later.
There is 6 days of school. Then there is 12 days 'till Christmas!!!

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Monday, December 12, 2005

   Jazz Band
Some of you are thinking why Jazz??? Well, I have always like Jazz. It has a better fell to it then that durring symphonic band. This lets me get away from the home I want to live so much. I'd rather drown myself in as many after school activites that I can. So with Jazz band now, I have pep band Tuesday, Jazz on Wednday and Friday, then nothing on Thursday. I want to get away from my life with my mom. It's like I'm the slave that they always wanted. Yes, I can bit the built but at rate.
Well, now that I hav school today ( O,joy.....) there is 7 days left of school!!! : ) Now there is 13 days 'till Christmas!!

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Now, we have about a foot or more of snow here. So, the driving conditions are bad through here. I hate this. If we have school on Monday, I will refuse to go. I have a Jazz band practece on Monday morning at 7:00. I'm hoping that I will not be late for my first hour. I have something on almost every day this week. the only day I have nothing to do is on Thursday. Thats prety much it. Lets see here, 14 days 'till Christmas and still 8 more school days left.
See ya later!!

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Well, I forgot to keep you all posted the other day on how many days to Christmas well to make that up. So its 15 days 'till Christmas. And now its 8 days of school. Well the snow day was good.
Well, see ya later.

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