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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

   OMFG this is funny as hell!!!!

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   blood plus opening

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Hi everyone!! the trip went alright, besides from the countless of arguments that occured between me and my dad it was alright. Like always i won them all! whenever i make my point he just stops then tries to come up with something random. HE IS GAY!!!

My sis(Ayu kinomoto) was a little funny throughout the trip. she was scared to get on the roller coasters so i forced her on one and she loved it! but that roller coaster really hurt our butt lol

there was this one ride known as the claw that i forced my mom on and she hated it lol. me? i loved all of the rides i rode!! YAY!

My dad was to gay to get on a ride and when he found the gay teacups (omg shot me) he tried to force me on them and i falt out told him no. he doesn't ride any of the rides with us why should i ride the freakin teacups! like always he argued then turned right around and losed. i just love seeing people squirm.

so how was ur day everyone ^^ i mssed you all!!!

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Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm sorry to say that i wont be on the onternet tomorrow because my mom and, sadly, my gay dad is taking us to hershy park. at this point i would rather like to be on the internet talking with all of my wonderful friends and the one i love then be anywhere near my dad. i want to go but not if he's going to be there. i obvisouly have deep hatred for my dad. so i'll see you all on weds. have a great day


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   Noir opening

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   Madlax opening

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   this is pretty much what my mood has been since friday night!
Please, please forgive me,
But I won't be home again.
Maybe someday you'll look up,
And, barely conscious, you'll say to no one:
"Isn't something missing?"

You won't cry for my absence, I know -
You forgot me long ago.
Am I that unimportant...?
Am I so insignificant...?
Isn't something missing?
Isn't someone missing me?

Even though I'm the sacrifice,
You won't try for me, not now.
Though I'd die to know you love me,
I'm all alone.
Isn't someone missing me?

Please, please forgive me,
But I won't be home again.
I know what you do to yourself,
I breathe deep and cry out,
"Isn't something missing?
Isn't someone missing me?"


And if I bleed, I'll bleed,
Knowing you don't care.
And if I sleep just to dream of you
I'll wake without you there,
Isn't something missing?
Isn't something...


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Thursday, July 26, 2007

   end of all hope- naruto vs sasuke!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

OMG i am so bored! i got a writers block for fanfic and NO ONE is on!!! please message me, someone before i go emo!
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