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Monday, July 2, 2007

HI everyone! i'm finally allowed back on the computer!! horay!! I missed all of you guy hope you're not mad at me ;_;
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Thursday, April 26, 2007

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Friday, April 20, 2007

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

   Alright here's another story by the same author..me!
It was another day for breaking into Eggman’s lair for Sonic and the other FF’s they, as in Sally, Bunnie and Rotor, broke into his lair everyday just to hack into his system and find out his next plans was. They were always a step ahead of him. Sonic ran down into the computer room and opened the door. No was there. “ Must be my lucky day,” Sonic said, walking up to the computer and shutting down the security system. “ Ok, Sal, it’s up to you and Bunnie,” Sonic said, talking into a communicator Rotor had made for him.

-“Good job, Sonic,” Sally said, “ I’ll send Bunnie to help with the rest just keep your eyes peeled.”

“ Sounds good to me,” Sonic said. He turned off the communicator and decided to look around the room. It exactly was a pretty big room even though it was only a computer room. As Sonic entered the second room he felt a chill run up his spine. “ God, it feels like a freezer in here,” Sonic said, wrapping his arms around his body. He opened the door that was to the right of him and gasped. The whole room was frozen solid. A hedgehog laid on the ground beside a pole that was completely frozen. Blood was frozen around the hedgehog’s body. “ There must’ve been a fight, but does that mean there’s more rebels out there besides us?” Sonic asked himself. He jumped over the pile of debris and knelt down beside the hedgehog. “ chromostasus,” Sonic said with a sigh of relief . He rolled the hedgehog onto his back and his features became readable: black fur, red highlights on his eyes, spines, hands and his legs. A white patch of fur was on his chest. He looked down and noticed a gun shot wound was on his stomach. It was pretty deep. “This defiantly Eggman’s doing. So now you’re freezing innocence people? You’re getting more evil every time I see you,” Sonic mumbled. He gently picked him up and slowly walked out of the room. Bunnie was already working on hacking into Eggman’s computer. “You almost done?” Sonic asked.

“Yeah, getting there,” Bunnie looked over at Sonic and noticed the hedgehog, “ um, Sonic, what’s with the Goth?”

“I found him unconcsiscous more like in chromostasus. Eggman must’ve did it,” Sonic said.

Once Bunnie was done, she grabbed Sonic’s hand and ran out of the room to where the others were waiting for them.

“Come on lets go,” Sally said.

“Wait, Sonic, who’s that?” Rotor asked, pointing to the black hedgie.

“Don’t know, I just found him. Can we unfreeze him?” Sonic asked. Rotor looked at him and nodded.

“Yep we should be able to. And with some thread and needle we should be able to seal the wound since the ice is holding it together because once we unfreeze it’ll start bleeding again. We don’t want that,” Rotor said, “ now lets get back to Knothole.”


As soon as they got back, Sonic and Rotor began working on unfreezing the hedgehog. This process didn’t take to long just getting the wound close before he died of blood loss was the hardest part since his fur was so thick. Still they manage.

“There we did it,” Rotor said, putting the equipment away. Sonic looked down at the hedgehog.

“Do you think there’s more rebels out there?”

“Anyways possible, Sonic. This guy could have a whole team searching for him, but by looking at him he was frozen for over a year.”

“ A year? Are you serious?”

“Yes I am. Sonic, someone’s after this guy and as the FF’s we gotta protect him. Even if we don’t know anything about this guy he still needs protecting.” Sonic nodded in agreement as Rotor said those words in a serious tone.

“I understand, but how do we protect someone we don’t know anything about?” Rotor shook his head.

“ Don’t know but we’ll try, but for right now we need to check his heart rate and brain waves to see if they’re normal.” Sonic nodded and started to connect wires to his head and chest. “That’s enough. To much and he’ll look like a mummy only with wires,” Rotor said. He turned the computer on and started to read it, “ everything seems normal”

“So no brain damage or anything?”

“Nope he’s clean.”

“Good,” Sonic said, with a yawn, “ I’m going to bed I’m exhausted. You coming?”

“Yeah soon as I finish this.”



It was a few days later and the hedgehog was still knocked out. Rotor was worried, if he died then they would never find out if there was more rebels out there. Rotor was about to leave the room until he heard a moan. He turned around and saw the hedgehog start taking off the wires that were on his chest. “Stop don’t do that!” Rotor shouted. The hedgehog didn’t listen and just continued to remove the wires off of his body. He stood up and walked past Rotor. “Wait don’t leave! Who are you? Why were at Eggman’s hideout?” the hedgehog turned around and faced him.

“You know the doctor?”

“Yes we’re fighting against him, who are you?”


“Well, Shadow, what’s your past with Eggman?”

“We go a long way,” Shadow said. Rotor sighed, he knew he was hiding something.

“Shadow, I need to know everything, were you working for him or were you searching for something?”

“ I would never work for that bastard! Not after what he’s done to me!”

“Ok, sorry. So what was it?”

“I was looking for someone.”

“Who?,” Shadow looked away, “We can’t help you unless you tell us what it is you were looking for.”

“My kids. The doctor took them away from me a year ago,” Shadow said, “ right from my hands.”


“I don’t trust him,” said Knuckles, “it’s gotta be a trap.”

“Think about it, it’s his kids. Not his wife or parents but his kids. A year ago, the same time he was put in chromostasus. I smell a bad egg,” Sonic said, “ I say we help him.”

“I don’t know,” Rotor said, “he wouldn’t even answer my question. Knuckles is right he’s avoiding something.”

“Dude, you even said about how we would help him now you’re changing your mind?!”

“I know but something isn’t right.”

“Find give me 2 hours with him. Let him calm down. I’ll ask the questions then after that we’ll decide. How’s that sound?” Sonic asked

“Fine,” Knuckles said, “ but if he makes one wrong move I’ll personally handle him myself.” Sonic nodded.
“I’ll take him outside for awhile, give him a chance to get some fresh air.”


Sonic managed to get Shadow outside. It was a beautiful day to go outside. Sonic tried to stir up a conversation but all Shadow did was mumble a few ‘uh-ha’s’ and a few ‘nopes’. Talk about a great friend to talk to. “Ok well we’ve been walking for 20 minutes and we haven’t talked at all. You want to start talking now?” Shadow shrugged.

“Go ahead ask me anything.”

“Alright, tell me what you were doing at Eggman’s base in chromostasus?”

“I was searching for Keyla and Yakumo. A year ago the doctor took them from me.”

“That still doesn’t answer the chromostasus part.”

“A girl named Nelly found me sneaking around and shot the pipe by accident. The next thing I knew I was on the floor dying from blood loss or at least I thought I was.”

“Hm, so Eggman’s got new henchmen. This is getting interesting.” Shadow gasped and looked at him.

“Your not seriously planning on challenging him are you? He’s hired 6 demon guards and they’re very brutal. They love to kill and they don’t even let a 5 year old live let alone me. They don’t show mercy.”

“How old are you?”

“You wouldn’t believe me!”

“Try me!”

“Find, 57”
“Um how? You look 18?”

“Yes I know. I was created to be immortal. To never age. I stay in a 18 year old body forever.”

“Created?” ,Sonic asked, “what do mean?”

“I was created by the doctor’s grandfather 57 years ago. An ‘immortal being’ that’s they call me. It’s for my immortality that the doctor wants me. He wants to do a trade: immortality for my kids safety.”

“What’s he planning on doing with it?”

“Make him and his henchmen immortal. If he wants it he can have it. He already took everything else that meant to me,” Shadow said, kicking a rock that he saw in the middle of the ground, “why shouldn’t he have it. I’ll never see my kids anyway. For all I know they could already be dead and it was because of me.”

“Never say never, Shadow.”


“Because you got us now. We’ll help you get your kids back and put a stop to Egghead’s plan.”

“What difference does it make. They’re probably already dead.”

“Shadow don’t you worry we’ll save them. Don’t you worry.”


“I think we should risk it,” Sonic said. They were having another private meeting. “I feel sorry for him, he’s related to Egghead and he has no choice but to pray for his kids safety. It’s not right.”

“Sonic, I know you want to help him, but how can we help someone who’s related to the enemy? He’s desperate, Sonic, meaning he’ll go to the extreme to save them,” Sally said “I know, which is why we have to help him. Dammit, Sally, don’t you get it? He wants his kids. He could get killed trying to save them so in order to increase that chance we gotta be there with him!”

“And what if we die in his place, Sonic? You gotta think about the obvious, Sonic. One wrong move and we could get killed.” Sonic growled.

“He’s fighting against the same god damn enemy that we are. He’s related to the god damn enemy that we’re fighting against. This could be a perfect opportunity to strike and possibly win this battle for freedom! So how is it that you guys can’t decide on what we’re doing.?!”

“I understand that, Sonic, but we can’t trust him. You might trust him but we don’t. he can stab you in the back don’t you see that? It’s a matter of safety.” Sonic gave a sigh of defeat and flattened his ears.

“I’m out of here,” Sonic said and walked out of the room.

“Where are you going?”

“To talk to Shads,” Sonic said and left the room. Sally looked at Rotor in confusion.

“ ‘Shads’?”

“Must be a nickname.”


When Sonic opened the door, he noticed Shadow sitting on the window seal and looking out the window. “Hey, Shadow?” Sonic asked, walking up to him. Shadow looked up at Sonic who seemed upset.


“We haven’t decided yet.”

“Kinda figured that.”

“It’s just that they don’t trust you.” Shadow chuckled.

“I don’t blame them. It took awhile just to get my own girlfriend to trust me.” Sonic frowned.

“Shadow, I’m so sorry,” Sonic said, “it must’ve been so hard not to remember about it.” Shadow shook his head.

“Sure it’s lonely but that’s why I have or had Keyla and Yakumo. Hieba left because she hated me and her own kids but the more I think about it, I think it should’ve been me who walked out that door and not Hieba.”

“Shadow I might not know the exact reason but you did the thing to take in those children. I’m sure Hieba is proud of you,” Sonic said and stood up to leave the room.

“Hey,” Shadow said. Sonic stopped in his tracks and looked at him. “Thanks Sonic. I don’t even know who you are but thank you for everything.” Sonic smiled.

“No problem. You just keep praying. We’ll get your kids back. I promise,” Sonic said and left the room. Shadow smiled.

“Promise ha? Just like Maria. Hopefully you’ll stick to your promise, Sonic.”

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Yay today's my 14th birthday! It took long enough! 2 more years then I'll be on the road! HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 ME LOL!!!!! I wonder if my parents really forgot what today was? well state ur opinion if u want i don't care. I'm in 2 good of a mood 2 let my parents put me down!

So how r u everyone? ^^ PM me if ur bored ^^ ttyl!

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Omg i want to thank everyone who left a a comment on my stories! i am glad to see that all of my friends who left a comment enjoyed it so thankies to everyone!
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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

   here's a story that i worked hard on! enjoy
Shadow & rouge in:

Rain was pounding on the roof tops that day. Everyone was now leaving from work including Rouge the bat who works for the president. She was exhausted from all the missions she had to do that week, she barely got any sleep since her mind has been on a hedgehog named Shadow. 2 years ago he gave up his life to save earth from the SCA. He used the rest of his energy on the chaos control him and Sonic had performed. Ever since then she always thought about him but the others seemed to have forgotten about him. Rouge frowned at the thought. Why would they forget about him? Rouge thought, he gave up his life to save us all and they forget about him.

Once she made it to club Rouge, she opened the door and walked in. she shivered from the cold that greeted her when she entered the building. “I seriously gotta get Tails to fix that stupid heater, it’s freezing in here” she said through gritted teeth. She threw her keys her on the nearest table and walked into the kitchen to make some coffee. She opened a cupboard that contained the coffee beans. She scooped some of the beans and stuck it into the coffee maker. She turned it on and waited for it. Her mind filled with thoughts of Shadow. She liked him even though he was created by Eggman’s grandfather, there was something different about him compare to all the villains she faced. She wasn’t sure what it was just that she cared for him a lot. More then jewels which was a miracle for her.

After a few minutes the cup of coffee was done. She pulled it out and poured it in cup. She blew on it and took a sip. It was nice and hot for a very cold day. She walked out into the living room and turned the TV on. She changed it to channel 3 and sat down and took another sip of coffee. They were talking about Eggman’s escape from jail……again. What else was new. Rouge suddenly felt a chill. Someone was watching her. Who? And why? She stood up, walked to the fire place and picked up a poker that was still hot from earlier. She turned the hallway light on and walked down the hallway with the poker ready for anything. She turned to her bathroom and opened the door slowly. She stuck her hand through the door first, turned on the light and walked in slowly. “Hello is anyone here?” Rouge called. No answer. She turned around slowly and before her eyes she saw a figure of a hedgehog in front of her. She gasped, swung the poker and hit the figure in the face square in the face. “ow Rouge that hurt, jeesh you can’t even give a friend a hello just a smack across the face!” the figure said. Suddenly it occurred to Rouge that the person she smacked was the person she thought was dead. “Shadow?” she asked, tears forming in her eyes “Who’d you think it was? The milk man?” Shadow asked sarcastically. “No, you’re suppose to be dead,” Rouge said, lowing the poker down. “Yeah that’s what I thought,” Shadow said. “Until?” Rouge asked. “ I noticed I had enough energy for one last Chaos Control so once I hit the atmosphere I used it,” Shadow explained. “So how long have you been hanging out here?” Rouge asked raising an eyebrow. “2-3 weeks.”

“ YOU IDIOT WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME EARLIER?” Rouge shouted, wrapping her hands around his neck and shook him hard. “OW Rouge that hurts.” Shadow said pushing her off. “Well answer the question!” Rouge demanded, stepping on Shadow’s foot.” Ow, alright fine just don’t do that again!”


“I didn’t want to bug you, you seemed busy.”

“No fake. I’ve been working on missions so I could keep my mind off you and your stupid plan.”

“ Hey my stupid plan saved this planet from the SCA!”

“Yeah and it worked. Earth is now saved from Egghead’s stupid plan but what about me?’

“I don’t understand. What are you talking about?” shadow asked. “ Shadow…..I…..well I was worried about you. I thought you were gone forever,” Rouge said. “Hey so did I but I’m still alive, right? I’m still skin and bones. I’m not dead…. not yet anyways,” Shadow said, “I’m up and walking around.” Shadow got up and ran past Rouge then stopped in front of her, “See told ya,” Shadow said facing her. Rouge walked up to him and kicked him in the shin. “OW what the ….”

“ That’s for not telling me 3 weeks ago you little hedgehog!”

“Ok medium you know I’ll stick with jerk. You are a jerk, a brat and a liar!”


“No ‘buts’!” Rouge shouted, “ I missed you Shadow. Ever since that day I haven’t been able to concentrate on my work. The only thing that I thought about was you!” tears formed in her eyes again “ and you hide from?” Shadow looked at her. Was she saying that she liked him? “ Rouge I don’t understand why are you crying?”

“ Shadow it’s because I love you!” Shadow’s eyes widened, “ Huh?”

“ I love you. I love you more then any of those gems that I own. The day you saved me from prison island I couldn’t keep my mind off you. You were all that I ever thought about,” Shadow continued to stair “ Um Thanks I guess,” Rouge’s ears flattened “ You mean you don’t feel the same way about me?” she asked. Shadow smiled a little “Yeah I guess it’s just that I don’t want anyone to get hurt because of me,” Shadow answered. Rouge frowned, “ I see, so I guess I’ve been praying for nothing then?”

“ Rouge, I…..”

“No Shadow I understand your love for Maria is to strong for a thief like me.”

“ No Rouge I didn’t mean that!”

“ It’s ok you love Maria. I guess there isn’t a place in your heart for me to be a part of.” Rouge said “ You better go before Knuckles sees you walking around.” Shadow nodded, smiled and left the room. Once Rouge Knew for sure that he was gone she smiled “ You’ll always hold a spot in my heart and my memory. I’ll remember you for who you are not what you are,” Rouge said’ looking out the window. Shadow stopped, turned around and smiled. Good bye bat-girl I’ll always remember you. He thought and continued walking. As Rouge took one more glimpse at Shadow she blew him a kiss and winked before shutting the blinds and closing the whole world from her view.

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Omg i just found out that i passed my first spanish test! it was a huge miracle to. Nothing much is happening over here, how r u guys?

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Saturday, March 24, 2007


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Friday, March 23, 2007

   Stacie orrico

Stacie Orrico

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