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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Current Mood: Content

I haven't updated in a while. D: There has been a lot going on. Turns out that my week of the 4th of July was ruined because it did NOTHING but pour rain and thunder and storm for seven days straight. I still went to some fireworks, but they weren't too fun and it was rather unpleasant.

My cousin from Florida arrived yesterday. She is a year younger than me, but always seems to change so dramatically and become so pretty. I always feel like I stay the same old Me, and the thought depresses me somewhat.

We went to a place in NH called "Sculpted Rocks" or something along those lines; my cousin and I always have lots of fun together. She's always ambitious and ready to adventure around, so whenever we go camping or are just around in the mountains, we always do something fun. When we went to Sculptured Rocks - which is a long stream that eventually wore down walls of rocks and made cool little caves, swirls and holes in them after thousands of years - we swam around and climbed a bunch of rocks. I slipped and fell on some soaking wet moss while admiring the view of the trees, rocks, and water, and then bumpedmy other ankle on a jagged rock, but all was well after that. I was surprised it didn't throb afterwards, seeing as I have very sensitive feet. 8p

It was sunny today, too, which was a nice change of pace, huh? XD I don't think I've seen the sun for seven days. Tommorow should be sunny, too, and my cousin and I are going to go to Weirs Beach or something and see the next Harry Potter movie. :]

That's all that has been happening lately. I would tell you the story about how I got socked in the right eye by a rubber orange ball because of a game my cousin and I made up on the farm acres, but I'd rather not... That's pretty much what happening tonight in a nutshell.

It's very late, though, so I don't think I can go around to your sites right now. I've been so lazy with that. I apologize! D:

Thank you for reading, though.


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