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Monday, July 2, 2007

Mood: Sleepy

I landed in Boston safely at about noon. I had to wake up early though, and the home that I was sleeping in made me nervous and paranoid. I think I hear so much more in the dark than I do in the light; I was constantly hearing cracks and pops that would jerk me upright. Maybe I was just restless and jumpy, since I was kind of nervous on finding I would have to do a lot of things by myself in an airport.

Turned out I worried over nothing, since my mom was allowed to go with me through security. xD; I know it sounds baby-ish, but it was a slight relief.

Ooooh~! I had a huge sushi lunch. It was so good! I haven't had sushi in almost a year. *hearts*

x3 And now I'm at my aunt's house in NH. The weather is so humid-free and cool, though I didn't go to the lakes today because it would be freeeeezing. But I might go tommorow with my friends and pig out on fried dough. XD

And then do it the next day on 4th of July. It's kind of a tradition to hang out at the lake all day and wait for amazing fireworks while pigging out on sugar-covered fried dough and awesome fries. xD

Oooh, -pets Bella-. Bella is my aunt's German Shepard, the most kookiest dog I've ever met. She's so animated... And freaking loves me! Haha! -glomps her to death-


I have new wallpapers. My newest one is my favorite, but I am far past disappointed on finding that it only had a few downloads. Give it a little boost? It's my Sora one.

View my portfolio here.

Please help it have a boost. D': It would be much appreciated.

I will try to get to as many sites as I can today. I am sorry if I miss you; this computer I am on his hard to work with.

Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bored. Nothing much has been happening with me. D: Nothing ever goes on in this town. I can't wait until New Hampshire. @_@

I'm almost finished with Siddhartha. Why do they always pick not-so-interesting books for us to read over the summer? Well, there's no use in complaining. xD I can't do anything about it.

This isn't going to be a long post [much to your relief, curseofthezodiac], since I really don't have much to say. oO;

The night before last I went with my mom, her Russian friend [who was a huge star on Broadway for dancing.], and her son [a russian interior design student who goes to school in NYC] to see the musical West Side Story. It was fun, and I am always impressed by that theatre's works. It's at a college and all the students are simply amazing, and the set design is always breathtaking. n_n I'm such a theatre freak. Hehe.

But, you knw how it is. Something always happens to mess it up. Out of the 800+ seats in the theatre, I was stuck in front of at least three rows of rowdy kids from a camp who, I guessed, probably had never stepped foot inside a theatre. I dislike people like that; they have no respect and think it is like watching a movie at home. Well, it's not. =/ Sorry, but it really ticks me off to have people laughing when someone gets shot on stage, ruining the moment and hard work actors have put in so rigorously to entertain us.

I seriously hope none of you act that way in a theatre. xD

Haha, thanks for commenting yesterday. :] I'm off to your sites now.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Current Mood: ...Who cares? XP
Listening To: Angela Aki, Rain. [because Angel Zakuro has me obsessed. ;p]

First off, if my welcome post is cut off, just refresh the page. I don't know why it does that. =/ Also this post itself might be cut off.

NEW THEME! :D I get bored with themes quickly, so here is Ginji Amano from GetBackers. <33

It's really hot here. It's only going to get hotter, probably around high 90s later on this week. I haven't been doing much outside activity, other than taking my dog for a walk and being dragged to the pool by my mom. I don't want to go to the pool. I don't want to see screaming children and grumpy old people. I want to just be cooped up inside with the A/C, TV, and computer. xD Can't she understand that? I'm a 21st century teenager, I have my needs!

No, I'm not an anti-outsider. I love the outdoors; it's just too hot for comfort, you know? Soon [July 2nd] I'll be heading up to New Hampshire for two months to go to camp and spend time with my aunt, uncle, and friends who live there. If there is one place that is perfect in the summer time, it's NH. The water is freeeezing for a person like me, but after a week I get used to it. It's kind of like a painted picture when you realize you're swimming inside a circle of mountains in fresh lake water. x3 Very refreshing.

Hmm... Well that's not until next week, so what else have I been doing? I have to get my summer reading list out of the way. We're suppose to read The Life of Pi and Siddhartha. I'm reading Siddhartha right now. It's better than I thought, but my favorite school bok so far has to be Great Expectations. I don't know why, but I just loved that book in my freshman year. And then there was The Old Man and the Sea.

That was a horrible book.

Enough of books, though. I've been doing something that might be exciting! :D Recently I signed up to do Extra work for FinnCannon Associates, which is located in Wilmington, NC. About 3 hours away from where I live. FinnCannon is a Filming Industry - like a mini Hollywood! Are you familiar with the show One Tree Hill? Well it's filmed in Wilmington with FinCannon. For those of you who aren't familiar with the term "extra", it's just a person in the background of a shot, maybe saying a line or two on camera. They might ask you (and 50+ other people) to just walk down the street and the'd film you. Part of a 5 second shot that takes over 3 hours to do.

Well I was called in for an HBO shooting of a new pilot (that means they film one or two episodes, give it to a production company to see if they like it, and if they do they produce it and then they start a series.) East Bound and Down. They told me to say a line on camera! :'D I was excite, because if I get more than four words to say and whatever I said is included in that episode/movie/whatever (because they do a LOT of editing, I don't know if my line will be included), I would be eligible to be in SAG - Screen Actors Guild, which means a whole new realm of agents and exclusive auditions that non-Union (non-SAG members, like I am now) cannot get a hold of. I sure do hope I get that line of mine in.

Being on the filming of a show certainly showed me how much work it is to film one. You might sit down in a movie theatre and see people walking around in the background, and not be aware that it probably took them two hours just to do that shot. =/ Made me aware of twhat goes on behind the scenes.

Phew! Well, that's it so far. xD Thanks so much for commenting yesterday! That's double of what I had on my first post. Hehe, maybe I can double it this time. ;p

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Current Mood: Empty U3U
Watching: Keeper of the Reaper (Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy) xD

Well, I finished Final Fantasy XII yesterday after 140 hours of game time. xD My mom surely had a spaz attack on finding how long I've been playing it. Hehe.

I never really do like the endings of anything, whether it is a movie, book, or video game. Final Fantasy XII certainly did not meet my expectations as a good game with a decent ending. It left too many questions unanswered, as well as lacking in many factors the old games had. I believe that the creators of this new game focused solely on the new battle system and breath-taking graphics rather than character-interaction and comic relief that you normally see in the older Final Fantasy games back in the day. The characters rarely spoke to everyone and never really established a growing relationship; they remained stoic and captured inside their own shell of problems, seeming as though just six people working together just because they have to rather than actual teammates caring for each other. Those of you who aren't familiar with the Final Fantasy series and haven't played XII probably wouldn't know what I am talking about, but hopefully others do.

Then there is the whole Ashe x Balthier question. The song Kiss Me Goodbye, unlike other games, left a question along the lines of, 'WTF does that have to do with the game?"

In FFIX, there was Melodies of Life, which matched Garnet's song she always sung and the relationship between her and Zidane.

In FFX, Suteki Da Ni related much to the world around Tidus, where he came from, and the relationshp he had with Yuna.

But Kiss Me Goodbye, though beautiful with lyrics and voice (thank you, Angela Aki), left the question of the relationships that remained uncontinued in detail. It started after Ashe seemed devastated over what Balthier was doing inside Sky Fortress Bahamut, as it was life-threatening and could kill him if he did not get out. I noticed she only called Balthier's name and not Fran, who not only helped Ashe conquer her problem, but also was in an equally life-threatening position. Which left the question: Was Ashe in love with Balthier? There were no other hints in that through the game; it seemed she still had her heart with her deceased husband, Rasler. Did Kiss Me Goodbye reflect the BARELY MENTIONED "relationship" (if I dare call it that) between Balthier and Ashe. Beats me. But toward the end it certainly did confuse me.

Well, enough with confusing YOU. xD

If you haven't played XII, I do recommend it, for some of the characters are just naturally loveable and even if you are confused about the storyline (which is impossible not to be), it is still full of many surprises and breathtaking graphics.

I should have bought the Collector's Edition. I'm quite curious of what was in the bonus disk that came with it, now that I understand the story better. But oh well.

Hey - get this. My mom's cat knocked over a huge vase filled with water and flowers by where I always put my strategy guide, completely soaking a good twenty dollars worth of Final Fantasy XII information. Well, at least I beat it before it happened, eh?

Thank you all who stopped by yesterday to sign my guestbook! You really make me feel welcome! :D

I have a new wallpaper up here. It might take a while to load. =/

Now I'm off to read your blogs.

For your viewing pleasure, a sweet FFXII music video of Penelo and Larsa. Such a cute couple. The song is 'When You Were Young' by the Killers. x3

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Current Mood: Excited ^3^

-rolls around on the floor-

Hey, Myotaku-ers! This is Blackbird's first myO post, and I just wanted to say hullo to all of the wondrous people who have ventured over to my site. I look forward to adding you as a friend and signing your guest book if you do the same.

Call me Blackbird. I'm a fifteen year old chick going on to her sophomore year in high school. Hoorah! No more freshman for me. ;P

Hmm... I am in need of some assistance to you professional CSS users who know how to do their stuff. I've seen on some random mYo sites that I've been on that, not only do they have much more profile stuff (more than 1500 characters in their 'Profile' section), but also have gotten rid of those pesky adviertisements like you see above my welcome post. If someone could lend me a hand here, that would be great. I'm quick learner. xD

As you can tell from my current theme, I love Final Fantasy... and Balthier. -squee!- ^3^

=/ But. . . It seems my background picture is much too mainstream. Too common, you know? Maybe I'll fiddle with it on Adobe.

Thank you for reading! Comment and I'll hapilly return the favor!

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