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"Bitter crimson tears
flow from lifeless eyes
and mingle with the endless sands bestowing ever greater power upon the demon god."
oooh creepy eh? i thought it cool so i put it up.

yay plushies

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Monday, July 25, 2005

i've got some riddles for you !!! this is one that 80% of kindergartens got but only a few stanterd graduates understood.
here it is

the word has seven letters
preceded God
Is more powerful than God
is more evil than the devil
all poor people have it
wealthy people need it
and if you eat it you will die!

well have you figured it out yet???
ill tell ya the answer next post!!

i am so happy i just bought some new graphic novels with the money i got from babysitting! i got the first 2 D.N.Angel books!!!! i so happy
well thats all for now toodles!!!

senario 0.o ^-^ 0-o oiranes

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

sorry camp
sorry its been a week since a update. ive been at camp. thanks everyone for your comments. its really appreciated i feel better. my dad is sick cause he got blood poisoning but the docs said hes going to be ok. my mom has had a surgery on her shoulder but shes getting better. thats my life thus far. hey anyone like the band the Gorillaz? ta ta

Bitter Crimson Tears
Flow From Lifeless Eyes

Becareful Where You Tred
Don't Step In Red

=3 Senario =3

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Sunday, July 3, 2005

hello peoples im sorry
i am very sorry for not visiting your guys sites. its been real hectic round my place. because last thursday my grandpa died. i miss him so much. im kinda mad at myself for not really crying, i guess i was in shock. well i'll be trying my best to get to everyone. ta ta for now.
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Sunday, June 19, 2005

   Hallo experiment!

helloooooo! im sooo excited!!! my fave uncle is coming back to alberta from ontario!!! i havent seen him in 2 years!!!!! sooo happy! sorry its short, so ill add a poem or 2!! this one is perfect for today fathers day!!!!!

Happy Father's Day to Those Who Love

Happy Father's Day to those who love
As amply as the angels love the light,
Pleased to be for us the scourge of night
Pacifying rage we know not of.
Yours the passions in the pit that prove
Fierce enough to fend off nameless blight,
And yours alone the rectitude to right
The jigsaws jumbled when the monsters move.
How came you to such competence and valor
Even as we wait to take your places,
Rife with fear, uncertain of our courage,
'Twixt the world and chaos bent on pain?
Since we first knew, we knew no hint of failure,
Desperate as we were for your good graces,
As you must sometimes look back at your knowledge,
Yearning to be innocent again.

i wanna put up another to make up for the ones i missed


Halloween wraps fear in innocence,
As though it were a slightly sour sweet.
Let terror, then, be turned into a treat,
Lest it undermine our common sense.
Our nightmares are the founts of fancy whence
We wander through the fields of our conceit,
Eluding the true horror we must meet
Embodied in the play of our pretense,
Now ranged across the night in our defense

i know it was hallowen but oh well.


Audrey died within my arms,
Undone in infancy.
Despite my helplessness, I felt
Resplendent dignity.
Each soul's a naked gift of grace,
Yet loved by us and Thee.

there we go hope you enjoy the poems (my fave was the last one) ta ta for now!

Bitter Crimson Tears
Flow From Lifeless Eyes

Becareful Where You Tred
Don't Step In Red

=3 Senario =3

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Thursday, June 2, 2005


howz it goin everyone???? i still have school. its been busy since my last post. cause on may 31 i had track meet (didn't win anything oh well) and burned my face *ouch* then june 1 i had retro day that was awesome so groovy! lol then today was sports day! first i went golfing then on a hike then to the driving range in rimbey. yah i live in a small town plave called Gull Lake and go to school in Rimbey. blah rimbey. any way im hiped up on sugar now! =3 and the answer to my japanese thingy is

"You Villain! this is as far as you go!"

yah kinda cheesy lol. speaking of cheese i had the awesomest cheese pizza for supper it was sooooo gooey! im tryin the box thingy hope it works!!! lol well thats it for now her are some pics!

wow lots a pics yah pic!!! srry to much sugar. ta ta for now!!!

Bitter Crimson Tears
Flow From Lifeless Eyes

Becarful where you tred don't step in red!

=3 senario =3

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