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Thursday, June 2, 2005


howz it goin everyone???? i still have school. its been busy since my last post. cause on may 31 i had track meet (didn't win anything oh well) and burned my face *ouch* then june 1 i had retro day that was awesome so groovy! lol then today was sports day! first i went golfing then on a hike then to the driving range in rimbey. yah i live in a small town plave called Gull Lake and go to school in Rimbey. blah rimbey. any way im hiped up on sugar now! =3 and the answer to my japanese thingy is

"You Villain! this is as far as you go!"

yah kinda cheesy lol. speaking of cheese i had the awesomest cheese pizza for supper it was sooooo gooey! im tryin the box thingy hope it works!!! lol well thats it for now her are some pics!

wow lots a pics yah pic!!! srry to much sugar. ta ta for now!!!

Bitter Crimson Tears
Flow From Lifeless Eyes

Becarful where you tred don't step in red!

=3 senario =3

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