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>>My name is Elena!:]

>>I'm Crazii and Original. Wacky and Hyper. Violent and Ebil. Smart and sweet. That's basically meh!<3

>>Just think of meh as your average kind,caring,loyal,...hyperactive,happy-go-lucky,Ms talks-a-lot girl who will do anything anytime anywhere...when I'm bored.:]

>>I'm pretty much observant of everything and oversensitive about some things.I likee piggies and random things!!<3 KAZUNE!<--Like that!!x33I am azn and very happy-go-lucky!!Unless I'm mad that changes everything.lolxD Especially when I feel violent...-shrugs- I'm obsessed with anime,drawing,books and...well...FUN!OwO I Luffs meh friends and family so if you are then...I LUFF YOU!!!!* G L O M P S*

>>Have a happeh and wonderful day!!!!!!>w<

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i resurrected myself.
I'm back.:D Heheheeee I know i haven't been active lately.TAT I apologize for that...but i will post a contest entry for sayo's contest and talk to you guys soon! (I dun expect many feedback though...) xD; LOL
I won't blame you if you forget me....i will hunt you down though.>:D Haha jk.:)
I probably won't be AS active like last last last time (because last last time was an attempt and last time was just pitiful) so you guys can talk to me through...anywhere else ..besides here.:) Like twitter:D

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