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Monday, September 1, 2008

Urg. My computer's broken. Can't use photoshop either..TwT I'm using my brother's comp!!^^ The freakin electricity went off for like 5-7 hours so my cousin and my brother couldn't do their homework on their laptop..>:D LOLxDD they chatted about music and wondered how they'll take a shower.:P Of course my work was lost in photoshop so i had to redo my pages over again..T^T
Like it so far though?^^; I know i rushed...TAT
I'm addicted to Mediator by Meg Cabot and reading Gossip Girl (for the first time ever..) I wonder if i can re-watch it from the 1st series on the compu....hm...
001. Real name : Elena
002. Nickname : Pookie,Hana,Emo AZN (my friend likes to call me EMO alot...:D),weird azn girl (my friend caught a couple of stupid 6th graders calling me that...),a girl called me Alana instead of Elena which I think it's pretty dumb.:P, and my other official nickname (although many ppl think it's how you pronounce my real name) is Elena [Eh-lei-na] You pronounce it [Eh-leh-na]. ALthough that was the english pronouciation, it's actually the spanish pronounciation that's really where my name comes from.-w-
It's confusing but just don't call me ALANA. I hate it and it's weird..TAT
003. Status : Lonely :D
004. Zodiac sign : Aquarius!!x333
005. Male or female : Female
006. Elementary : Robinson School Or something (around P.R.)
007. Middle School: SWMSakeuhboeuh (good luck finding it!!)8D
008. High School : DPsdoughsorh (good luck finding that too.:})
009. Smart : Yea,but i'm real air headed.xD
010. Hair color : Black (really really really dark brown though) and light brown in sunlight!!C;
011. Long or short : Considered long
012. Loud or Quiet : Quiet. At home, LOUD.
013. Sweats or Jeans : Jeans!
014. Phone or Camera : My gosh,Camera!!x33 I'm taking self lessons on photography.:]
015. Health freak : Um....yea,i guess so.:D I Consider myself a fruit freak though.>w<
016. Drink or Smoke? : I like to drink...ICE TEAAAAA xDDD I also like milk tea with those boboa/tapioca balls.x33 Oh and definitely happy lemon.^w^
HOWEVER I have a drug free bracelet so if you come at me with your crazii weapons of druggs i'll hit you in the face with brocolli.D;<
017. Do you have a crush on someone? : Nahh...KAZUNEEEEEEEEE
018. Eat or Drink : Drink.8B
019. Piercings : Ears.
020. Tattoos : Nope,why would you ruin your perfectly healthy skin? (Although tempoprary tattos are ok...:])

023. First piercing : Ears.
024. First best friend : Monica. I met her in preK. OAO I miss her...
025. First award : 3rd grade spelling bee!!xD
026. First crush : Around first grade but he jerkk so i quit liking him.....Dx
027. First pet : 2 goldfish and 2 kiki's.C;
028. First big vacation : I THINK it was in CHIna.:33
030. First big birthday : All of them because they are all my birthdays :]

049. Eating : nothing.xD
050. Drinking : i wish...i'm thristy now...
052. I'm about to : go get a drink..
053. Listening to : this nature clip that always come up in disney channel somtimes.xDDD Weirdd..
054. Plans for today : Watch TVV
055. Waiting for : the end of school

058. Want kids? : when i get married.xD
059. Want to get married? : If i find my true love...(sighs)
060. Careers in mind : multimedia artist or maybe a novelist...(shrugs)

068. Lips or eyes : Eyes.
070. Shorter or taller? : Taller.
072. Romantic or spontaneous : Both.
073. Nice stomach or nice arms : Both.
074. Sensitive or loud : Both.~
075. Hook-up or relationship : Relationship.
077. Trouble maker or hesitant : Both.....i like the the word 'both'..:D LOLxD

080. Lost glasses/contacts : Uhhh i don't remember but i think i did...xD;
081. Ran away from home : Pft.No xD
084. Broken someones heart : I don't know. Maybe in like kindergarden.xD
085. Been arrested : Nooooo.
087. Cried when someone died : Hell yea. WELL DUH. WHO WOULDN'T BE?? unless they're a misanthrope or something..:P

089. Yourself : Sure.:]
090. Miracles : Yuppers. (Like the time i almost died once but i won't get into that *twitch twitch*)
091. Love at first sight : I don't think so..xDD
092. Heaven : Hopefulllyyy>w< but overall..i don't know.
093. Santa clause : I used too.xDD I used to mail him letter about my gifts....i wonder if they actually sent them to the north pole...
094. Sex on the first date : For slutty and shitty ppl,sure.
095. Kiss on the first date : Yea....x333 *squealsss* but in reality for meh...i like to go slow.xDD;

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now : My dad...TAT I never see him anymore...*sobs*
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life : Wellll.....I guess I'm lucky to where i ended up in but i'm more worried about what it'll cause for my future...
099. Do you believe in God : I'm very superstitious so i land in the middle between science and god.....I don't get religions anywho...@w@
100. Post as 100 truths and tag : I Tag my newest and recentest friends!!x333

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Image and video hosting by TinyPic feeling neutral Image and video hosting by TinyPic checking everywhere...@w@ Image and video hosting by TinyPic eating gum (APPLE FLAVORED :D) Image and video hosting by TinyPic drinking homemade carrot smoothie Image and video hosting by TinyPic thinking "I can't wait!!" Image and video hosting by TinyPic obsessed with books Image and video hosting by TinyPic listening to "Dou Niu Yao bu Yao" from TANK Image and video hosting by TinyPic wishing for another extra holiday...and friends in my new Algebra class
What a great week!!^^ :33 Sorta since it's still raining.xDD; LOL I meant school-wise!:]
Well school was okay since we had like 3 'no school' days off!xD I hope we have more..-w- Well I FINALLY got my pre-algebra class switched to Algebra Honors.C; I'm so excited!!>w< Hopefully I have like SOMEBODY i know there.:P LOL Besides that I don't think there's anything more to say about school.xD;

Oh BTW i posted a fanart!!:D Go see!!-->

All the fun things I did was video taping myself and meh friend doing really stupid,random, and pointless stuff! For example...fake banging on our Guitar Hero/Rockband guitars,and webbcaming on a REALLY short excerpt on (DUN DUN DUNNN) THE SCARY MAZE GAME!!!!!!:DDD (we did more than that though..xD)
If you hate horror movies (like meh) well....PLAY IT, IT'S FUNNN!!!! (I know ironic isn't it?) WELL FOR ALL YOU HORROR LOVERS OUT THERE, PLAY IT!!!!! THAT INCLUDES EVERYBODY WHO NEVER PLAYED IT BEFORE!!!!BWAHAHAHAAAA (cough cough) -3-
I played it three times and I never get tired of it!!>:D The first time was when i was bored and it was the middle of the night which was...pretty stupid of me since i didn't have the lights on either!!Hahaha..ha...ha *nervous chuckle*
The second time was with my friend who ruined it because she closed her eyes...-3-
The third time was with my cousin who didn't even play it but refused to play it without a visual aid...so i volunteered!!xD
Yes I screamed like hell on all of them.
Well my same friend SERIOUSLY played it last night because she knew what was going to happen BUT she didn't know WHEN it was going to happen so she had to scream at the end when it actually happened. LOLxDDD She literally covered her eyes and popped out onto the floor ALMOST scarred for life. I thought it was hilarious.:P
BUT i would advise you NOT to show this to underage kids.NOT AT ALL. D;< You know why? Because i saw some videos on the scary maze game and they actually showed it to 5 and 2 yr olds... Yes they started crying when it happened.-w-; I don't blame them cuzz i was forking scared too..*shrugs* Oh and one mom peed on herself which i thought it was funny..xDDDD
So if you think they can 'handle it' after you played yourself then go ahead but don't blame meh...-w-;
Oh and another thing...my friend would LOVE to give a warning to you guys who are considering to play it.
If you wanna play it just search "scary maze game" on google or something.:33 It'll appear.-w-
If you played it before don't you DARE leak the secret out or I'll hunt you down and scare the crap out yew for mehself..>:D

Well that was enough writing for a day...=3=
Well I just got AIM and i don't use it much but if you wanna talk to meh,my screename is starscreamx8D. I think pm'ing is too slow...xDD Haha ROFL


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Monday, August 18, 2008

   Oh Yahhh...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic feeling relieved Image and video hosting by TinyPic checking gaia Image and video hosting by TinyPic eating air Image and video hosting by TinyPic drinking nothing Image and video hosting by TinyPic thinking "Omgawd...tv time..." Image and video hosting by TinyPic obsessed with pixels Image and video hosting by TinyPic listening to "Video Girl" from Jonas Brothers Image and video hosting by TinyPic wishing for another extra holiday...and more adv. classes
Well it wasn't AS BAD as i thought.xD; Of course i had to run for my life when i was 50 feet away when the bus got here but other than that...I'm okay...-w-; Hahah everyone was staring at me when i ran!^^; Yes,everyday has to be filled with embarrassment while I still live..-3-
Well I REALLY didn't like my history class cuzz i barely know anyone there & the sub was...boring and adv math class was good but i sat around a bunch of guys,my friends were too far away from me,and it was burning hot..Dx<

My other classes were "okay" cuzz i have ppl whom i could actually talk to and the teachers were fine.^w^ It was pretty weird cuzz it "seemed" like a normal school day...but it isn't...LOL It's so normal,it's weird!!xD;
At least i carpooled with Sayo-chan!!x3 She's so strong she broke the car window during the summer!!!*thumbs up* xDD
Weeeee~ What a great day!:D

Well since the storm/hurricane is getting worse we have no school tomorrow!!x33 So meh awesomely annoying neighborhood friend wants to come over to beat me in Guitar Hero.>:DDD HA!!Yea,right. I'm so beating her.>w> Well unless her house gets sucked into the storm,or if she gets blown away walking here or something...:P Jk I already told that to Kazu-chan.xDlol
Well Hopefully there will be another holiday...hehehehe.

So during my AH-mazing trip to Busch Gardens WE [meh and meh friend] RODE KIDDIE RIDES!!!xD WEEEEEE~We're SO COOLLL!!!8D LOL We rode all the water rides and Tidal Wave twice!! SOAKING WET, BABEH!!!!>:33 Seriously,it looked like we got out from teh pool.:D Luckily meh friend had a change of clothes while unfortunately moi didn't.=3= (she didn't tell me...D;<) My shoes kept squeaking...:P ROFL Then we rode chasing cheetah,the merry-go-around (I TAPED ITTT,WOOTT),and teh scorpion.^3^ I didn't ride all the major ones cuzz
o1.Meh friend didn't want to go on any..D;<
o2.I got scared...-3-...*cough cough cough*
If she DID get on ANY i would totally go for ANY of them since she's scared of roller coasters.xDD; We also stole some 3-d glasses from a movie.C8 Oh Yahh. Hahaha BTW I WON A PIKACHU PLUSHIE FROM TEH CLAW MACHINE!!!!!:DDD I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!x333 Meh first time EVAAAA!!! You know those things always trick you..-3- We watched in slow motion....:] LMAO *Lets enjoy this moment of happiness...okay enjoyed.*

After that I went to a Musical (Mamma Mia) with my mom's friend and family. It wasn't so awkward though...*shrugs* I had fun!!:33 Except the fact that my butts hurts from sitting 4 hours straight...O___o We may go horse back riding next month...hmm....I hope they don't throw me off...TwT

More randomness: (songs/choruses that are stuck in my head EVERY...SINGLE...DAY.O________O)

Sixteen, Sixteen minutes left better get it done
Sixteen, sixteen, sixteen more minutes get ready, game on!
Sixteen, sixteen, sixteen minutes left running out of time!
Sixteen, sixteen, sixteen more minutes till it's on the line!
Sixteen, sixteen, sixteen minutes left gotta get it done
Sixteen, sixteen, sixteen more minutes till we're number 1!
The way we play tonight
Is what we leave behind (that's right)
It all comes down to right now
It's up to us (let's go)
So What are we gonna be?
(We're gonna be...)
Run,run like you do
I'm chasing you
on your tail I'm gaining fast
you're going nowhere
try to fix what you've done
turn back the time
the night is calling
and we're falling faster now
Video girl rocked my world
For a whole two seconds
And now I know
I'm not about to be another victim
Of the video girl (syndrome)
Get out of my face
Get out of my space
Get some class and kiss the past
'Cause I'm not about to be another victim
Of the video girl syndrome
I'm hot
You're cold
You go around
Like you know
Who I am
But you don't
You got me on my toes

I'm slipping into the lava
And I can't keep from going under
Baby, you turn the temperature hotter
I'm burning up
Burning up
For you baby

I'm sure you know some of it..=3=

Oh wait...you do know that when you press the little fast forward button if goes on to teh next song right??:DDD (teh little playlist up there!!*points*)


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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Image and video hosting by TinyPic feeling air-headed Image and video hosting by TinyPic checking theO Image and video hosting by TinyPic eating mints Image and video hosting by TinyPic drinking water Image and video hosting by TinyPic thinking "How stupid am I..." Image and video hosting by TinyPic obsessed with drawing Image and video hosting by TinyPic listening to "Now or Never" from High School Musical 3 Image and video hosting by TinyPic wishing for more adv. classes
Woot I'm back from China!!^w^ Well I was back for about a week ago but I decided not to touch the computer for a few days...@w@ Otherwise I'll stay on it 24/7...D;<
Well I drew a few pictures and probably going to draw more!!:3 I was thinking about a group picture but i'm not so good at group piccies...-w-;
OOHHHH I went to my school orientation and there were ALOT of cars!xD; I was wearing a hat and my glasses were in my bag so if any of my friends were standing like 3 feet away from me i probably can't see them!!xD; WHICH explains how I didn't see Sayoko-chan standing right in front of me...TwT *kicks mehself* I knew I recognize those shoes somewhere...hmm...(maybe you were wearing new ones but i couldn't tell because of my stupidity..^3^;) Btw I looked for you frantically in the cafeteria but you weren't there....Did you even go there? LOLxD *shrugs* We should've totally compared schedules!! Didya get your supplies list yet cuzz i didn't...xP
Oh and I saw Faithie too in gym....I think...(she was about 10 feet away from me) I wasn't sure....


So anyways,I didn't do much in China so all I did was watch some Taiwanese and Japanese dramas with my cousin.-3-

Bull Fighting
My Lucky Star
Romantic Princess
Why Why Love
The Seventh Day
Summer x Summer
They Kiss Again

Zettai Kareshi
L save the World [movie]

I saw a bunch more like Smiling Pasta on television (parts of it) and It Started With a Kiss,Devil Beside You,Tokyo Juliet,Hana Yori Dango,Hana Kimi (Taiwanese and Japanese),and Half of Brown Sugar Macchiato (because I couldn't find the rest of the episodes) on the computer.

(This is so random...)
Breaking Dawn<333333


What movies should I watch?:3
Already watched:
Hancock (chinese version...-w-)lolxD
I Am Legend
Kung Fu Panda

I am soo random. I'm going to Busch Gardens tomorrow!!xDDD

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

   Look SUPERMAN!!:)
Wow,What a random Title!!xDDDlol

Anyways Nothing much is happening!:]I'm drawing a bunneh gurl on photoshop lately but it's taking a REALLY long time!!xD; I'm also improving meh creativity skillz too!!^w^

....Now i haff nothing to write about....
Well Sayoko came to meh house today!!:33We hadddd fun!!!...Shrimp Crackers,Biking,Tangerines,and computer!!!x333Of course!lolxD
But lately something is....glitching...O__o Like everytime when I comment on something,it always comes up as RSRKingdomStars.Like I KNOW Sayoko logged out of her site (on meh computer) and stuff.[since like I am using it RIGHT NOW too on meh account] But I'm not too sure of whut everything I write comes From RSRKingdomStars.Know what I mean?O__ololxD I hope i make sense.:]So if like any messages or anything that you sent to MEH/SEFAA3 comes up as RSRKingdomStars then..it probably might be MEH/SEFAA3.TwT....I can't wait for Version vibrant...

Oh and I put on a voice comment thingie majiggy cuzz I was bored.:]lolxD
Well I'm buseh now....I suppose!xD My mom came and like I miss her!!TwT Especially meh brother dudes. He left to study in China for 6 months....or more....T^T I think meh friends are getting annoyed of meh saying that i miss meh famileh members.:'] Like he did ALOT for meh and helped and supported....and it's weird not seeing him like I always have.....Oh man I think I'm going to cry!!xD;*tears up*lolxDDDD

*sigh* I have nothing to do lately. Only homework which is like TORTURE. Ugh. I already finished a 7 paragraph essay for 3 hrs. and some other complicated work.Dx Darn I hate this homework system!!*stabs*-w-;

Umm....That's all for now folks!xDD..[i miss cartoons too]Now that I think about it I'm crazziii gurl!xDlol
*G L O M P S*

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Friday, February 15, 2008

   Buses,Embarassment and Birthday!:]
Oh gawd!!!xD Yesterday was soooo much fun!!:]Me and meh friend were left stranded in school!!!xD Like meh friend was like Omg where are the other people???!! She reminded me and I saw the buses moving away INCLUDING ours!!D; We were literally gaping at it moving away and like tried to run after it but too many people were in teh way!!!D; At least Sayoko was with meh.:]She is a total LIFESAVER. She offered to go in her bus and have her dad pick us up and stuff but teh teacher won't let us!!D;RAWR! At least he lets us ride in her bus and haff the driver take us home.So yea...we all talked and lived happily eva after!!x3 Except teh fact that we couldn't reach our parents/stuff and stuff...:P lolxD

BTWWWWW,today ish meh birthday!!!:]<3*cheers* Everything started out fine in the morning where NO ONE knows about it!!!^w^ Except Sayoko,and 2 of meh another of meh friends..:'] And then....3rd period.AUGHGGGGG. I was THIS [<->] CLOSE to escape the embarrassment of 3rdddd period...The teacher was like,"WHERE'S ELENA>?!?!?!D;<<......Happeh birthday!!!^w^" So then everyone knew about it and well....for not telling them they told me that I'd get it in 6th period.AND BOY THEY ARE RIGHT.>:] 6th period was worse and better and ....worse...lolxD Obv.,Sayoko knew about this b/c she was a witnesss...:'] Teh teacher made meh wear a parteh hat and that I should not take it off!!xD;It FELL off and she was like yelling at me to put it back on!x] Then she made me wear a cape... all day!xD;It's amazing how teachers know about this stuff....And this time i didn't miss the bus!!:3 It was most relaxing....-w-

AND Thankies tooo:*drumroll*

♥Erie-chan:For actually remmbering meh birthday [even tho i never really mentioned it..?]:]]

☆Sayoko:For giving meh gifties that i could actually touch and look at foreva!!x33
[unlike my other friend who never gave me anything and threatened me and gave me ultimatums and...etc...i haff no problems with not having gifties but like the WAY she said it pissed meh off. Everytime when I can't do something for her she keeps threating me that she won't buy me anything.DO I CARE?!?!D;Yeesh.]

So how was everyone's valentines?!!?:33
Most of it went bad tho....D;Even mine,but it was still fun!:33
I tried like doing a piccie and i finished outlining it but the sketch was still stuck there and i dunno how to get it off!^^; So i didn't bother with it anymore.xP BTW doesn't ANYONE know where animegirly went?!!Cuzz She's been gone for a long time and I misses her terribly...:'[......And i haff to hunt down faithie too.....-.-

Well haff a nice day!!!:33

*extra hugggggs to all yewzzzzz*

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm back from my unknown trip to lalaland!!!xD;lol Well actually I've never 'left',I kept on voting though!!!:]I saw through all teh posts and art and manga and *keeps rambling*.So yea!!!xD;I've been on gaia mostly....@___@ Eh.
Okies,I decided.I'm SOO going to be more active on here!!D;<< So tired of missing out on all the fun!!RAWRRR!!!*smashes the nearest object* I'm probably going to start with...hm.

Creating a Manga:
[Still in progress]
Meanwhile I'll need some--
I don't care if it's random!!!>w<
It's going to be an adventure/comedy/romance!:]

Talking to people:
YAYAYAYAYAY!!:]Let's talk!lol About anything~!xD But if yer a person who talks to meh b/c of "whateva selfish reason yews haff" then shoo shoo!!D;<< I'm tired of people starting a normal conversation and then suddenly POP!"Can yews draw this/that/ME?!?!?!??"lol>xD Seriously ish funneh but it totally ruins the whole moment.
Ima probably going to be like;Hahahaha,no.:]

Art Trades/Requests/Gifties OPEN~TO MEH FRIENEDZZ
Feeling Drawing Frenzy.x3

That's probably it...OH! and some random stuff!!
Well I got a fish tank for meh early b-day*ahem*lolxD Yesh,FISHTANK. ISN'T THAT AN AWESOMELY AWESOME PRESENT?!?!?!*nods furiously* They were about to adopt a puppy for meh..but then "someone" *cough cough* didn't want to.Yews probably dun know it so I'm not going to tell yews!!c[x And well I also finished teh Twilight series!!!OwO D U D E S,most awesome book series eva!xD I got so caught up in it!!:]Teh fourth book is coming out in teh fall and teh movie...not so sure when it's coming out.D;< But Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart starrs as Bella and Edward!!<3I wanted it to be Gaspard Ulliel<--{hawt!} but whateva!xDDD;ROFL I'm not going to be able to comment as much b/c like everytime i write a paragraph long comment it ALWAYS shortened up to like the first sentence.Crappy comment system!!D;<<<*stabs* So watched any new movies?^^;I watched Sydney White,Alvin and the Chipmunks,National Treasure 2,and Nancy Drew. I wanna watch a movie....any suggestions? Oh and tell meh yer fave songs cuzz i feel like listening to more variety!:]OMG,guitar hero!!xD Played it,luffed it!!^^ Although I'm so bad at it!!xD;I used the Wii remote most of teh time.Cuzz Meh friend keeps hogging teh guitar!!D;<<*strangles her*lol
And another thing!Yews know teh aveh I made?Ish a pandy apple!!xD;lol IF yews wants one one can ask meh!^^; I'm making a shoppe in gaia with meh friend.


Text[make it short!xD]:
Colors?[max 3]
Special[like the one i have]:
Colors of the dividers?[max 3]

I'm going to undisable teh comments now!:]

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

   I'm back!^^;
Oh god I'm finally back!!!-w-;Well i Haff been back for almost a week now so it really isn't big news!xDDDD;Whew at least I haff teh computer!!!!;]Btw I changed my site again!!!>w<
APPLES.Are awesome!!!!xDlol I thought to be more original and got the creative bits of part from meh friend on gaia!^^;
Something's wrong with meh computer too!!!Dx OHH and i got meh tablet!!!x333*holds it up*YAYYYY*prances around* Now,I'm not sure what to do with it....besides drawing...since ish the only thing i could do....-.-;;;;;;*sighs*
I wish theOtaku version vibrant would come soon!!!:33I keep spending time on gaia instead!^^;
Wait no.....I got bored on it already.....-.-;;;;;;Nvm i spend my time on veoh now...-w-lolz
Anyways since i got meh tablet I hope to finish lots of art I owe to people!!!>w Exams studies are killing me...TwT
P.S.You probably noticed I have disabled the comment thingie...er at least for now!!^w^

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

   New postie!:]
'Ello my fellow buddies!!>3<
I finally posted!!:]And No I didn't come back from the dead.-w-


Man,am i tired..
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I've been trying to do this project i was rambling about for the past 2 weeks...Dx And ish due like next week.....I'm so dead.TwT

Although meh mighty penguin will protect meh...-w-
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

BTW,I created a pixel shop!!:D*scroll up*
I thought it was cute!^^Care to order some?:]
Just number sweets instead of naming them.>3< Ex."I want cake 2" or something.
I felt really bored!!xD;You dun haff to do it though.^^

Which reminds me in some way..
I think I'll disable the comment thingie after christmas~!
Just for a while!^^The reason is still unknown to you guys so Harty har har.>xD
I think i'll be changing meh profile into either wintery,or pixely..>3< Right now meh profile is such a big mess.kinda....a big mess..^^;

Art stuff I haff to do,

.Nara Kai-gifteh
I'm so sorry!!!T^T Ish taking so long but i still haven't forgotten about it!^^; I WILL get it done,even if I torture myself!

There's 1 more specific artwork I'll haff to color but I won't ya that yet!^w^

.Surprise giftehs

I'm going to sleep now...-w-
I'm too tired to type anymore...-0-*faint*
Have a nice weekend tho!!:3

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Well that was random!xD;

Anyways I MISSED u guys!x3
Even though it was only like a few weeks..^^;

I was thinking of joining a club with Rachel and Faithie,but I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not...:\
Sure it would get my butt off the couch but yet...I'm worried...
I'll probably consider it though!^^

Another thing was that,as you ma have noticed....
I Changed meh site!:3
The theme is Black and White/Music...^^;
I just wanted to do that for a LONG time but I never actually did.xP
Does anyone know how to do the fonts for the site?
I can't find any!Dx<

I'm just spitballing here,but doesn't it piss you off that someone is trying to "act" cool instead of being themselves?
It does me.

Well I have projects and stuff to do so I'll catch ya later!x]
I LUFFED those piccies that everyone drew over the past weeks!:3
(Yesh,I was checking!)
Remember there's always room for improvement!-w-;

Be Happeh or else my penguin shall attack you!!>xD
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


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