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Sunday, August 8, 2010

   The Importance of Literature in Politics
I've spent the past 2 days organizing all of my old high school notes to prepare for university (mostly sorting and throwing out notes). Anyways! I've found the first essay from English class this year (grade 12/senior year) that makes a reference to an anime or manga. In this essay I quote a line from the anime Trigun (English dub; spoken by Vash), and there is a major spoiler warning in the quotation (ye be warned!). Towards the end of the essay I mention Eastern literature in general, though most of my knowledge of Eastern literature comes from manga. ^.~

The underlying focus of my English class during the whole semester that it was taught was Northrop Frye's collection of essays that defend the significance of literature in all aspects of society called The Educated Imagination. The Educated Imagination was initially presented on CBC radio by Frye to encourage Canadians to read more in the '60s, when the majority of Canadians had begun to believe that the study of literature was insignificant. As I was assigned, the essay is to allude to the concepts raised in a letter from Yann Martel to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper about making his reading preferences public (I'd post the letter, but it's long and y'all can probably find it using Google). The specific essay "question" from my teacher is: "with three specific examples, evaluate how The Educated Imagination supports Martel's argument that public leaders should read literature."

My essay is not to be plagiarized or used to cheat on any assignments and such. If anybody wants to use the ideas or quote parts of this essay, please properly cite it in your references; that being said, I've lost the bibliography (done in MLA format) for this essay, and I can't write it up again, since I borrowed The Educated Imagination book from my teacher (but for the record, my resources are Martel's letter, Frye's collection of essays, the English dub of the anime Trigun, and an article about former Prime Minister Bennett from the online Canadian Encyclopedia). And feel free to discuss, argue against, question, and edit my essay in the comments. I hope that this is more interesting than my boring life posts. ^.^

My Essay:
The term “educated imagination” implies a combination of intelligence and creativity. According to Northrop Frye, literature expands one’s educated imagination, making literature an important part of society. Politicians need to make major decisions and develop relationships based on their intelligence and creativity. Thus, it is important to have politicians who have thoroughly educated imaginations that are continuously being expanded by reading literature.

It is vital for nations to have leaders who have intelligent and creative ideas that can be applied to make certain decisions. An anime (Japanese animation) called Trigun addresses the impact that the lack of creativity can have on major decisions. “… I’m ending lives. There’s always another choice. There had to be another way; I just didn’t see it in time to do anything about it” (Nishimura). The main character, Vash the Stampede, from Trigun is a pacifist, but when he’s forced to make a difficult decision to save his friends’ lives, he kills his enemy. Political leaders are put under similar pressure, especially in the face of war. War occurs when these political leaders lack the intelligence and creativity to make a better decision. By reading more literature, leaders can expand their imaginations, preventing wars and enabling them to make better decisions.

Furthermore, the important decisions that some politicians make heavily influence future decisions. For example, the American President Franklin D. Roosevelt used his creativity to ease America’s economic struggles during the Great Depression. The Canadian Prime Minister Richard Bedford Bennett tried to do the same, but was less successful. “Unfortunately for Bennett, Canadians did not find his New Deal as convincing as Americans found Roosevelt’s” (English). Prime Minister Bennett displayed his lack of creativity and intelligence by taking President Roosevelt’s economic decisions and applying them incorrectly to unsuitable areas of Canadian society. Although it can be wise to use other ideas that come from a strong educated imagination, in order to use these ideas properly, one must have a considerably strong educated imagination of their own; this demonstrates that literature must be read by all politicians to gain more knowledge to handle individually separate situations.

The knowledge that literature supplies can also develop its reader’s tolerance. “The [world of imagination], I said, was a vision of possibilities, which expands the horizon of belief and makes it both more tolerant and more efficient” (Frye, 55). Tolerance is vital among politicians when serving a multicultural society and developing international relations. Also, tolerance can lead to the acceptance of different types of literature, specifically on an international scale, considering the vast differences between Western and Eastern literature. Thus, the tolerance developed from reading literature can provide many benefits when politicians make decisions for a multicultural society, and develop relationships with foreign politicians.

By strengthening their educated imaginations, politicians can make significantly advantageous and influential decisions and improve the relationships that countries share. In The Educated Imagination, Frye provides numerous reasons for the importance of literature in society. Several of the reasons that Frye gives are particularly important in a political context. Therefore, for a society to achieve its highest standards, it is required that its political leaders consistently read literature in considerably large amounts.

The end. :P Well, I gotta get back to sorting through my notes. If I find another anime/manga-referencing essay, I'll post it here. So far nothing's new in my life; I've just been registering for courses, working, and preparing for university... By the way, I've decided to go to McGill University in Montreal, in case y'all were wondering where I'm going. XD See Yas! ^.^ *hugs*

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

   Summer Time!
Last post was at Christmas time... damn. Thanks DarkWolfDemon for the comments! ^.^ Hehe!

Last semester was pretty hard for me I had this chemistry teacher who hates my guts so much that she'd go out of her way to bother me in class and lower my mark. -_- She was messing with my head on the exam, too, by bringing in free donuts for the class... gave me mixed feelings! XD Biology was really hard, being my worst science, but the teacher was really friendly so he kept me sane... English was fun, and calculus was a lot of work and thinking, but still enjoyable. ^.^ I'll be at university next year, doing history for my undergraduate degree and law for my graduate degree.

Anyways! I'm thinking of putting up a new theme of the anime and manga Berserk! Also, I'm thinking of blogging less, and, instead, I'm gonna start using this site to post some of my essays that make references to animes/mangas; my life is too boring to blog about anyways! ^.~

Well, I'll still be visiting sites and Worlds, and checking out fanart and the like. Maybe I'll edit and add some stuff to my review world. ... I just remembered that I wanted to rant about legalizing marijuana in Canada, but I'll save it for the next post, I guess! XD See Yas! *^.^* *hugs*

... Oh! And I remembered that I made an AMV dedicated to all of you, my friends on MyOtaku/TheOtaku and DeviantArt! It's a tribute to Cheza from Wolf's Rain, as well, so here y'all go!

Same video on Photobucket, though.

And MegaVideo.

Also, I got an account on animemusicvideos.org (under the same username of course), so if anyone wants to add me to their friendslist and share videos, then go right ahead!

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

   Happy Holidays!
I�m just dropping in to say Happy Holidays and get some stuff out of the way! Also, I miss y�all like crazy, and I�m putting off some major assignments to spend some time here! XD I wanna make this post kinda upbeat because I�m always ranting about stuff� ^.^;

First off, I�d like to thank everybody who supported me with that thread that I posted on OtakuBoards in hopes of fixing some of the problems caused by VersionVibrant. Here�s a link to a post with the results of that thread and what the moderators have sort of confirmed about the upgrades they�re planning: link You don�t have to read all of it; I put subheadings in to make it easy for people to find the topics that they�re concerned about.

There�s a petition going around in support of some of the older features that were lost when VersionVibrant went up here.
Spread the word!

Also, I�d like to thank LGA775 for dedicating some beautiful art to me! ^.^

I�m gonna dedicate the AMV that I�ve been working on to all my friends here on MyOtaku/TheOtaku and DeviantArt; it�s Wolf�s Rain AMV, so that should be a little more familiar to y�all than all the Escaflowne stuff! ^.^;

I also have some photos from Fan Expo, my first anime convention here.
And some photos of my improved zombie costume from Halloween and my French noble of the sword costume for a history project about the French Revolution are here.
You don�t have to check these out or anything; it�s just if you�re interested. ^.^

Lastly, I have festive cards for y�all!

I hope you enjoyed them, and are having a good holiday! ^.^ Merry belated Christmas and Kwanza, and Hanukkah if you�re currently celebrating it! I�ll be going away for while again. See Yas! *^.^*

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Monday, December 28, 2009

   MyOtaku's Future in the Face of VersionVibrant
Well, here I am presenting the results of that post on OtakuBoards in support of MyOtaku users located here. Since there are a lot of things to cover, this post may be a little long.

New Members
A major issue that�s been brought up is that MyOtaku no longer receives new members, so new members aren�t able to enjoy a restrictionless and more customizable blog. It�s been determined that it is utterly impossible for new members to join MyOtaku because making MyOtaku accessible to new members would result in busting up a bunch of the current MyOtaku members� sites. Also, some of the moderators are hoping that MyOtaku will just fade away, so that TheOtaku can act as a �one-stop shop.� However, new members can still see updates that the members they�ve subscribed to put up on MyOtaku, and can comment on MyOtaku blogs.

Customization Options
As for the matter of MyOtaku�s superior customization options, such options created problems for TheOtaku/MyOtaku staff because when upgrades were made, sites would get frozen/broken due to their customizations. In order to avoid such problems the staff have decided that the restrictions placed on Worlds are necessary. However, the limits on pictures, videos, and such in Worlds are being decreased, and the ideas of adding different themes/styles to and more control over the number of displayed post in Worlds are being considered by the staff.

Major Upgrades for MyOtaku
Also, the coding that MyOtaku runs on (HTML) is more difficult to add upgrades to in general, and whole areas of the website need to be changed even when dealing with minor upgrades. So MyOtaku definitely won�t be seeing any major upgrades, such as new members, the comment/reply management system, and guestbook and site layout changes (so that sites look �normal� when using Firefox or a newer version of InternetExplorer). Therefore, major upgrades are pretty much out of the question because the staff would rather focus on TheOtaku, which has more of a future, is easier to upgrade, and has more of a population.

MyOtaku's Comment/Reply Management System
The reason that the moderators gave for removing the comment/reply system on MyOtaku is that removing it would draw some members to TheOtaku (aiding in the creation of a �one-stop shop�) and the members on MyOtaku won�t really need the system, since MyOtaku will gradually become inactive and the important comments/replies are on TheOtaku. I still think that taking away the comment/reply system on MyOtaku, then saying that it won�t be given back due to the amount of effort it would take is rather lousy of the staff. Perhaps pointing this out further to the staff and illustrating that a significantly large enough group would like to have some major upgrades or just the comment/reply system back (since some of the moderators would demand numbers showing the support of MyOtaku) would get more effort out of the staff. There�s a petition going around, where you can voice your concerns for MyOtaku here.

TheOtaku's Update System
Another major issue (that�s the major issue for me) is the current update system on TheOtaku in comparison to the old update system still used on MyOtaku. The current update system doesn�t show when a member who you�re subscribed to last updated something, and if you�re subscribed to a lot of members, you can miss updates due to the limit on the number of updates shown in the list. I addressed Adam on this problem the summer of 2008, and there�s still been minimal progress. However, that summer Adam had just put up VersionVibrant and was still working out major bugs, so I think it�s understandable that he couldn�t get to it. The summer of 2009, when I raised the issue again with my post on OB, Adam was busy with some sort of game that he was making; everybody�s been kept in the dark about it, since it�s a personal project of Adam�s. Also, a whole new upgrade system, like the one that we want (one that shows when a use last updated, the most recent updates, and the areas in which they updated), would be really difficult to create, and will definitely take a long time to set up. Since the staff still treat the users who want such an update system as an unreasonable and inflexible minority, I�ll probably bring up the issue again next summer to remind them, though! XD

Premium Membership and Advertisements
MyOtaku members and other older members have also been a little concerned about where the Premium Membership stuff may be going in terms of the way that the staff treats members and the way that TheOtaku may be oriented. Well, the moderators made it quite obvious that they despise DeviantArt, so it�s highly unlikely that the staff will start to prefer Premium members and make the website become profit-oriented. Also, due to TheOtaku�s rise in popularity over the recent years, the increase in advertisements and the offering of Premium Memberships has become somewhat of a necessity to help pay for running TheOtaku. Just to help out with the website for generous members who don�t want the Premium Membership I think a donation system should be set up, as well. ^.^

Comment Boxes and Minor Upgrades
For some minor upgrades for TheOtaku/MyOtaku members may have to submit their own coding to improve the websites, like with the comment box on MyOtaku. However, some of the moderators recognize that expecting other members to do their jobs is inpractical, so some of them are trying to figure out a way to make the comment box on TheOtaku a little easier to use (feel free to help them out, though, because I haven�t seen any results yet). Other moderators have again put stress on the fact that not all of TheOtaku�s members care about a better comment box and wordpad/notepad can always be used to get around the problem (despite the inconvenience), so any voices in favour of a better comment box would also help.

Cosplay and Security/Privacy
Some of the older users left TheOtaku/MyOtaku, when VersionVibrant went up and the cosplay section was removed. Well, the cosplay section will be brought back eventually, and that�s guaranteed, since it�s mentioned in the FAQ section of TheOtaku. There�s a World that currently supports cosplay, as well, here. Also, some members were wondering if MyOtaku could get a better security/privacy system on their blogs to prevent certain people (parents and ex-boyfriends) from reading their posts; it�s not likely that MyOtaku will get such a feature, but this feature can be found available forTheOtaku�s Worlds.

Welcome to TheOtaku/MyOtaku Jedi Knight System for New Members
Something that I�d like to bring back, which MyOtaku members can really help out with, is the old way of helping new members get used to TheOtaku/MyOtaku by teaching new members the ways of TheOtaku/MyOtaku and based on the Jedi Knight classification system. < That probably sounds very confusing, but if anybody remembers ths sort of welcome system, feel free to share your memories and try to reinstate the system because it really helped out a lot of members! ^.~ Also, it might make the moderators see the older users and MyOtaku users more positively, since they seem to think that we�re all too nostalgic.

Overall, the moderators stressed that they�ll be focusing on getting upgrades for TheOtaku, and some of these upgrades can include the things that older users want, but it�s highly unlikely that MyOtaku will be receiving any upgrades. If you want to make your opinions heard on the matter, though, contact Adam, post a thread on OB here, write an article/fanword, and/or sign this petition. SunfallE was considering posting a list of the upgrades that the staff are planning, as well; I don�t know whether or not it�s been posted yet, or still being considered. ^.^;

When you go to make your opinions heard, you should probably put any ideas or suggestions in list form before trying to explain your reasoning, since the staff/moderators appreciate lists more. Also, the moderators have a tendency to remind MyOtaku members that they�re being generous enough as it is for just allowing MyOtaku to remain; I never know whether or not to consider this as a threat or simply a representation of the staff�s generosity, and usually I just show gratitude for this. Another thing to keep in mind if you share your opinions on OB is that it�s probably best to reply to any other replies unspecifically first, then address a few replies more specifically; by replying to each individual comment, people became confused with me, and it takes more time to explain every little detail.

Lastly, I�d like to thank those who have already stepped forward to support MyOtaku, especially while I was on OB (I think your support helped get all of the moderators off my back)! *^.^* Keep fighting MyOtakuites and veterans of TheOtaku/MyOtaku, because we�re not as unimportant as the nostalgic oldies that the staff seem to take us for! XD

^ club created by darkeangel

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

   Halloween and History Project Pictures
I improved my zombie costume for Halloween, so here I am:

^I screwed up on the veins this time, so the next time I wear my zombie costume I'll take a picture of the better veins. ^.~

^Leg wound with flash.

^Leg wound without flash.

Also, I had a history project a week or two ago in which I had to dress as a French noble (Noble of the Sword, or noblesse d'epee) in the Estates-General before the French Revolution. I had a similar project last year, when I had to dress up as an ancient Greek festival-goer. So the next time I wear my toga I'll take some pictures for y'all.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

   Fan Expo Pictures
Here are those pictures that I took while at Fan Expo! ^.^ Sorry that they're sorta late! @.@;

^ That's my improved zombie costume (the blood was the wrong shade on the clothes before because the fake blood that I bought turned pink, so I had to paint it at the last minute). I have a slightly better version that I used for Halloween that I'll show to y'all too! ^.^; Zombie fan here!


^ Rip van Winkle from Hellsing *^.^*

... And of course I had to feed my love of Watchmen at Fan Expo:

Rorschach (my favourite character)

Walter Kovacs, Rorschach, and Ozymandias

Dr. Manhattan (kindly wearing his clothes XD)

Those were all of the cosplayers who I took pictures of, since most of the other cosplayers were Naruto, Bleach, and Final Fantasy characters; but not many people were cosplaying too... O.O I hope y'all enjoyed! I'll talk about Fan Expo in my next post, if I can remember it by then... o.O;

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Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm so tired
Well, I went to my first anime convention last weekend (Fan Expo), and that was a lot of fun! ^.^ I'll put up some photos and talk about it a little more in another post.

The day after I went to the convention (Sunday) I had a party at my house, which was supposed to be a big party with almost all of my school friends (30+ invited). However, apparently some big, immature fight has occurred between my friends and some were busy with stuff, so only 4 people could make it. @.@ It was still a fun party, though, we played Apples to Apples, Pictionary, Scrabble, and a quick card game. ^.^

Well, my post on OtakuBoards is receiving a lot of comments, surprisingly! ^.^ However, most of the comments are from moderators/OB staff, so they support pretty much everything on TheOtaku. Now, some of them have been implying that I'm selfish and the only person who prefers MyOtaku. So I was wondering if those who prefer MyOtaku too can add a reply about why you like MyOtaku...? And can you pass that message onto any friends who prefer MyOtaku, as well...?
Here's the link.
I'll post the results of this thread in another post (I just don't wanna make this post too long).

Sorry for not visiting sites last time. I was pretty busy with that thread and doing whatever my parents were throwing at me that weekend. Yesh, my parents are at it again this weekend. Their dragging me to the bloody island, and I can try to get on the computer using that internet stick, but chances are that everybody else in this stinking family will be using it. -_- Hopefully, I'll be able to get on during the school year. I'll visit sites tonight, though! ^.^;

School will be starting on Tuesday for me. T.T I guess it won't make much of a difference, except that I'll be busy with homework after school instead of entertaining my parents' guests and going out for dinner with my parents and such.

Holy crap! I'm going to end the post here, before I get any more gloomy! XD Sorry about all that (there are some amusing videos in the previous post if you want something more cheerful)! See Yas!

1. Turns out that my parents couldn't make it, and my friends were able to show up late. ^.^ I talked to some people there, and made some friends, and it was nice!

2. I got the autographs of the English voice actors for Galatea, Priscilla, and Miria from Claymore.

3. Batman, Sailor Moon, Rugrats (that show is awesome, whatever happened to it?), Arthur, Monster Rancher, Pokemon, Digimon, Escaflowne (I forgot it for several years, then remembered, looked it up, and fell in love with it again XD), and X-Men. That's all that I can remember at the moment. ^.^;

1. What's your favourite thing about your pet? Or what's keeping you from getting a pet? ^.^;

2. What was your first convention like? Or if you haven't gone to a convention, do you want to go to a convention?

3. How are you?

^ I'm running out of questions and creativity. XD

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

The title doesn't really have a meaning I just imagine that it would be fun to say. ^.^;

I posted about MyOtaku on OtakuBoards! Unfortunately, it's in a remote section that nobody really visits (they planned this!), so it would be greatly appreciated and useful if y'all could go to the post and add some comments or just bump it or something... Here's the link:
Also, I posted it on my review World, so I'm wondering: should I try to submit it as a fan word? I HIGHLY doubt that it would get published, but should I try?

Well, I might be able to get on MyOtaku again next weekend, and that might be the last time for a while... Oh yeah, and one of the laptops crashed too. Holy moly; can't someone make a decent computer nowadays?!

Last night I saw District 9, and it was fantastic! You MUST see this movie; it's much better than most modern alien/monster movies, since it has some themes and it's original!

The most questions in this post are gonna be about my first anime convention, Fan Expo, because I am such a noob. Also, I've decided to put some funny videos in this post to give y'all some entertainment! (I looked through my archives and saw that I had a few posts with funny videos that I hadn't seen in a while, so it was good for a laugh). ^.^

1. Maybe I'd get him an instrument because the guy seriously needs a hobby (besides trying to kill and burn things). Some good answers here! XD
Books: he needs to read more, and even if he doesn't like them, I can see him enjoying burning them.
Sword: yesh, he can really use those.
A dragon that he couldn't kill: well, he's the bad guy in the series and the nickname for the protagonist of the series is "dragon" who he has a lot of trouble trying to kill, and he eventually DOES go crazy because of it! Good prediction there! XD

2. I like HUGE t-shirts!

3. Hmm... I'd want a... genetically altered cat, like Bubastis from Watchmen. Or a warg from Lord of the Rings, or that sniffly thingy from Avatar that bounty hunter girl rides. =^.^=

1. Is it safe to bring a parent to an anime convention? This is a Canadian convention, so it's not as large, and won't include yaoi and yuri, but still...

2. For autographs, should I bring merchandise for the voice actors to sign, or my sketchbook? (I don't have much merchandise... O.O)

3. What shows did you watch when you were a little kid?

^ Jajuka is kinda one of the important dragonslayers... and yet I totally forgot to include him in this theme. O.O His voice actor is gonna be at Fan Expo! ^.^

See Yas!

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

   Happy Birthday, Dilandau!
It's Dilandau, the captain of the dragonslayers', birthday today! ^.^ If you haven't watched Escaflowne yet, I highly recommend that you do because it has so many awesome characters! Dilandau, the dragonslayers, even the catgirls and main protagonist are awesome! =^.^=

Anyways! I forgot to tell y'all in my last post that my boss at Scotiabank asked me to work during the last 2 weeks of August, as well. So I currently have a job for August, and during the first 2 weeks I'm obviously spending most of my time on here. Im thinking of making some more friends on MyOtaku, as a way of uniting the website (since its numbers are diminishing). ^.^;

I don't think I'm going to be visiting sites and Worlds right after this post, since I wanna be a bit lazy today. However, tomorrow I'll get on it! I'm really sorry that I didn't get to a lot of Worlds last time. This time I'm gonna make a list of all my friends who have active Worlds about their lives. About half of my friends have either left MyOtaku/TheOtaku or become inactive. TheOtaku really sucks now. -_-

And that reminds me! I'm going to post that post about MyOtaku on OtakuBoards sometime during this week. I'll let y'all know when I post it up, since I'd really appreciate some support, and additional points about the greatness of MyOtaku. ^.^ For those who are wondering what exactly I plan on posting, I'll be posting about the advantages of MyOtaku over TheOtaku's Worlds. Also included in the post will be the disadvantages of MyOtaku to point out to Adam and crew that MyOtaku certainly needs more of their attention (and many of the new problems that have arisen for MyOtaku were created when VersionVibrant was set up). I may also point out the good things about VersionVibrant, but they will relate to the way that the old TheOtaku was run (without Worlds) and I can't make TheOtaku look like the better blogging system (because it isn't).

1. Cake and cupcakes (minicakes, basically)! ^.^

2. I don't really have a favourite music genre. XD I like pretty much all types of music, except rap and hiphop.

3. No, but I did a few push-ups yesterday! Yay! It was only 13, since I was in a hurry. But I'm finally starting to exercise again, after 3 months of sitting on my butt! ^.~

1. What would you get Dilandau for his birthday? XD

2. What's your favourite type of t-shirt (dressy, funny slogan, oversized, etc.)?

3. If you were able to have any type of exotic pet, what would it be?

Take care! See Yas! Here is a picture of Dilandau! ^.^ He's also in my AMVs, if you want more of him. XD

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

   Summer Time!
It's not a long post! It just looks that way from the questions and answers section, so don't be scared! XD Anyways!

Its summer time, so Im back! Im somewhat busy this summer, but Im gonna try to come on as often as I can. Im going to the first wedding that Ive ever been to next weekend, then the weekend after that Im going to my dads friends birthday party at his cottage (no internet). Ive also come back on DeviantArt, but Id be happy to check out art on TheOtaku if you dont have an account on DeviantArt. So just tell me if you want me to take a look! ^.~

Ive started working at Scotiabank again, but Im only working there for July. Then Im hoping to find another job in retail near my house, since my parents wont let me take the bus to work at a mall. -_- Its nice seeing all my old friends from work, though. My boss, Sean, got transferred to New York City, and my other boss, Shayne, had his second child. ^.^

How do yall like the new theme? I hope there arent too many pictures. Up above there are 2 AMVs that Ive made; some of you have seen the first one I think, but it would be greatly appreciated if you could check out the second one! Is it all right that the videos are on Megavideo? I have the first one on Photobucket and the second one on YouTube. So if its difficult to load the Megavideo ones, I can change them. I ran into copyright issues on YouTube and Photobucket, but Megavideo doesnt seem to have any and its better quality.

I have a new fanart drawing that includes the characters in this theme that yall can check out. You dont have to read the long description or anything; I was just teaching the rules of the card game that theyre playing in the drawing and introducing the characters again.

Ill start working on my fanmanga, Evil People Will Win (EPWW), on the weekdays after work. Also, Ill keep working in the VVRC, because I dont like what I see with the Premium membership and limitations and crap. >.<

Im sorry that I dont have a lot of interesting things to talk about. Ive just been working my ass off in school and I got a 90.5% average to show for it. ^.~ So tell me the important stuff that Ive missed while Ive been gone! Has anything major happened to you between the winter holidays and now?

1. Thanks, rabidminpin, for the name for my computer! Franky is a great name, since I just watched the sequel to Donnie Darko not too long ago! By the way, the sequel (S. Darko) sucked, so you should just watch the original! ^.^;

2. Nah, I dont really buy things just if I see them on sale. However, I have a friend like that. She took up knitting when she saw knitting supplies on sale once. XD

3. I wish theyd let the noobs (I dont mean noobs in a negative way, just to clarify) come on MyOtaku. Like ElvesAteMyRamen said, you can make sites more unique and creative than Worlds, and people comment more here. TheOtaku is becoming more like Facebook and DeviantArt, unfriendly and money-motivated. -_- Maybe I can show a bunch of noobs the wonders of MyOtaku that theyre missing, and get them to put pressure on Adam and followers ^.^

1. What do you think of modern (year 2000+) movies?

2. In what order do you put on your socks:
- socks, underwear, pants
- underwear, socks, pants
- or underwear, pants, socks?
Its just a random question, not a pervy question, so dont flip out! XD

3. What do you think of these 3 careers:
- writer/author
- prostitute
- and hockey player?

Well, thats all for now. I cant wait to get back to visiting sites and Worlds! The last time I came on here LGA and DarkWolvesFaith were back, so I hope that more people have returned from their time away! *^.^* See Yas!

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