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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Most or less I am alive and well... So yeah... I will have to talk to you all sometime... remember ChimokoUmi is my name at Deviantart and my Name on Gaia is Seikei Murasaki.
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Friday, September 21, 2007

   Fack ya.

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Ultimate Yaoi-level selector!

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Most compatible with: Tyrant (for good old SM fun)
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Me me me as an Uke uke uke

Hell ya I knew it. I guess it. Bitch I am a the best.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

   My poor attempt at an animated icon thing... ;A;
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   Hola! Como estas? Hello how are you?! XD
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
¿Axel es muy atractiva, no?


¿Hola cómo son ustedes hacer? Soy fino que he estado tomando la clase española, pero conseguí alguna ayuda de un traductor para hacer este poste. Yo kinda dejó como usted sabe y bien adivino que anunciaré algún aquí sí. Bien hmm... Adivino aquí está un retrato que hice para las 800 vistas que conseguí en dA.

Ohh yo tengo un video. ... ¡WHOO!

Look after the video and the picture for the translation... XD English here... Spanish there! Whoo! XD

800+ Views On Da!

Hosted By theOtaku.com.


Hello how are you all doing? I am fine I have been taking Spanish class, but I got some help from a translator to do this post. I kinda left as you know and well I guess I will post some here yeah. Well hmm... I guess here is a picture that I did for the 800 views that I got at dA.

Ohh and I have a video! Whoo... yeah!

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

   This time leaving.... no one is going to stop me.
I am leaving for DA. This time it is official. I have done a picture and everything.

Sorry for everything. I guess you can hate me if you want.

DA: ChimokoUmi

GAIA: Seikei Murasaki on GAIA


FanFiction: ~down at the moment and I can't log in~

Well yeah.. here is the picture and here is the video.

Good Bye Otaku Hello Da

Hosted By theOtaku.com.


That is all for now. Cya when ever!


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Friday, August 10, 2007

   Update time!
Well I got a new wallpaper submitted and I have a thing for Kingdom hearts right now... Hmm and I have NEVER even played the game... isn't that just interesting... hmmm well yeah... anyways... Umm Well here is the wallpaper and I have a Kingdom hearts AMV that I like! XD


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Well that is all for today... I guess you will know when I post again soo yeah... well you all have a good day.


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Monday, July 30, 2007

Moving Rant, hated past friend, and rants.


Well there is nothing to really talk about.

I WILL moving back to Texas before school starts and dammit all to hell it will be in the same town as a hated past person.

Pfft. Taylor Andrew Cate. I hate him. At one time you could say that I liked him. >_> I did like him and all when I was younger and we hung out all the time. He was like the 3rd or 4th crush that I had at the time.

=3= He did flirt with me a lot when we hung out. Like he would come up behind me and poke my on the sides or grab me and carry me and that would result with me elbowing him or kicking him in the shins. Also he was the first guy that I saw naked. 0_o I was like 11 and he was like 12 or 13 I don't remember and I choose not to. ~that was an accident by the way his mom's fault for telling that he was dressed and it was his fault too for telling me to come in 0_0.~

But our house caught on fire and we moved and then she(Hahaha, I love my typos. he* XD) said evil and cruel things about me. So that made me hate him and then he went and dated a Senior girl when he was a Freshman. ~gags~ That is gross. He more of a loser than I thought.

Now I am gonna be in the same town as him....Again. ~kills self~ ~sighs~ Well the town or rather city I am moving to has like 3 high schools and I am gonna be moving in to the area that has the newest and the biggest high school and I just hope that he doesn't go there.

Well that is enough of my ranting and complaining you all have a good day and all.. =3= I am drawing right now. So yeah. Ummmm..... well yeah...

Well yeah…. I am outta here for now..


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Sunday, July 29, 2007

   Boredom and money.


Well I am bored. =3= nothing to do. Even though I got like the best slip on shoes that I have ever had. They are freaking awesome and if I figure out how to get the pictures off of the camera on to the computer I will show you them.

I am finally drawing guys…. A LOT better than before. They are smexy bishis and they make me and the people on DA happy so it is all good. -3- I am totally lost on a conversation that me and like 4 other people are having because someone just popped up outta nowhere and I am lost as hell now.

Pfft. I have been shopping for the last 3 or 4 days. The most money I have ever had in my hands and I have to spend it on clothes. =3=‘ $200 I had 180 at one time but yeah. I am not like rich or anything. But my dad buys me anything I want for either my birthday or Christmas other than that I don’t get anything unless I save up for it. Examples: Games, drawing stuff, programs, anime, manga, and drawing books.

The last game I got was Haunting Ground and that was in January. The last thing I got for drawing was 4 months ago and that was my sketch book…. And the same one that I draw in. Then anime would be the one for Christmas gift. Manga would be like 3 years ago was the last time I got a manga ummm I think it was Fruits Basket. Drawing book would be 6 years ago and it was a character book that you learned how to different styles of characters.

Well here is my art that I did. Tis Yuki… and you can go to the previous picture and see what it looked like before I found my outlining pen. =3=

Yuki's Bishi Sexiness

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

Also here is a wallpaper that I did.

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

and another this one is the one in on my back ground. Tis Gin
Hosted By theOtaku.com.

Well that is if for today. I will have to get to all of you later… I am bored and I am drawing Yaoi… ohh god it might be to hentai for the O… 0_= Because you don’t want to leave me alone when I am bored…. I draw Hentai… I guess because I am bored and curious.

Well yeah…. I am outta here for now..


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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Updates and bordom.


Well today I just found out that ph3@r was finally deleted by the mods and that she made another account but by some stroke of luck PP444 guessed the password and deleted her! That is the most amazing thing ever. I bow down to PP444's "Hacking" Skills! >w<

Ignore everything below this unless you wanted to know what I found out yesterday.

Well here is another update. Here is some of the information that I got from PriestessPower444's comment. I have to PM her to get the rest.

PriestessPower444's comment:

Thank you so much Sasukesangel!! You're so nice to stand up for me this way even though I'm not well acquainted with you. I have some words she said to me that could help you. her pattern doesn't target seniors and legends.

She targets people who she feels get too much attention for their art.a PM she wrote to me:

Ph3@r's words:

alright you little whore, that art sucks and gets too many votes! you need to pack your bags because crap like yours has no place! i'll get all the filfth off here starting with you, ya fat hussy!

~yet again she can't get a dictionary and look up the words or that she didn't pass kindergarten~

Well I guess Ph3@r doesn't have the attention span of a fly and doesn't have the brains that god gave a goose. Also this is what my dad said: (yes I told him what was going on)

She is probably nothing, but a little child that is jealous of the other... what did you say ------ Ohh Octakoos (Lol yes he said that. >W< But I still loves him. Silly dad and then I corrected him) Otakus okay.

Cha that is what my dad said! 0_o He does have a very valid point.

Also she turned off her site so that she couldn't be reported and investigated any farther. I sent a PM to her and I got an answer to it and that was after she turned off her site. So she is still out there. She is just waiting for us to calm down and have a false sense of security. We need to either ignore her or get her kicked off the Otaku for good.

All she does is harass people, flame, and destroy well known artists works of art.

Well that is all for that.


I am bored. I am finally getting help with drawing guys! YAY! ~dances~ I can already draw guys kinda, but now I will be even better. =w=... hehe... yes...

Well yeah.. that is all for today and I hope that you all have a good one. I am outta here for now cya!


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Wednesday, July 25, 2007



There is a threat going around she hasn't been stopped by anyone not even the MODS! We need your help to get rid of her ChainedDarkness and I have noticed a pattern. SHE GOES AFTER SENIOR OTAKUS AND OTAKU LEGENDS. We are worried and CD is worried that I might be on that hit list. We have noticed that she goes after the artists that update with amazing artwork too.

She did this to priestesspower444's art:

She makes CD and I shudder. When we see that. She is an evil maniacal bitch that won't stop. She is going after other artists too she has a "List" as she says. She is out to get us. CD and I are going to keep you updated on the details. But first look what she wrote.

ph3@rs EXACT words:

serves that bitch right! but anyways, for those of you who are outraged, don't worry. i'll leave ehr alone and move on to the next one on my hitlist. aww, did ya think i was just gonna go after her? naw. too much attention for a bitch like herself. there are so many ppl to anger next... who first? kittykoma? or perhaps koolaid guy? maiden of life? whtdragon? who first? >:D

~Good god. People she doesn't know what English class what for that is for sure~

We are unsure of who she is going to attack next, but we know it maybe on of the Otakus listed above. But we can't be certain on that fact. Ohh please god send us a Mod that will take her off.

That is all for now I hope that you guys help us get rid of this Art Terrorist. SPREAD THE WORD AND HELP US!

That is all for that important update.


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