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hi this is sara and i have 2 rules 1. plz comment 2.plz sign my gb and i promise i will get to urs
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

I am so depressed right now cause of all this bull shit that is going on...

its so hard to act like a bubbily nice smiling aunt in the play when all i wanna do is cry.

actually last night at rehearsals i did cry. and something tells me im probably gonna be crying tonight too.

i have dentist appointment today at 3:30 so i have to leave work early.

i just dont feel like doing ne thing but curling up in bed and crying and not getting up.

ugh well hope ur lives are better then mine.



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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

   Hes a Player
So the guy in the play that i like Sean White well hes a player we made out last night at rehearsals...again...and he grabbed my ass and yeah so i found out this morning that he asked my friend melanie out yesterday to. he didnt tell me that of course.

i have the worst god damn taste in guys i swear. so i just cant wait til the play is over and i dont have to see him again until we have class together next year. ugh im depressed cause of all this cause i really like him. but brandon was right he is a player. );

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