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A little about me, I'm in college at Portland State University studying Environmental Science, because I love the outdoors and nature.

I love animals, cats, dogs, frogs, rabbits, foxes, all of them. But I must admit, poison dart frogs are my favorite, and it's my dream to have a vivarium filled with them.

I like manga, not anime...I'm not that hard to talk to, but I am kind of...gone a lot, so don't expect a miracle from me!!!

Oh and I talk about my sister Tamara and boyfriend Antonio a lot.

16 year old, beautiful, sweet Miss Kitty

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ian's mom died on Saturday. Ian and I were friends literally since we were newborns. His mom was my mom-away-from-mom. I thought of her like a close aunt or something. I don't think I have any bad memories of her; she was always so kind and gentle. Some of my earliest memories are of her or being at their house.

And the funny thing is, I was always jealous of Ian and his family...because it seemed like they had the "perfect family." You know, 2 kids, big house, big yard, clean, mom and dad loving each other, being nice to each other, home cooked meals everyday...i would get angry because it felt like nothing bad ever happened to them.

Linda died of cancer; she'd been dying of it for a year. they caught it in stage 3. But I didn't find out until after she'd died. I wish that I could go to her funeral and pay my respects to her...because i always very much respected her.


...I probably won't be on myo anymore. i don't have timethank you!

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