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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Holy crap.

It's been just under a whole year since I last posted.


I was so busy with school this/last year! I'm gonna be a sophmore now! Yes! Plus, I use deviantArt way more than Otaku... I just forgot about here. Sorrreeee.

I'm especially sorry that I haven't visited any of my old friends on here for so long! ;___; I feel so bad. Gah. But, I'll try and remember good old Otaku from now on. I know I promised that, over my last few posts over the last year or so, but I'll try! Driver's Ed just got over with today, so, I'll have a little more time.

I've got marching band camp from the 29th-4th, so yesss! There's a two-hour session next week, I think, for sightreading and meeting new band members/seeing others. Which makes me happeh...

Oh. That's right.

Saroku's got a crush~ X3 I've even got a picture of him and me that I took on the last day of school in a frame, on my bedrest... or whatever that's called... I'm gonna redo my room soon too; I'm repainting the walls from canary yellow to a mocha brown. I'll also paint some stuff on, like some sakura branches, and maybe even little chibis here and there... -coughkratoscough- I'm switching my bed to face the other way, moving the computer to the other side of the room, and in its place will be a bookshelf and a sweet chair. (When I can find one, the one I want is $89 and I don't think my mom's too keen on that) <3 I'm so flipping excited!!

I reeeeally need to update my fanart. I'm gonna be deleting some stuff. And seeing a few old buddies :3 (I've actually been in touch with at least one person on here since I vanished~)

So... I'll see you guys later.


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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Oh goodness.
Seems I've all but forgotten myOtaku! Eeep! Gomen nasai!! >_< I just completely forgot about it, and then school started, so I just kept forgetting it...

I'm like a month late, but I've been on Otaku for 3 years now! Yikes! And today marks the day that I've been playing DDR for one year! <3 Happy!

With that being said, I don't know when I'll update this. I hope you guys don't mind. ;D I'm active pretty much daily on my deviantArt account, so visit there if you wanna!

And I'm getting really close to finishing Twilight's Aura. I'm pages away from the climax, and then I'll think of a cool ending. Then... revising... ZOMG IT'LL TAKE SO LONG. I'm taking out 3 characters, along with some ideas/concepts, and adding some stuff. Holy cheese!

Yup, well, that's all, really!

Oyasumi! ^_^

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

   Eh, heh.
I don't seem to want to update very often. ^_^;; Sorry!! It's not like I don't want to, I'm just too lazy to post anything. So, sorry. Can't promise I'll update every other day... I did in my last post (I deleted due to lack of comments- :O ) but that was from like 2 weeks ago...

I'm listening to the song 'Colors' from beatmania (the full version); it's in DDR, but as a shorter version... it is SOOOOOO FLIPPING AWESOME. It's got a lot more cool vocals and stuff, being it's longer, by exactly 3 mintues- the original is 4:46. But... it rawks my socks.

I've been kind of into Naruto lately, so I'm going to draw some pixel art. Never done that before, but I'm guessing it'll be way easier than drawing some huge 3 MB picture. 8D

I've also been obsessed with Pokemon LeafGreen lately, and to tell you the truth, I don't know why. XDDDD It's fun, though, so... (yes, I do still like Pokemon, even though I'm fourteen...)

Must draw...

Later's ya'll!

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

   Holy geez.
>____> I haven't been on here for who knows how long. Sorry!!

Heeey, I just posted some comments and it said I was an "Otaku legend". :D Heh. I feel special. Wheeee.

Well, I've accomplished a LOT in DDR lately. Got a bunch of new records, and my first AAA on a hard song! It's called Sexy Planet (Momo Remix [it's actually "from Non Stop MegaMix" in the game]), and it's a remixed version of the original, from the DDRMAX7 soundrack. Weird song name, but it's a cool song. (Here's a picture of teh AAA...)

Oh yeah, and tonight I had a softball game. We won 19-16! That's the highest score we've gotten this season. ^_^ Heehee. (I actually don't like softball that much, to tell you the truth...)

Meh. I should probably go now. I wanna go play some DDR~ <3

Later's ya'll!

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

   Omg! No way!!
I'm in a completely random mood!!

Yup. ;D

And it's 9:30 over here. ::giga-gasp::

...okay, sorry about that. I kinda overreacted there... my summer is so boring so far! Not to complain. I need to go to the pool or something tomorrow, or hang out with a friend. Or ::GASP:: I could go out to eat at the mall (w/a friend)! I've never done that before ^^; I have nooooo life!

I really need to do something other than computer and DDR, at least, before my mom goes ballistic and says "NO COMPUTER TOMORROW MORNING!!! LLOLOOL!!"

Oh yeah, and totally random, but if you guys wanna see my DDR scores they're right here! XD

I got a fit of giggles suddenly. O_o

Later's ya'll!

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Friday, June 9, 2006

   Ugh... this can't happen...
>___< My arcade got rid of their DDR machine.

Yes, they sold it.

And replaced it with an In the Groove 2 machine. It's just like DDR, but it's made by a different company, and has about 100+ different songs and artists...

That means now that the closest known DDR machine to where I live is 45 mins- 1 hour away. Sucks, doesn't it?

So, I guess 6/6/06 did have a litte misfortune after all.

I'll make a longer post tomorrow... it's 11:30 right now. : o


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Monday, June 5, 2006

Not again.
Iiiii haven't posted in a while. Sorry for that. ^^;

Not much has really happened, as usual. But right now I'm having awful luck with my DDR mats. The down arrow on my oldest mat (which is 7 months old) sticks about 90% of the time, and I just found out that the reason my 2-month old mat stopped functioning suddenly is because one of the wires was broken. (Because I'd pull it out by the CORD. Yeah, that'd be why.) My brother's going to try and fix the wire, since he's a computer wiz. And THEN, today, I went to buy a new mat, but it's not very good. So I'm going to return that, and hopefully I can get a mat functioning relatively well soon. -_- There's a metal one I can buy, but I'm about $80 short.

And then, I also sold a GameBoy Advance game and expected to get, like, $20, but I got $1.50. O_o It was a Dragon Ball Z game (the Legacy of Goku). I beat it in a day, and haven't played it really in the two or three years I've had it.

And... that's it. Not much else to say...

OMG TOMORROW IS 6-6-06!!! ::runs around in circles:: Hope everything goes okay... >_>

Later's ya'll!

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

I feel super random today. I just want to make my text in this post so odd for some reason. Maybe it's because one of my friends does this in her xanga right now. Hmm, I think I'll stop. It's getting monotonous tying in all these HTML tags. X3

Yeah, ok, I'm done now. Woooo, random slurge right there.

Last night was awesome!! My older brother took me to see the movie X-Men: the Last Stand, at 9 p.m. I don't know a whole lot about the storyline, but it was a really awesome movie. Then I (sadly) only got to do one round of DDR. I did A, LOVE <3 SHINE, and My Summer Love on Heavy. I got a AA on the first two, but I got a Miss on My Summer Love, which caused me to get an A instead of a AA, which in the end prevented me from getting an extra stage. D: Oh well. (BTW... for you non-DDRers- an extra stage happens if you AA your last song on Heavy. You get to play an extra stage, where the arrows scroll in the opposite direction at 1.5x times normal speed, and you have a lifebar in which doesn't fill up after you make a mistake. It's crazy.) Heh, there were these older boys (about... 17/18+ years old) watching. They could do Light with about a 12-step combo... while I did Heavy with a 396 combo. They were like "[insert friend's name here], YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!!" Lawlz, I felt special.

NEWAY, I have had a big obsession with Trigun lately. X3 I reeeeeeaaaaaally want to buy a Trigun keychain, but my mom will probably go "0MG NOOOO!!!11O1NE!!" Beacuse I think Vash (the main character) is holding a gun in it [the keychain]. XDDD I WILL get one, though, someday.

And also, I've been really into making these userbars, as seen at www.userbars.com. Here are three that I just made today, and are in my signature on DDRFreak.com:

If anyone really wants a userbar like these, I'll make one for you. :)

Okey, I think I should go now. X3333

Later's ya'll!

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

   Bored as a board
Yeah, uber random title. xDDDDD I'm kind of bored right now... like always.

I borrowed some anime vids from a guy that goes to my dad's work. X3 He likes anime, and so do his nieces and stuff. So far, I'm borrowing two of his... like, 10 box series. Azumanga Daioh and Trigun. I luff them both! :D I'm going to draw Trigun fanart soon, because that show ROX MY SOX OFFFFFF.

Yup, well... I'm gonna get going now. ^_^

Later's ya'll!

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Friday, May 19, 2006

This week has been the worst ever. Man, I thought way back a few months ago was bad, but now, omg. X_X FREAKING AWFUL. I've been so upset on today and Wednesday that I've actually cried. THAT BAD. And I feel like no one loves me, I can't do anything, and I don't have anything to look forward to in life. My mom keeps saying that I get too upset easily, but how can I when she keeps pestering me about it and she doesn't know how upset I am? It's easy to say "It's okay, just cheer up", but do you ever really think about what the person you're saying it to feels like?

I went to the school councelor again today. It's nice to talk to someone who won't go "zomg stop getting upset. STOP IT. Dude, just stop! DUDE!!ONE!1". ^_^x I actually missed lunch and stuff. Well, at least, when all the other 8th graders were eating. I ate with the councelor in the lunchroom/gym while the lunch ladies were getting out food for 6th graders.

...ah, my mom just came in and talked to me a minute ago. She told me nice things this time, and didn't flip out and tell me to stop getting upset. She said that my family, relatives, and friends (which I said) are here for me. Awww... ^_^x

I'm kind of not as sad anymore. Ah, but I want to get my hair cut like NAOKI's. It's super spiffeh, but my mom and dad and brothers are all like "d00d then we'd only see half of your face lolz." T_T Umm... I only want a few wisps falling into my face, NOT A WHOLE CHUNK. I don't wanna be emo. D: (Though, there's nothing wrong with that.)

Aaaaad, I finally AAA'd 1998 on Standard in DDR. Seeeee? X3 (for some reason paint made it all pixely and stuff. Eh.)

Oh yeah... and look- SUPER HOT NAOKI PICTURE!!! (Lawlz, I sound so dumb XD)

See how his hair is? That's how I want it, only a dark red with darker red roots. That's what color it is now... I saw him in an interview on gamespot.com that was from January. I WISH I COULD MEET HIMMM!! It's my dream. X3 But, my friends were making fun of him before school today and stuff. D: Eh well, they always do that.

Okay, I think I should go now. It's 9:50.

I am super happy there's no school tomorrow... ah, but there's an art festival! x3 Yayz.

Later's ya'll!

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