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Hi~!=^0^= Greetings my name is Sakura Kokoro, and welcome! Neways if I did nething wrong, please tell meeh politely *bows and smiles*
Feel free to read my blogs, check out stuff or sign my guestbookie! And if you added me as a friend please do tell me, ne?

((Won't be active on my posts but I'll try being active commenting on yours~))

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myOtaku (c) Sakura Kokoro

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

   Hay all~

'til then you can find me here:


((under the name as Sakura_Kokoro, of course, I LOVE to make avatars, just like the one u see now, my twitching Sora ^_~))




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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

   H A P P Y H A L L O W E E N~
Yuppers, Happy Halloween indeed :D

I'm gonna stay home and hopefully find a channel that will air Harry Potter movies...I doubt it but, heck, I'll try anyways xD

Yesterday, I spent my night watching zombies, haunted houses and bunnies, doing scenes form The Grudge...it was really wierd...

Sesshy posted their Halloween story...so I will too, for the sake of Halloween!

When I was about I think seven or ten, I was a kid...I had heard a ghost in my parent's old tv.

My parents and big brother were awake at that night, helping with his homework. My little brother was sleeping in the room by me and I was trying to sleep...

Until I heard some distinct noises coming out of the tv that sounded a lot like the mario games, we had a nintendo at that time. I freaked out, I thought to myself it must be my little brother sneaking in to play video games but...shouldn't I be able to hear him come in??

Then came the voices...weird ones...ones no one can understand. I hid under my bed covers then I couldn't stand it, I SCREAMED as loud as I could and my parents came in so fast asking me what was wrong. I immediately started to say that the tv was talking to me and I knew they didn't believe me, my big brother looked at me as if I was bonkers. I was crying and they told me to go back to bed, but I said I wouldn't, not until the tv was removed out of my bedroom.

The tv was removed and I slept peacefully, I now no longer sleep there, I sleep next door now and my big brother sleeps there now.

We would have laughs about this but, I swear I heard it...yeah, laugh...the tv was thrown out much later, it was broken.

Okies, there now you know (^_^) Oh, and I've read somewhere that seven year olds or younger have the ability to see/hear ghosts, true.....so true.....

HAPPY HALLOWEEN everybody, stay safe~

-Sakura Kokoro

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Monday, October 29, 2007

   Theotaku is back...yay~
Wow, I thought something was wrong with my parent's laptop connection, but it's back, yay <3

Well, I have to go visit the doc's and get them to look at my eye, one of them has this thingie where I could go blind if not treated ((yeah, oh noes~))

So, It'll be awhile before I come back, I'll come by sometimes but only to check somethings here and there, dunno when I'll be back...

I'm gonna be really busy during this season, I suppose...I'll try my best to update my wallies ^w^

See you around soon~

-Sakura Kokoro

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