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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 06/13/09:

Result Posted on 06/13/09:
Yumyum, one of my fav flavors <3

Result Posted on 06/12/08:
Hehe **smug**

Result Posted on 05/27/08:
haha, woot~ I got black/brownish hair in real-life anyways ^^

Result Posted on 10/12/07:
heh...pink~~ (^.^) yay~~

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What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
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Result Posted on 08/13/07:
Hehe thought so :)

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nWhat Lucky Star Character Are You?n
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Result Posted on 06/01/07:

What Organization XIII member are you? Find out Here!

Result Posted on 06/23/06:
..me?? tee hee arigato!*bows*

What's Your Inner Japanese Geisha's Personality Like? {Female Anime Pics and Detailed Results}

You are a Popular Geisha! You would rather die than live any other life but a Geisha's. You love to attend parties and engagements, and you are always the star of the show. In plays and dances, you are the main attraction, and men flock from all over the world merely to catch a glimpse of you. You are sly as a fox, and can manipulate any member of the masculine gender to do your bidding in exchange for giving him pleasure. You are the envy of every Geisha you come across, and as you walk the streets you garner the attention of all its citizens and tourists. Your beauty is something to be admired, and your lively and vivacious personality only adds to your appeal.
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Result Posted on 06/23/06:
^o^ okie dokie!

what is you're hidden talent?

You're hidden talent is you are very artsy. You like to relax and just Draw or write. You seem very talented you are very lucky.
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Result Posted on 06/23/06:
heh my smile works like a charm ;P


Cedric: if he was alive (snif snif), he'd have a hard time choosing between you and his beloved Cho. He'd be charmed by your smile and would never want you away from him. Oliver: he'd secretly like you. Percy: would see you as a higly responsible student (whether this is right or not), and would think you're very pretty, Ron: he'd like you very much, but just as a friend, you two would be inseparable. Neville: would secretly like you, Harry: would think you're a really nice gal, and would want you as a friend, Draco: Would like you, but never say a word about it to anybody.
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