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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hiya people, I'm back. ^-^

Sorry I haven't been updating, I was in Europe for 2 weeks. I'll show you pics later, but my charger for my digi cam broke (no more battery) and we're waiting for the pics to get developed (regular cam) so it might take a while -.-.

Short update today. Just checkin in with chu guys ^_^;;

In response to my comments from the last post--

baby pwencess Lol! Heh heh yeah, Naruto fans rock ^-^ Okie, hope to see you soon!
Ketsurui Tatari NUH UH NII-CHAN! YOUR DEAD! Heh heh...OH GOOD IDEA! YELLOW IS MY NEXT THEME THEN.Bwuhahaha, anything to annoy nii-chan..-.-; gawrsh, always losing stuffs, tsk tsk. Thanks. OH AND GO ON MSN YOU OLD FART! =]
Fuyumiko Sama

Who said that? @_@ I think we have a bit of a misunderstanding..

Thanks for the comments!

Last but not least, Happy Birthday UCHIHA SASUKE!!11 Lolz, come back already T_T;; we're getting impatient -.-; I might draw something in honor of his birthday!
*inner Sakura* hmph, you said that LAST YEAR...

^^;; Hope everybody has a nice day!

*doki doki*


Sakura-chan = *

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