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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Neh neh neh! Oiii~~!!

kura-chan is here! Thanks for reading people! Meh, I'll fix my intro, I'm determined to! Nyaaaaah~~!!
Mm, this will be a short update for sure! My mind's blank!
Hmm...did I tell you guys about my sidekick? She's my pet mouse Happy! I'll post up pics later. Happy's such a good mouse, though she does love to poop on me. -.-' Hey,we're just trying to get along okay?! Hehe, I'll get used to her.
Mm..dunno what to do...
Neh? Ohhhh...yeaaah...bleh! Laziness.
Hmm..I dunno..is my husband Aki-kun or Neji-kun (and if I do pick Neji, don't think I support NejiSaku okay?! I don't like that coupling all that much)
Meh, I'm tired. Shall I go to bed?
No no no I should...do my...intro *falls asleep on computer desk*
ANYHOW, I've decided that I'm going to post up my sketches ermm..starting..I dunno, I don't have anything right now ^^;; but soon okay?!
I want some SasuSaku love...anybody got fanfics or better yet fanart?!
I'm going to Europe on Friday..nyaaah I don't want to leave my friends...
I dunno, was this a short post? I dunno. Who cares, lol
Okie, good night everyone! Sweet dreams!

doki doki~~

( ..) kura-chan

Oh yeah, shoutouts to firewolf for commenting me on my last post! Deng girl, haven't seen you since like a year ago! Comeback no jutsu! *poof*

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Saturday, June 25, 2005


'kura-chan here! You see, you see?! GREEN omeegosh GREEN. I love it. Hehehe, well, I still like pink okay guys?! I can still be Sakura-chan without pink! Hehehe.
Mm...I dunno if I wanna write in people's GBs just yet. I'm not even done with my intro yet. So bleh, expect me to tag your GBs next week.
Yeah, this is just a small update, long update to come maybe.
It's so hot in Cali...
Wish I could go to Philly and see Keith..XD
Oh yeah, special shoutouts to SoraKoi and xSakurax =] you guys didn't forget 'bout me when I was away for so long. I have such great friends =]
Oh great, I think I'm going to extend my post (meh, I've changed a little see? I talk way more XD)
I've gotten into two new manga! Mm, they're Gacha Gacha and Imadoki.
Yes, I know Gacha Gacha is a bit perverted *rolls eyes* but if you see it in my eyes, it's a cute love story between two clueless people in love (don't you dislike it when they go, OMG I think I'm in love with him in the like what, 1 millionth chapter?!)
Mm, well on the less perverted side *sighs* XD there is Imadoki. It's so awesome. Tanpopo is so enthusiastic and I love her personality so much =] I love shoujo manga like heck. It's teh awesomest! I like shounen manga too but since I'm 100% female, heh heh, I tend to favor shoujo (and a lot of the shounen manga are perverted, but I never said all!)
Okay, that's it. Promise. Hehe, and I can't promise when I'll fix up my intro *le sigh*

doki doki~~(I'm adding that to the end of my posts/comments now XD I just like the sound of it)
( ..) 'kura-chan

Mm, just another thought, I've been considering on going by a different name. Maybe Bunni-chan or K-chan (sounds boyish, heh heh) but I think I'll keep 'kura-chan because I guess it has more originality to it ^^;;

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Awakened from Eternal Sleep XD
Broken promises means even more broken smiles
*small smile* *gradually turns into an evil smirk*
I'm baaaaack XDDDD
I should've left a note to everbody that I wasn't going to update till now o.O I'm just as forgetful as always, I guess =]
o.o oh yeah and I promise promise promise that my account will be fixed up this week XD
small update but at least I updated at all =] hope that not too many people took me off their friends list XD

Bye bye!


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Sunday, March 13, 2005

blehhhh, you know the drill XD

I haven't been on because..? guess what! my laziness! weeeeeeeee!! hehehe

I'm sorry that I like never update this thing, I really would if I had the time!

Anyway, my MyO account will be going through major changes! It will be GREEN and that's a promise! O_o yeah, my site has always been pink, but times change XD...I think it'll revert back to pink next time though

So yeah, I miss MyOtaku XD

I heart you


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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Oo Gawrsh, I have NO time to go on anymore ^_^ gomen! I've been working hard on my first website (the link will be up soon) and stuffs XD so again, slow updates ^_^; I missed good ol' MyOtaku! Glad to be back. Anyway, I have to go play my Inuyasha RPG, see you around!

Until the next slow entry
~The Almighty 'Kura-chan

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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

I'm back (finally)
hiyaz everybody, sorry for the sudden disappearence, I went camping last week so I couldn't update...^_^ I'm happy to be back here in MyO and stuffs XD The camping trip was fun! It's a Christian camp that's basically teaching us about our faith...but there's more to it though! We played games, did skits (I was the loudest, for some reason...our group was quiet) ^.^ it was really really kewl...o.o though akward coz we had two councilers named Anton...and...AKI XD XD XD it was akward saying his name, so I avoided it ^_^ damn that was weird XD I'm glad to see MY Aki-kun again though x] so yeah, I started school again, so slow updates kay? o.o oooh I'm deciding whether I should post my fanfics here, since theres nothing ever interesting on my site to read about ^^; just a sudden, random thought XD kay, well, I'll see you guys around kay? ^.^ bai bai

~THE ALMIGHTY KURA-CHAN! (Oo kay, that was weird, I'm NEVER doing that again XD)

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Friday, December 24, 2004

^.^ Hiyaz everybody! Yeah, I'm really mellow right now...I had a good cry with my cousins yesterday n' Ai-chan drew that piccy...it all truly helped me!!! Thank yous everybody!!! lol...sorryz short posty!!! BTW, like the new intro? ^.^ kewl ne? well, ja matte ne minna! See you soon kay? Happy Holidays!!!!


P.S: Aki-kun says hi and so does my new adopted daughter Hana! (btw, I drew her on paint...posting her in my intro laters!)

Aki-kun transformed into a cheetah! RAWR!! XD

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Thursday, December 23, 2004

   Wedding canceled (but I'm still married) + Bad News
today was supposed to be such a happy day...it was my wedding gawrsh darned it!....my uncle died today...I just heard the news a few minutes ago...At first I couldn't cry because I couldn't believe it...I heard my mom crying and then I just had to believe what I had heard...it made no sense...I could've sworn he was healthy...I g2g to the hospital now..ja matte ne...I'll post more later on..


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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Second post: Apparently, today is my wedding day! I, Kura Haruno Hayama (XD catchy name ne?) married Akito Hayama today on December 23rd (it says that on the certificate, it's really the 22nd...),2004! We are the cutest couple on the block XD Muhahahaha yesh, I stole him from Sana, but she shall have him sooner or later!! I sadly couldn't get a hold of Sasuke (from Naruto mind you XD wonder what Sasuke-kun will say Ai-chan) because he wouldn't like me anyway! Muhahaha Ai-chan may have the lone-wolf, buh I have both a lone-wolf and a cheetah! rawr!!! XD I'm really crazy today...well the heck with it, it's my wedding day!!! XD maybe I'll have a reception later...oooooh I wanna make a pretend list of who is what at our wedding!!

Bride:Kura Haruno(Hayama)
Groom:Akito Hayama
Maid of Honor:Ai-chan
Best Man: Tsuyoshi Ohki (sorry Sasuke-kun! The best mans s'pose to be the Groom's best bud! o.o I don't even know if you know Akito!)
Other maids: Three spots open! Get em' while they last!
Other men: Sasuke-kun (I'm forcin' you >]) Two more spots open! Get em' while they last!
Flower Girl: Spot open
Ring Bearer: *yawns* Spot open...

Okay, okay you can see that this needs more work so when I get 'nough ppl to be in my wedding, there WILL BE a wedding!! I think....XD lol, I wanna throw a party!

Sorry that I posted twice...^.^ spots open people! C'mon, ya know you love me!

~the new bride Kura Haruno Hayama x]

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o.o hiya everybody...^.^; I partly forgot MyO! Silly me! ^___^...talked to Sasuke-kun most of the morning today...it was pretty...interesting coz of the fact that I ate like 200 bags of sugar and Sasuke-kun sounded...>.< ehhh, nvm...^^ me talking to Ai-chan right now! Shoutouts to you my twin! yeah yeah yeah...Last week I went on SasuSakuness overload o.o it was pretty bad...screaming 'SasuSaku!' everytime I saw something SasuSaku and going to all these little sites n' shrines...well now that the overload is over (thank goodness) I've got to obsess over new things..and not so new...things *blushes* XD I really like the manga I'm currently reading, it's Kodocha! o.o got really really REALLY obsessed with its coupling Sana x Akito...but not as obsessing as SasuSaku...and yeah...Kodocha is really interesting! It's so very twisted and humurous and somewhat romantic, like me (scratch the romance XD)!! I recommend it so go read it! go go!!! hehehe...yesterday was my youth christmas party! as a newcomer of the youth (-.- it sucks that they give me a lot of attention...I hate getting attention! It makes me shy and so not hyper!!)it was akward to see everyone so serious at church and see them so happy and having fun at parties! ^.^ when my brother and the other guys were playing twister, we laughed so hard XD...and I got Fruits Basket volume 1 from my Secret Santa...it was kewl coz I lost my Fruits Basket manga XD...kay till next time...I'll comment on your guy's sites laters...


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