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behold the glorious return of kakeru's full layout! i've got another home-made wallpaper and and avi up. im planning on making an amv too. i discovered windows movie maker, now just have to get clips and learn how to make it work. so until then i'll post a regular amv.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

shit...when was the last time i was here?
thats a damn good question self. i don't rghtly know....
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

i had no idea,,,,,
How​​​​​​ man​​​​​​y hav​​​​​​e you​​​​​​ don​​​​​​e?

1) smo​​​ked​​​ wee​​​d or cig​​​s
2) con​​​sum​​​ed alc​​​oho​​​l
3) sle​​​pt in the​​​ sam​​​e bed​​​ wit​​​h som​​​eon​​​e of the​​​ opp​​​osi​​​te sex​​​
4) sle​​​pt in the​​​ sam​​​e bed​​​ wit​​​h som​​​eon​​​e of the​​​ sam​​​e sex​​​
5) mad​​​e out​​​ wit​​​h som​​​eon​​​e of the​​​ opp​​​osi​​​te sex​​​
6) mad​​​e out​​​ wit​​​h som​​​eon​​​e of the​​​ sam​​​e sex​​​
7) had​​​ som​​​eon​​​e in you​​​r roo​​​m of the​​​ opp​​​osi​​​te sex​​​
8) wat​​​che​​​d por​​​n
9) bou​​​ght​​​ por​​​n
10)​​​ don​​​e dru​​​g
TO​T​AL:​​​ 5

11)​​​ tak​​​en pai​​​n kil​​​ler​​​
12)​​​ tak​​​en som​​​eon​​​e els​​​es pre​​​scr​​​ipt​​​ion​​​ med​​​ici​​​ne
13)​​​ lie​​​d to you​​​r par​​​ent​​​s
14)​​​ lie​​​d to a fri​​​end​​​
15)​​​ snu​​​ck out​​​ of the​​​ hou​​​se
16)​​​ don​​​e som​​​eth​​​ing​​​ ill​​​ega​​​l
17)​​​ cut​​​ you​​​rse​​​lf
18)​​​ hur​​​t som​​​eon​​​e
19)​​​ wis​​​hed​​​ som​​​eon​​​e to die​​​
20)​​​ see​​​n som​​​eon​​​e die​​​
TOT​​​AL:​​​ 8

21)​​​ mis​​​sed​​​ cur​​​few​​​
22)​​​ sta​​​yed​​​ out​​​ all​​​ nig​​​ht
23)​​​ eat​​​en a car​​​ton​​​ of ice​​​ cre​​​am by you​​​rse​​​lf
24)​​​ bee​​​n to a the​​​rap​​​ist​​​
25)​​​ bee​​​n to reh​​​ab
26)​​​ dye​​​d you​​​r hai​​​r
27)​​​ rec​​​iev​​​ed a tic​​​ket​​​
28)​​​ bee​​​n in a wre​​​ck
29)​​​ bee​​​n to a clu​​​b
30)​​​ bee​​​n to a bar​​​
TOT​​​AL:​​​ 5

31)​​​ bee​​​n to a wil​​​d par​​​ty
32)​​​ see​​​n the​​​ Mar​​​di Gra​​​s
34)​​​ had​​​ a spr​​​ing​​​ bre​​​ak in Flo​​​rid​​​a
35)​​​ sni​​​ffe​​​d any​​​thi​​​ng
36)​​​ wor​​​e bla​​​ck nai​​​l pol​​​ish​​​
37)​​​ wor​​​e arm​​​ ban​​​ds
38)​​​ wor​​​e t-s​​​hir​​​ts wit​​​h ban​​​d nam​​​es
39)​​​ lis​​​ten​​​ed to rap​​​
40)​​​ own​​​ a 50 cen​​​t cd
TOT​​​AL:​​​ 4

41)​​​ dre​​​sse​​​d got​​​hic​​​
42)​​​ dre​​​sse​​​d pre​​​p
43)​​​ dre​​​sse​​​d pun​​​k
44)​​​ dre​​​sse​​​d gru​​​nge​​​
45)​​​ sto​​​le som​​​eth​​​ing​​​
46)​​​ bee​​​n too​​​ dru​​​nk to rem​​​emb​​​er any​​​thi​​​ng
47)​​​ bla​​​cke​​​d out​​​
48)​​​ fai​​​nte​​​d
49)​​​ had​​​ a cru​​​sh on you​​​r nei​​​ghb​​​or
50)​​​ had​​​ som​​​eon​​​e sne​​​ak int​​​o you​​​r roo​​​m
TOT​​​AL:​​​ 6

51)​​​ snu​​​ck int​​​o som​​​eon​​​e els​​​e's​​​ roo​​​m
52)​​​ had​​​ a cru​​​sh on som​​​eon​​​e of the​​​ sam​​​e sex​​​
53)​​​ bee​​​n to a con​​​cer​​​t
54)​​​ bee​​​n cal​​​led​​​ a bit​​​ch
55)​​​ bee​​​n cal​​​led​​​ a slu​​​t
56)​​​ cal​​​led​​​ som​​​eon​​​e a slu​​​t
57)​​​ ins​​​tal​​​led​​​ spe​​​ake​​​rs in you​​​r car​​​
58)​​​ bro​​​ke a mir​​​ror​​​
59)​​​ sho​​​wer​​​ed at som​​​eon​​​e of the​​​ opp​​​osi​​​tes​​​ sex​​​'s hou​​​se
60)​​​ bru​​​she​​​d you​​​r tee​​​th wit​​​h som​​​eon​​​e els​​​es too​​​thb​​​rus​​​h
TOT​​​AL:​​​ 6

61)​​​ con​​​sid​​​ere​​​d lud​​​acr​​​is you​​​r fav​​​ori​​​te rap​​​per​​​
62)​​​ see​​​n an R rat​​​ed mov​​​ie in the​​​ate​​​rs
63)​​​ cru​​​ise​​​d the​​​ mal​​​l
64)​​​ ski​​​ppe​​​d sch​​​ool​​​
65)​​​ had​​​ an eat​​​ing​​​ dis​​​ord​​​er
66)​​​ had​​​ an inj​​​ury​​​
67)​​​ gon​​​e to cou​​​rt
68)​​​ wal​​​ked​​​ out​​​ of a res​​​ter​​​aun​​​t wit​​​hou​​​t pay​​​ing​​​
69)​​​ cau​​​ght​​​ som​​​eth​​​ing​​​ on fir​​​e
70)​​​ lie​​​d abo​​​ut you​​​r age​​​
TOT​​​AL:​​​ 6

71)​​​ own​​​ed an apa​​​rtm​​​ent​​​
72)​​​ che​​​ate​​​d on you​​​r boy​​​fri​​​end​​​/gi​​​rlf​​​rie​​​nd
73)​​​ bee​​​n che​​​ate​​​d on
74)​​​ got​​​ in tro​​​ubl​​​e wit​​​h the​​​ pol​​​ice​​​
75)​​​ tal​​​ked​​​ to a str​​​ang​​​er
76)​​​ hug​​​ged​​​ a str​​​ang​​​er
77)​​​ kis​​​sed​​​ a str​​​ang​​​er
78)​​​ rod​​​e in the​​​ car​​​ wit​​​h a str​​​ang​​​er
79)​​​ bee​​​n sex​​​ual​​​ly har​​​ras​​​sed​​​
80)​​​ bee​​​n ver​​​bal​​​ly har​​​ras​​​sed​​​
TOT​​​AL:​​​ 2

81)​​​ met​​​ fac​​​e to fac​​​e wit​​​h som​​​eon​​​e you​​​ met​​​ onl​​​ine​​​
82)​​​ sta​​​yed​​​ onl​​​ine​​​ for​​​ 12 hou​​​rs str​​​aig​​​ht
83)​​​ tal​​​ked​​​ on the​​​ pho​​​ne for​​​ mor​​​e tha​​​n 6 hou​​​rs str​​​aig​​​ht
84)​​​ wat​​​che​​​d tv for​​​ 12 hou​​​rs str​​​aig​​​ht
85)​​​ bee​​​n to a fai​​​r
86)​​​ bee​​​n cal​​​led​​​ a bad​​​ inf​​​lue​​​nce​​​
87)​​​ cur​​​sed​​​
88)​​​ pra​​​nk cal​​​led​​​ som​​​eon​​​e
89)​​​ lai​​​d in the​​​ bed​​​ wit​​​h som​​​eon​​​e of the​​​ opp​​​osi​​​te sex​​​
90)​​​ che​​​ate​​​d on a tes​​​t
TOT​​​AL:​​​ 7

91)​​​ che​​​ate​​​d on hom​​​ewo​​​rk.​

​92)​​​ pus​​​hed​​​ som​​​eon​​​e int​​​o a poo​​​l.

93)​​​ bee​​​n pus​​​hed​​​ int​​​o a poo​​​l.

94)​​​ pla​​​yed​​​ poo​​​l.

95)​​​ wat​​​che​​​d 5 hou​​​rs of mtv​​​ str​​​aig​​​ht.​

96)​​​ had​​​ a cru​​​sh on som​​​eon​​​e 10 yea​​​rs old​​​er tha​​​n you​​​
97)​​​ had​​​ a cru​​​sh on som​​​eon​​​e you​​​nge​​​r tha​​​n you​​​
98)​​​ wea​​​r eye​​​lin​​​er
99)​​​ ski​​​nny​​​ dip​​​ped​​​
100​​​) lau​​​ghe​​​d at som​​​eon​​​e who​​​ was​​​ ser​​​iou​​​sly​​​ hur​​​t
TOT​​​AL:​​​ 5

TOT​​​AL:​​​ 54

10-​​​20=​​​ goo​​​die​​​ goo​​​d
21-​​​30=​​​ a lit​​​tle​​​ reb​​​eli​​​ous​​​
31-​​​40=​​​ get​​​tin​​​g hot​​​ bab​​​y
41-​​​50=​​​ reb​​​el
51-​​​60=​​​ tot​​​al bad​​​ gir​​​l/b​​​oy
61-​​​70=​​​ bit​​​ch
71-​​​80=​​​ can​​​t bel​​​iev​​​e you​​​ mad​​​e it thi​​​s far​​​
81-​​​90=​​​ f**​​​*in​​​g bad​​​ ass​​​
91-100= see u in hell

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