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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Requests OPENED.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic:D You heard the title~ Requests opened
They will only be submitted as sketches tho :\.
I dont have photoshop at the moment installed |D~ Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Image and video hosting by TinyPicStory info to YosoMomo : D

For my self satisfaction of
puttin it up. . .|.D Tho no one
is gonna actually READ it.

The story is about an alien named


His kind are all male, and have a
special talent with the mind. If
sick or hurt, they can control
their cells in where to concentrate at healing, to heal
faster. To reproduce, they have to concentrate on the body,
which they can't get hurt in that time period cause all their
concentration goes to the baby.

Communication is also through the
mind. Since in the original form their jaws split to the ears.

NO EMOTION. O: Their bodies are
covered in glowing symbols that
restrain the emotion that could
come up.

What they eat:: They eat creatures that
reproduce in a- to them- disgusting and
unnatural way.


Once becoming human, Tank and anu have emotions! O:
Its a new sensation to them but their original forms
still try to counter them. So when they get overly upset, angered, happy- their symbols brighten up.

Another thing about them is the things connected from the back of their heads they put on. It lets them communicate some thoughts mentally.


Valius goes to Earth disguised as a human named Tank. Of course in his past-- When he was an alien-- He was ordered to kill to obtain food. It was his duty.

Unfortunantly, he killed a
certain family of animals but the child escaped, who ends up
seeking Tank out for revenge. To add to the animal's anger he saw the ceremony of feasting on his parents.

He also becomes a human and ends
up accidentally slipping with Tank to go to Earth. His name-- Anu.

On Earth they meet people and become good friends. And slowly, Tank becomes more and more attatched to these feelings, and
the earth.

Tank's people get utterly alarmed
and question if Tank is going to
betray them or stay to Earth, decide to change things.

A supposebly 17 year old who is
paranoid people will discover his cover. He cares deeply for his new friends and especially Anu, who treats him differently from all his people- Tho he doesn't know Anu is actually the animal who's parents were murdered by him.

A good guy on the inside, but with some bad traits. He is sexist and at most has a hate for females from bad experience.

In all and all:: Sucks at fighting. He's only talented with
mental ability.

An cunning albino guy, who is supposebly 21. He loves the ladies in Spring. |D His animal

Secretly planning on how to make his revenge sweeter on killing
Tank. He acts like a gentleman to get the orange head more attatched to him. Always confused as his feelings get blocked by emotion.

He fights with kicks. (His arms are underdeveloped because in his original form he had no arms. Just legs)

A smart, but very shy and nervous guy who quickly becomes friends with Tank. He has a fascination over hair. |D But quickly looses
his long gorgeous hair when Anu gawks at it and rips it out by accident. He is always ridiculed by people on his honest and shy behavior and his brotherly love for his sister.

He tries to help lengthen Tank's understanding of things and his
major flaw- vocabulary usage.

Younger sister to Art. She has a large crush on Anu that leads to obsession tho Anu is unaware of it.

Her best friend is Minoru. Yet just like her brother is shy.

Sneaky and witty and agrivates Tank to no end.

Helps Toshi with her crushing in her own ways.

OKAY! 8D Srry for continuously modifying this cause bro was here >w>

That's all I'll put for now. But
I'm making this story for a MESSAGE D: And its a story I really wanna make a manga out of. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Commisions :3 art trades. . . ect. . .
Image and video hosting by TinyPicSome people automatically ask me to draw them things ;-; . . . And I would like to inform you on what I do for people.

I am doing commisions. . . For 15 dollars for a colored, inked, ANYTHING OF YOUR REQUEST pic :3
Contact me on more info on that personally.

I do arttrades! =D But . . . I am very busy, so I accept only from certain people :\ If I see that you are a new artist. . . And you are asking for a Mary Sue Elric. Or someone like that. . . Or some really non creative character. I WONT do it. I ALSO won't do something without some references. If you say 'My character has green hair. . . Styled like. . '- You know what? NO. D: I suck in the comprehending department.
PLUS. . . |D ((omg more plus!? )) You will have to draw Tank or Anu in return. and when you do please put effort in them like I would do for you. :\

And Gift arts! =D I will randomly choose a person to do a gift art for. Someone I see who is in deserving of one ;3

And gift arts for me??? D: I love. . . LOVE . . . lovelovelove people when they draw my character >> << >> Tank or Anu. . . or both. . . I srsly love it when they do that >8. . . I'd like lock them away in my closets but I can't . . . D: Life is a cruel thing . . . Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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