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Friday, May 25, 2007

Commisions :3 art trades. . . ect. . .
Image and video hosting by TinyPicSome people automatically ask me to draw them things ;-; . . . And I would like to inform you on what I do for people.

I am doing commisions. . . For 15 dollars for a colored, inked, ANYTHING OF YOUR REQUEST pic :3
Contact me on more info on that personally.

I do arttrades! =D But . . . I am very busy, so I accept only from certain people :\ If I see that you are a new artist. . . And you are asking for a Mary Sue Elric. Or someone like that. . . Or some really non creative character. I WONT do it. I ALSO won't do something without some references. If you say 'My character has green hair. . . Styled like. . '- You know what? NO. D: I suck in the comprehending department.
PLUS. . . |D ((omg more plus!? )) You will have to draw Tank or Anu in return. and when you do please put effort in them like I would do for you. :\

And Gift arts! =D I will randomly choose a person to do a gift art for. Someone I see who is in deserving of one ;3

And gift arts for me??? D: I love. . . LOVE . . . lovelovelove people when they draw my character >> << >> Tank or Anu. . . or both. . . I srsly love it when they do that >8. . . I'd like lock them away in my closets but I can't . . . D: Life is a cruel thing . . . Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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