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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Im just seein if this new update box works since i changed the pic. Does everyone like my new theme? I know there are a lot of green day haters out there, any of my friends here disagree with the theme?

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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey everyone! Wassup?! I guess tomorrow i have to change my halloween theme...lol we will all miss it! Its halloween isnt everyone exited?!!?!? I AM! WOOOOT!!!!!!! I signed up on this multiply site thing...i think im gonna sign up for myspace again...everyone has it it is so annyoing not to have it.. i dont like it that much but i guess ill sign up anyway lol i love signing up for things it givces me stuff to do! YAYAYAYA! Well i am doin stuff right now so ill post later and if i dont you can visit my xanga site! My name is fenderstratogirl!! ciao
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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Has everyone been missing my chapter posts?? Well i have decided to right one. I just got back from a halloween party. I was a witch and i won the costume contest! Woot. I know it was fun i got a couldren full of goodies. And i guessed how much candy was in the jar exactly so i won the candy jar too. Im feelin lucky, im gonna go do the lottery...oh wait i cant im too young...oh well. I went to see the movie prime last night. It was pretty good i didnt like the ending but hey not all movies can have a happy ending where everyones together but really wat kinda chick flick doesnt?! But some kids in the theatre were talking and being loud the whole time so they were kicked out before the middle of the movie. And me and my friends kept talking and ppl kept looking at us like tellin us to shut up lol it was funny. Whenever there was a makeout scene my friend was like "ew" and she said it in a normal voice so ppl would turn around....funny. I think im sugar high. at the party we called james and i talked to him and i was really hyper and i was jumping up and down and like screaming things and talking really fast and he was like "wow i think this is the most hyper i have ever heard you" lol it was funny...and we talked and stuff and bankotsusonlylove and sangokirara were chasin me through the house while i was talking on the phone with james and i ran into the corner of the wall and i have a big scratch on my arm where it scraped against my arm. Anyway...I got this reallt big chocolate bar and its really good...yum....hersheys...im addicted to hersheys chocolate..and chips and dip. lol yup i was like eatin all the chips at the party. I cant beleive halloweens on a monday that way i cant stay out extra late and candy beg. That sucks...and everyone will be out so i cant TP anything lol. I wanted too my mom took my brother tping when he was my age but she wont take me cuz you can get arrested for it now. I bet you could get arrested for it then too. lol well i think im gonna go now. ttygl!!!

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

100% BLONDE.
OMG, you are the blondest of blondes. You are
KNOWN for doing the dumbest things, are ALWAYS
having blonde moments, and even your PARENTS
say you are a total bimbo! lmao, BLONDES ROCK.

brought to you by Quizilla

You are the Minstrel, the
artistic and introspective personalitys in
fantasy. Minstrels can range from court bards
to wandering performers willing to play their
instruments or sing in any inn they come upon
just to earn some money. Minstrels are very
creative and are naturally artistic. They are
often deep, quiet, and philosophical. Their
thoughts and ideas can be very profound.
Minstrels usually have a way with words or
music. These artists see the beauty around us
or delve within themselves and produce
something new that is truly

Color: Azure
Gem: Sapphire


Who would you be if you were a character in an epic fantasy? (beautiful pictures)
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MYSTIC BEAUTY - You are eccentric, enigmatic, and
intriguing. You keep to yourself and so no one
knows the real you. You prefer the solace and
quiet of your own company over big crowds of
people. You are highly intelligent but you do
everything your own way. You come off as quirky
or weird and most people don't understand you
at all. You are probably a little disorganized.
You probably also seem distant and dreamy but
that's because you're off in your own little

What type of beauty do you possess? (20 questions + 7 results + pretty pics)
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This is sooo not me but oh well..
PUNK ROCK: Oh boy, rock with an opinion.
Punk rock is generally known for its loud
proclamations, which are generally critical of
the government and other things that are going
on in the world at the time when the punk rock
band was around. This means that you're an
opinionated individual who stands up for their
beliefs, is very loyal, but can be very
stubborn as well. You're definitely a rebel.
Some punk rock bands: Green Day, the Ramones, &
the Sex Pistols

The Rock and Roll Personality Quiz
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Ehh, you know a little about vampires in movies and
books. My advice: go watch the original Dracula
with Bela Lugosi and go pick up some vampire
reads like Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles!

How much do you know about vampires (in film & literature)?
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my mom has the vampire chronicles she says i can read them when im older :(
The Refined Vampire

What type of vampire are you?
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Dude, what the fridge? You're Allyson! She's my
best friend. She's crazy and is obsessed with
orange and Daniel Radcliffe. She's a really
good artist too. Her drawings are amazing. She
likes The Killers, Fall Out Boy, and My
Chemical romance so mostly punk and emo music.
She has a funky style. She can wear stuff that
doesn't normally match but when she wears it
she makes it seem cool. You must have that odd
gift as well.

Which of my friends are you?
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this was some girls quiz WOW i am alot like her friend! wow...im punk, i love those bands, i love drawing, and danial radcliffe is pretty hot...

Today's punk scene is usually
mall-oriented with tight pants, studded belts,
band t-shirts, and tons of weird, funky
accessories. A lot of punks are skaters
nowadays, and so this style with reflect that
with shoes like Vans and Etnies.

What's your Gothic style? [Pics / 10 Results]
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yup this is me...
well im gonna go now buhbye!!!

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Friday, October 28, 2005

You are totally creative.You probaly designed your
own dress.Way to go.

What Is Your Ideal Dress? (Pics And Lots Of Results)
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This is the dress it said i would most likely get...lol i like it...My day was fine...kinda boring. I never really have anything to say anymore....mmm....well im gonna post more quiz results! lol fun for me anyway...
You are a goth.Your dress, of course, is black.Good
for you.You make me proud.

What Is Your Ideal Dress? (Pics And Lots Of Results)
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I like this one though! its prettiful!

You have Raven
Positive Traits: Intellectual,
Wise, Experienced, Honest,
Negative Traits: Pompous,
Condescending, Withdrawn, Pessimistic,

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. What type of eyes do you have?
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coolness i like ravens lol
playing footsie
footsie - you like to goof around and laugh with
the people you care about.

What Sign of Affection Are You?
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omfg FOOTSIE?! i was thinking more like KISS....urgh....
truuuuuueeee love!
u r a passionete girlfriend!!
once u get him, u will love ur boyfriend with all
ur heart. u enjoy every moment u spend with
him. u might want to make sure he loves u just
as much so ur not wasting your love on some
looser who doesn't deserve it. if he feals the
same way, u should do well to hold on to him.
not alot of guys will take ur passionete love
and repeat it back at u.

What kind of gilfriend would u be?(with awesome anime pics and 8 M-azing results!!!!)
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Haha yay im a passionate girlfriend...but is he a passionate boyfriend?!
You are Napoleon Dyanamite and a buttload of gangs
are trying to recruit you.

Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?
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Girl Name:Marquesa Demona

Guy Name:Master Byron

*Never forget
the one's close to you*

You stand out
because of your firey independance. You won't
let anyone drag you down or get in the way.
Just remember that you can hurt people easier
than you think.

What Is Your Goth Name? (Updated!)
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Cool i have a goth name now. I am goin to see the movie Prime today with my my friend sarah and her friend holly i dont really know holly that well but still...YAY i get to get out of this house! lol
cool ur a punk u love music and hanging out with
friends and listening to music and .....ur cool
and that roks! hell yeah!

Are u a ditsy ,girly,Prep? Or a punk,skater,or u just normal ?
brought to you by Quizilla
It has no pic?! Wat a rip off...

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hey ppl. James frikkin dumped me. Ya know i was thinking of breakin up with him anyway cuz he was getting on my nerves but he told his friend who rides my bus to give a a note! It said "Hey its over. Sorry" wat a retard he didnt even have a reason....and the worst thing about it is that his friend who gave it to me was like "James dumped you! he said its over! hahahahahaa!" I was like omg. I asked this hot guy that sits next to me the name of the guy that gave me the note and he was like "Huh? The faggot with brown hair? Him...well i call him faggot cuz he is one but his real name is jacob" lol that was funny..but still...urgh i would have been ok with it if jacob was such an asshole.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Hey ppls! Wassup? Nothing really happend today it was kinda a boring day.....so yea....well i dont feel like typin anything right now lol so ill add another post later..... I got around to some sites today!!

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IM really sry i havnt been goin to sites lately. Iv had a lot to do. Ill get back in the game sooner or later! I just wanted to tell everyone im still alive so dont delete me
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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Im goin out with james again! He asked me out yesterday! if you want ALL the details you can PM me cuz im not gonna type them if no one cares lol
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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hello guys. Im not usin a box cuz right now im tired and im hot and im way to lazy to copy and paste the code again so yea..im sry i havnt been updating...i was at sangokiraras house lastnight...we had fun. Did anyone watch inuyasha? NARAKUS OBSESSION WITH THOSE FREAKY EYES MADE ME AND SANGO SCREAM! lol we were layin on her bed and it popped out we were like "AHHHHH! KILL IT" and i almost cryed i was like "No kouga cant be dead!!!!" and yea....it was almost exactly like the movie 2 it seemed like everyone actually thought they were goin to kill narku when they wernt and they had all that music and stuff, if adivinelove is reading this, sangokirara was jumping up and down dancin and singing, "Kikyos gonna die next episode! yay! i hate kikyo!" lol i just wanted to rat her out...she said she would tell you herself but i dont beleive her...lol. I finally got a big bag of candy corn yum. And im bought my hat and broom they should be here sometime next week, Well im gonna go now ill adda post lata or tomorrow! buhbye!

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