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Thursday, October 20, 2005

My story

The huge speakers were covered in fake cobwebs and spiders while blaring out “Monster Mash”
Kelly, this extremely popular, annoying, snob was dressed as a cheerleader (which she was)
Jennifer walked over close to Kelly, “Oh look! Kelly came as a slut!”
Jennifer hates Kelly with a passion and likes to show it.
Kelly smirked and continued talking to like five other guys. Victoria turned around and looked at Tommy.
“Stop staring at her!!” She yelled taking him by his arm and pulling him away from the mob of people around Kelly.
“I wasn’t!”
The DJ who was dressed as a zombie started talking.
“Hello Shady Lake Junior High! Happy Halloween to ya! Are you ready for a scary night?!”
“Yea!” The teens screamed in unison.
“Well were gonna start off the night with candy!!”
Right then all the chaperones wearing costumes threw a bunch of candy out at the crowd. A pack of M&Ms hit Victoria in the head.
“Ow!” She screamed.
“Oh yum!” Tommy said grabbing the M&Ms.
Victoria laughed as a giant tootsie roll pop hit Tommy, “This Candy business is dangerous!! Ya know how hard those lollipops are?!”
People were jumping everywhere for candy, it was crazy…
“I’m craving candy corn!” Victoria wailed. Tommy was eating candy corn. She looked at him with big puppy dog eyes, and her lip stuck out.
Two Minutes later she was munching candy corn and dancing with her oh so generous BF.

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My day

Urgh im aggravated. I was supposed to have chorus rehersal today 2-3 and i forgot to tell my mom about it. So i was hoping my chorus teacher would let me call my mom and tell her about it. But she wouldnt let me and she gave me a zero and told me to go get on my bus! Urgh i have seen a lot of ppl call there parents....i should have been able to. M day was ok. I hate that stupid report i have to do how am i supposed to think of a patriot and write about it?! WAAAH. In geography we had a sub (this is a really roudy class so yes we dont mix well with subs) And james sits behind me ya know? I turned around to ask my friend about this party and james was like "I love you" and i didnt say anything i just looked at him like he was an idiot...and he was like "I love you" and i still just looked at him...then i shrugged my shoulders as to say i dont care and he was like "Your not goin to say it back?" I was like "James" and he shut up. And then later he asked me if he could copy my answers and he was like "Ill love you forever" and i kept saying no and he kept bugging me and poking me and then he stopped....and me being the nice girl i am i gave him my paper to copy...and he was like "yes thank you! i love you thank you!" i was like uh huh. And then we had a lockdown drill and we had to get on the ground next to our desk so me and james were sittin on the floor next to each other...and yea. He says i love you to everyone so i dont really feel special....im kinda aggravated that he has the nerve to say that to me after he claims to have broke up with me....i seriously dont get him but there is somn about him that makes me still like him a lil bit. The story i am writing and posting it on theO i dont think im gonna make that a scry story i think its just gonna be a halloween stry about her and her freinds at this dance....maybe there might be some one tricking some one but i dont think ill go into the whole real vampires zombie coming after you thing...im not much of a scary story kinda person im more of everyday life storys..

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

my story

As they were walking out the door the phone rang.
“Urgh!” Victoria groaned, She ran back inside and answered the phone, “Hello?” she said in a semi-annoyed voice.
“Aye, matey! Is me sailor ready for the dance on the poop deck?”
By the fake pirate accent and by the words she heard Victoria knew she was talking to her goofy BF.
“Hey Tommy I was just walking through the door!”
“Ok baby I’ll see you there…”
They hung up/ Victoria and Jennifer finally got out the door.
When they got to the dance they saw all sorts of costumes.They saw one mom dropping her older daughter off but her younger daughter had to go to the bathroom. When the little girl got out of the car, she was attacked by a guy dressed up as a mummy. She screamed and ran behind her sister who was dressed as a witch. Victoria felt bad for the girl. She went over to the “mummy” and pulled off his mask.
“You are so mean, Steven!!!” She screamed at the guy.
“I’m Sorry, Victoria! What are you supposed to be?!”
“I’m the SOPHISTICATED woman in black.” She said, making the word sophisticated stick out.
With that she turned around and walked away. Steven’s loser friends were “ooh”ing and saying thinks like, “You got burnt …”
“They are so immature…” Victoria told Jennifer.
“Loosen up, sailor!” Tommy said as he popped up behind Victoria.
Victoria playfully punched his arm, then hugged him.
“Hello Mr. Captain Jack Sparrow,” Jennifer said greeting Tommy.
“He’s hotter than Captain Jack Sparrow!” Victoria said clinging to him.
She had been going out with Tommy for about three weeks, but she’s liked him for months.
The three of them walked inside the dark gym. There were pumpkins and skeletons everywhere.

To be continued…

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   my day

Someone is deleting gb signatures!! I had 191 now i have 189!!! Why why why? Urggh...im sry i didnt post yesterday about my day...Well the main thing that happened was that i sat with james the whole 7th period...and we talked about stuff...like fallout boy and my purse (lol yea i know weird topic) and the book i was reading...and today he was bein a total pervert! I have a big airbrush painting of a cat on the top part of my shirt he was like "Kitty! Can i pet the kitty??" i was like omg...and he gave me his last peice of paper today lol....and he said i sang really good....so yea. My friend miranda now rides my bus...so thats cool...but now we have assigned seats on out bus some ppl kept tearing holes in the seat...Urgh i have to right a report about a patriot.....and i have to draw a big picture about the lion the witch and the wardrobe... wich is really fun i already sketched some of it...the grand grand prize is a trip to orlando to the movie premeire...i wanna go...i doubt i will win though and with the movie premeir you get a 1000 on a visa check card and you get dinner at some place...its really a lot for just winning a drawing contest but hey its cool. I made all As and Bs on my report card...one 86 :D so im happy sangokirara got all high As *mumbles somthing under breath* I will type some more to my story later....i might do it in a couple minutes in a different post.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Victoria was sitting in her room getting ready for the dance. She was wearing a black dress and a black ribbon around her neck. Her hair was up in an up do’. The dance was a halloween dance, you could wear a costume but Victoria chose not to, she just dressed dark. Her BF was goin as a pirate.
The door bell rang, it was probably her friend Jennifer, they always went to dances together then they meet Tommy, Victoria’s BF. She opened the door, “Hey Jenny!” She said hugging her friend.
Jennifer was going as the nice witch of the north from the wizard of oz.
“This is so cool! I love Halloween dances!” Jennifer screamed once she got in the door.
The dance was goin to be at the old gym. It used to be a rec center but now it’s just used for high school dances. Its been said that it’s haunted and that on full moons or on Halloween something bad happens but Victoria does not believe it.
“Are you ready for tonight, Victoria?” Asked her friend.
“Yea I just have to put my earings in,”
“No! I’m talking about wats gonna happen tonight at the dance! It’s Halloween!”
“Your not talking about that ol’ shady lake legend are you?! Please tell me you don’t believe that crap!” Victoria screamed while putting in her black feathered earings.
“Well all I’m saying is that you should be ready just in case!” Jennifer said crossing her arms.

That was part of a halloween short story im writing!

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Im sry i didnt post yesterday i was doin things with my friend. I just got back in from outside i was skateboarding on my friends uncles skateboard cuz mine is a crappy cheap walmart one and it doesnt turn lol but i using that skateboard and it is like perfect....but im getting better i only fell and scrapped myself once! Its so fun once you get the hang of it! My knee hurts though and i am so hot....i need to turn the AC up. I put up alot of my halloween decor yesterday i put up the spiderwebs and the lights i put them up all by myself lol without hurting myself i was using a hammer and i didnt hit my thumb like a usually do....lol im so graceful. I am partly mad at myself and partly mad at james friend cuz i still sorta like james and james came up to me today and was like "Im gonna sit with you today" (at lunch) and he put his arm around me. And he had his arm around me and im thinking omg so hot....but i pushed it away. *STUPID! *SMACKS HERSELF** but he still stood next to me. And then his friend came up and said "come on james lets go to the back" and james was like "no" and his friend kept buggin him and finally (pardon my language but its wat he said) he was like "Fuck it" and went to the back so i didnt get to sit next to him. I really dont want him to think that i dont like him....but i sorta do idk but next time he says anything like that to me or puts his arm around me im gonna act like i dont care....is that the right thing to do if you like someone? I dont want to him to think i dont like him so he just gives up cuz thats wat happened to my friend when she liked someone...Well i think im gonna go now i think this is a long enough post....OH wait. Im in a band now! I play the guitar and vocals. THe band is called spazzed. lol we already have to songs....my freinds grandma has a recording sudio in her house so yea....we already have two songs down one that i wrote and one that my friend wrote im tryin to get music down on the guitar for the songs. I already got like one chord lol this is gonna be hard....lol im more of a soloist and i tend to be "bossy" when i work with groups so i might have to tone it down a bit i dont wanna be thrown out lol...well now im gonna leave...some one pm me or something i am so bored and i need ideas for my sight cuz all im goin is posting about wat i have to say and i know thats boreing for some of you lol well im gonna go for sure now! buhbye! ciao! tata! Toodles! Sayanora! BYe bye! bye! c ya! ttyl! :D

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hello it is 9:54 and im a bout to watch inuyasha! Yay. I love watching inuyasha then posting while im watching it its so fun lol....im sure you guys get aggravated by it...lol You know wat song is stuck in my head?! Stacys mom by fountains of wayne....i just saw the dr pepper comercial with that song on it. Ok now i am watching inuyasha bankotsu was beating him up...GO BANKOTSU!!!!!!!!!! Now shippo and kagome are goin in a cave...and sango and miroku are lookin at all these dead demon things....bankotsu just punched inuyasha and he is on the ground. YAY BANKOTSU! He is holdin inuyasha up by the throught and inuyasha said he could take a lot more damage and through him... Awww bankotsu is so cute just sitting there on the ground talkiun to innuyasha with his face all dirty...I miss jakotsu...*drops jaw* now bankotsu is naked...nope it was a flashback....awww there was a pic of jakotsu...i love flashbacks. Bankotsu is counting the demons he kills...999...1000...
Bankotsu and InuYasha both have oversized swords...urgh i have to go now so i cant finnish my summerry....oh well hold on im gonna put up kwik screen caps...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
i think they are in order....

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Good morning ppl. Wassup? I woke up like at 9 then i had to take ashower cuz we are goin places today its my moms aniversary so we are goin out to eat and stuff....yup and im goin to put my halloween decorations up today...well some of them cuz i still need to get more lol. halloween halloween halloweeen. I get my ceramics thing back today i cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait....im hungry....well im gonna go get somthing to eat now...DID i tell you i got the fall out boy cd yesterday?! Its so cool i listened to it its a good cd so if any of you like fallout boy and havnt gotten the cd get it cuz its good! ^^ trust me im a green day fan lol

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Hello i just got home from walmart. I got alot of halloween stuff....I got halloween tow socks (they were cute) and i got fishnet stockings that go up to your knees they had ribbons on them too...and they were cute. Um decorations i got these little plastic bag things with ghosts faces on them and you stuffed newspaper inside them and hang them in trees. I got a scary lookin witch thing and i hung it on the light by my garage. and i got this plastic "gothic fence" and it has scary skulls on it and the design of the fence is like spiderwebs. I got black temperary hair spray for my costume and i got some orange pumpkin shaped lights they are cute. and i got the fall out boy cd! the one with sugar were goin down on it! Its a real good cd. And i just finished readin oh my goddess vol 18 and i am reading a vampire book right now its by R.L. Stine. he has good vampire books this is the second vampire book of his im reading. So yea...i get my painted ceramics thing i made bak tomorrow my moms co worker picked them up for us and she said mine looked the best out of everyones ant that it looked real professional i cant wait to see wat it ended up lookin like...i hope the colors are right...like you know when they glaze it the colors will turn lighter...so yea. Well im gonna go now i will either add a post later or tomorrow! ttygl! ciao

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Hello everyone i got home from school like 30 minutes ago. YAY ITS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY! IM GETTIN HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS THIS WEEKEND! i feel like the halloween princess of the world *WARNING: Tends to be crazy when she is hyper and happy* WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTNESSS!!! Im listening to green days first album it is so awsome...there are so many cool guitar solos in the early songs and its more metal than there recent stuff...i wish i had that cd im just lestening to it on my launch radio. NOW I LISTENING TO THE GO GO'S I LOVE 80S MUSIC! I wish i was born in the 80s cuz there was this really cool pin at hottopic (has a collection of cool pins on her purse) and it was checkered and it said made in the 80s. It was cool i was this close to getting it but im not made in the 80s....i woulda felt old havin that on my purse lol jk jk jk! anyway today i had to sit at the overflow table (table you sit when theres not enough room at your assigned table) and james had to sit there too. he was like "can i sit here?" and pointed to a seat next to me. I was like "sure" and my friend miranda was sittin there with me. But we were talking and this other guy sitting across from me and he was like "are you really goin out with him?" i was like "i was im not anymore" and the dude was like "DIDJA DUMP HIM?!" *he sounded exited *shudders @ the thought he might like her** and i didnt say anything and james was like "no it was more like the other way around" and i looked at james and i was like "WTF?! JAMES YOU DID NOT DUMP ME!" (he is very weird and he is ADHD and he was all like "oh dont start that with me girlfriend" in an annoying "girls" voice....i was about to start screamin...he is so annoying. Ugrh im glad im not goin out with him anymore. We drew still life in art it was fun. i like still life...its fun to draw. But its one of those things i have to look at to draw i cant just think of somthing and draw it if it was still life....but isnt still life ALWAYS lookin at somthing? OH WELL ITS FRIDAY I DONT HAVE TO THINK OF HARD THINGS! Oh yea i finished all the hack books it had a good ending..... but i wish there was more mangas that was such a short series i want to see wat happens after the end....doesnt everyone?? lol well im gonna go now buhbye!

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