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Sunday, October 2, 2005

   *yawn* good mornin
Hi hi hi i am still at bankotsusonlyloves house! She woke me up early so we could watch the recording of inuyasha that she recorded last night! lol. JAKOTSU DIED! WAAAAH! NOOOOo! But anyway me and her went to the mall last night and i got kamichama karin!!!! wootness. It is a really goood manga i have been waitin 3 months for it to come out. im so happppy. And i am goin to finish readin happy hustle high vol two! but i got that book, a fallout boy pin, a drink, cheesecake pocky (soo yummy) and pictures of me and bankotsusonlylove. so yea but im gonna go now. see ya! ciao
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Saturday, October 1, 2005

Good mornin
Good mornin everyone. I am goin over to my friends house today so i might not be on theO much today or tomorrow cuz im goin shoppin. but i might be on a little today. I just wanted to say good mornin to everyone! ^^ have a nice day without meeeee!! i know youll miss me so. jk. well buhbye! ^_^
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Friday, September 30, 2005

   When i was at the movie theatre!!!
I just got back from seein corpse bride. It was really good i dont know which one was better corpse bride or the nightmare before christmas they were both really good. I went with my two friends Kari and Sarah. I saw everyone there! I saw like 12 ppl i know in the same movie theatre. It was fun. I love hangin out with your friends with no parents to bug you. And then tomorrow im goin over to bankotsusonlysloves house real early in the mornin cuz my mom is goin to a florida state game. She said i couldnt go cuz i wouldnt be interested! just cuz i dont like football does not mean i wouldnt be interested in goin to a game! ^-^ I love typing things now cuz im getting faster at typin and i dont really have to look at the keyboard anymore! lol. type type type type type. fun fun fun fun. Sry im hyper...whenever its late at night i get really hyper but when i lay in bed i fall right to sleep. lol lol lol lol. ok i know it wasnt that funny. Hey im gonna start a dayly poll thingy! itll be fun everyday ill make a poll and ill put it on a post and then you ppl will vote (or watever) and put your answer in the comments! fun fun fun....ok! here goes poll number one!!!!

Which anime has the coolest eyes?
a)Fruits Basket
d)Pita ten

plz post your answer in the comments!


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Hey everyone. My day was funfilled. Since it was the last day of the nine weeks and next week is vacation we did a lot of things. In chorus i sang sunday morning by no doubt. Then third period was easy we have this group project thingy. Then fourth period we had a quiz but it was easy. and me and bankotsusonlylove passed notes that whole period. Then fifth period i ate and talked. 6th period we listened to music ppl brought in.Then 7th period we jst had free time i got online (myotaku was blocked i checked) and me and my friend talked and sang stuff. Then i came home and now im typin about wat i did today. wow. and i still havnt had my canoli. and that sucks cuz i really want one. And i still havnt found a good update box. Im goin to see corpse bride today with my friend. i cant wait. then tomorrow i am spendin the night at my friends house and we are gonna read anime and watch westside story! yay then sunday im goin to go shoppin for stuff at the mall. I am gonna have a fun weekend. its about time i havent had a fun weekend in forever. Does anyone have yahoo im? do you guys know the audibles? there is this one REALLY SCARY one and it goes "boooooooot" and it disappears its creepy. well anyway im gonna go ttyl!
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Thursday, September 29, 2005

   Dumb update boxes
I cant find any good ones. does anyone know where i can get an anime update box that actually works?!
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Im still expiramenting with update boxes so you ppl may see a lot of them in the near future. I have not found a one that i REALLY like yet. My friend made hers. Do any of you guys know how to make an update box? If you do ppplllllz tell me. I really want one. Ryoko 1000 if your readin this how do you get that little box that you have all your posts in with the pic and everything? Well anyway i have to get ready to go to bed. bye bye ppl i think this will be the last post of the night. it might not be but it prolly is. ok i am leavin now. tata, toodles, chow, sayanora (i know i spelt that wrong didnt i?) BYE!

Thanks Gurlpowerrr for the Update box

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Urgh i hope this one works the last one didnt work! Urgh i hope this one works it better work!

Thuggndiva'z Dollz

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HI ppls. My day was again really boring. Now that i dont have a crush and i dont have a bf then i also have nothin to talk about! That sux. I always talk about guys...mmm....so now what do i do? I had a geography test today...um...it wasnt too hard...i didnt study but i took good notes and i did the work and i paid attention in that class so i think i either got a low A or a high B. And in chorus tomorrow i am gonna sing "Nododys home" to the class. We can sing watever song we want on friday. My chorus teacher was like "Are you gonna do masterclass again friday?" and i was like "yep" and she was like "yay you have such a pretty voice!" "you did great last week" i felt so special. I need to do more stuff on those dumb slugs....urgh. I get the whole week off next week for fall break! I wanna go shoppin. I desperatly need to go to hottopic. I need so much anime stuff they have there! lol. Im switchin to art next nine weeks. Its gonna be so much fun. I love art. And i have so many friends in that class. So we could all do art together! WOOTNESS! Tomorrow i get to bring a cd in for music appretiation and i get to pick one song off of it. And i get to play it. But i dont know what song im bringin i have so many cds. I dont really wanna bring a Green Day song (my fave band) cuz everyone in that class loves gd and i bet half of the ppl are gonna bring a gd song. lol. So i dont know what to bring. Well i am gonna go now! Hey does anyone know any good sites with update boxxes that work right? or update boxxes that you can make? cuz im been lookin and i cant find any. Well buhbye! I NEVER GOT MY CANOLI!
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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

   cool pics
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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   My day...
My day was interesting. Me and james said some things to each other just like we never went out lol. Chorus pictures were today. I was on the top row! I never get to stand on the top row! I felt so special! lol. Lalalalalaaaaa im so bored. we have to research SLUGS in science and we have to find one and bring it to school. Thats so gross. I refuse to find a slug my partner can do that much cuz i dont wanna and she doesnt mind. lol. Well im gonna go cuz i dont have much to say. I might go do some research on those slugs. nah. Ill do that later but ill add another post later! chow! (did i spell that right?) lol well all you guys know what i mean! OMG I HAVE THE STRANGEST CRAVIN FOR ITALIAN FOOD! *runs to the phone book, finds an italian restaurant, drives there, gets a canoli*
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