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Hey everyone!!!
I'm Kenasuke!
(this is the new revised version of my intro!)(Now it's being done again? Is there no end to my madness?)
If you don't know, I like FMA. Of course who doesn't? Even though it only has 51 episodes, It is very cool. Greed Rulz, Envy sux!

Naruto, Is just as good. Though it starts slow, it hooks you, from the first time Naruto unleashes the nine-tailed fox's chakra, to the end.

And I really like the lesser know, SGT Frog(Keroro Gunso) Even though I've only read the manga, I love it!

And, though i have nothing against the series, I think the Samarai X OVA is much better than the show.

So please, drop by. I hope you enjoy your stay and find yourself overcome by the wonders of my site!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

~Contained In A Box~

Well today was fun. I slept pretty late but I didn't sleep past noon. I got Jeffrey and Ross to go with me to get manga. I got plenty. (Chibi Vampire, Negima, Hayate the Combat Butler, and the Death Note novel) I also got Ross to loan me Loveless. It's really good. I love the whole: Ears and Tail Until Sex: thing. Although I might not wanna do it cause the ears are sooooo cool. Aside from that nothing is new. I finished the next 3 pages of Todaima, links are below Jeffy-Weffy's picture.

Todaima Page Four
Todaima Page Five
Todaima Page Six

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Thursday, March 6, 2008


Well the drawing of Todaima is going well. I do about 3 pages a day. I didn't get any comments on the first three pages of it so I don't know if you didn't see the link or didn't like it but please read it. If you don't like it at least tell me what I could do to make it better. We don't have school tomorrow so I'll be super bored. I hope that a mirical blizzard comes and gets some of you guys out so we can talk. I guess that's all so I'll see ya'll tomorrow.

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