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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Well I've put up the first 3 pages of Todaima. I gotta say it got some good comments from you guys. I wrote what the characters said first, but it was illegible so I hope typing it made it better. I was alone for most of the day and had to work on putting in a new water heater. So tell me your sob stories.....

Todaima Page One
Todaima Page Two
Todaima Page Three

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008


*yawn* No school tomorrow. I'm so not excited. No one will be on. I'll have to google some Yaoi to read. I can't really think of much to post so if u wanna go crazy with the comments have fun(Wm, Ang, that means u)

I mentioned yesterday about my new comic/manga called 'Todaima' well here's the cover page tell me what u think.

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Monday, March 3, 2008

~V.V.= V.eiwtiful V.ibrations~

Well Version Vibrant is almost here. I kinda miss the old Otaku.com but oh well, out w/ the old and in with the pooh. I'm finally drawing again. Since I finished Pot Head Kena I'm going for something more child friendly, and less hard to draw. I'm gonna do a newer version of an old manga I made called Todaima. The newer version will have the Kena from Pot Head Kena in it too, but he'll be nice and non-gender confused. To celebrate the new Otaku layout I've redone my site, if u haven't noticed by now God help u. I hope u all enjoy Rock Lee's youthfulness.

This is Jeffrey, Please Vote On What U Think Of Him...
1- Gay

2-I'd Date Him


4-He looks like Naruto, is Sasuke under that table?!

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Friday, February 15, 2008


~I Need Help! And This Time It's Not Mental!!~

Okay so we're doing a think in anthropology and I can't find anything on the topic that we're researching. I need all you(my faithful readers) to help me research this topic: I need you to look up the best sources you can on the Ancient Cherokee Farming Methods and Food Sources. I am asking all of you to help me becasue I trust you guys. I know I haven't been on or posted much lately but please help me with this one thing. I'll try to think up a reward for whoever can find the site with the best information. Please try your hardest and let me know what you find via PM or Comment. Oh yeah and if any of you has a Gaia account then please let me know. I'm looking to make new friends and whatnot. ^^

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

~D.C. Or Bust~

I got called outta 7th period today to the office. I was sweattin it big time cause I got called to the vice-principal's office with a buncha other 'bad' kids. As it turns out the place where I get my electricity is having a little program for the Juniors who get their electricity. I have to write a 900 word essay and if I win I can go to Washington D.C. all expenses paid. I'm a great writer(as you all know) so I'm really thinking I can win. All I ask is that you all remember me if I should not come back....I mean people go missing or die everyday so who's to say that I'm any different?
I'm sorry that I've not been on recently. My Otaku site has kinda been screwy since the Version Vibrant came to town. It you would like to get into contact w/ me just PM me or E-Mail me(BusoRenkin2@aol.com) And we can chat.
Hope to see you all soon. Lovez.

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

~When Can I Come Back?~

Hey all it's been a while huh?
Sorry I've been away but I've just been really lazy these past few days... And I'm really kinda lazy today too. So Here's the first part of a new short story I'm woking on to keep you all entertained.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Journal of a Walking Dead Man [February 6, 2007]

My name is Samuel F. Broanstein. I am 46-years-old. Recently I was held captive by a terrorist group. When I was finally released I was sent to a chemical testing facility before being returned to America and my family. When I was tested the results were astonishing.

Terenmetinaius Neruvousa, that was the name the doctors gave it.

It was an unknown nerve disease that was apparently highly contagious. I was quickly put into isolation. The doctors did countless tests and found no cure. It seemed to be a man-made strain that was not contagious unless... 1) I were to die, 2) Someone breathed the same air as I had.

Choice number two wasnít what worried me so much as number one. It seems that only one person could be infected at a time without breathing the virus. It attacked a personís nervous system and brain. It has the capacity to increase a personís anger to points of unbelievable ferocity. It acted like a depressant on steroids. Once it got into your system it was impossible to get out. It works slowly though. Today is my first day in total isolation and Iíve been infected for about four months now. Where was I? Oh yes, the virus. It slowly changed your personality. It is so far along now that I can honestly say that I see a difference. I get angry very easily and that was one reason for my confinement.

I am here alone in the deep south and am 40 miles from the nearest house, let alone town. Cameras and audio equipment are set up all around my house and in it. I am given supplies every month and am allowed to use the internet to try and find a cure. The government is still focused on itís war with Iraq, so I guess Iím on my own. I feel that writing down my thoughts is the only way for me to keep sane. I shall continue this journal as long as I can...all the while keeping notes of my findings. Maybe, even if I should fail and die, my research shall help other after me.

Farewell for now,

Samuel F. Broanstein


I just heard that Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations is the last "Phoenix Wright" game! Turns out he has some kinda fall from grace and the fourth game is about some Apollo character... This is pissing me off so bad! I love the Phoenix Wright games! And now they're gonna keep the same game style and change the character. I'm still going to play it too but I'm still shocked!
I saw Cloverfield today. It's not that bad. The whole story is viewed from a small handheld camcorder. That means that the camera is moving really wild whenever the characters are running. It's not that bad but the ending is so startling. I'll tell you this much....YOU WILL NOT SEE IT COMMING. I'm serious! It's just such a starnge movie.........

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Friday, January 25, 2008

~(no title)~

I'm finally finished drawing Pot Head Kena. It's only 4 chapters long and I gotta say I'm happy with how it turned out. So I give you the complete series summary(since it's way to graphic to load onto MyO or PhotoB.
~Chapter One: Pot Head Kena~
We meet Kena and a hippo with a large *****. The hippo turns out to be Satan. After exchanging some trash talk Kena attacks Satan. The chapter ends with a *secret finger jutsu* gone horrible wrong!
~Chapter Two: A Breif Romance~
This is a lesser chapter that I've only re-read twice. Kena confesses his love for Satan and askes him on a date. While at a resteraunt, Kena meets Cindy. She's got that disease...or disorder...you know, where you say things you don't really mean(like that episode of South Park). Neyways, Kena and Cindy fall in love and make out.
~Chapter Three: A Whole Lot of Semen~
I'm not to proud of this chapter. Kena kills Barney and meets Oprah. The Anti-Christ(I call him Chris) is actually Oprah and He challenges Kena to a fight. Kena learns to evolve his Sharinan into the *****gan! In the end Kena and Chris fall in love and sleep together. But the chapter ends with Chris cheating on Kena.
~Chapter Four: Pencilholder~
The longest chapter at six whole pages. Kena seeks revenge for Chris' cheating. He ends up using a Rasengan and Chidori to finish the match. After that Kena turns straight and goes out with Cindy.

I'm currently working on another Kena-based manga. It's called Hidden Moon/Hidden Leaf. In it, Kena is a married Getsugakure(Village Hidden by the Moon) ninja. Seeing as I have only one page of it done I can't really say much more than that.
Well that's all for today...bye-chaz

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