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Hi, HEy all, sence I haven't updated it over 2 months, I've decided that it's time to move on to something more.... so As of May 30th 2007 I will no longer be posting on my blog. In Fact I probably will be on maybe once a month to check my PMs if that much. Fear not, my email will stay up so people who wish to stay in contact can do so. Good Bye all.

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

   i need a hug badly

i just found out that my dog died yesterday. and the vets were to damn stupid to do an autopsie. and and and and and I MISS HER!!!!!!!!!

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that sounds like alot of my friends also.
and the creepy thing is just how true it really is.... wow
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Suave and caring. Brave and fearless, firm and
have good leadership qualities. You know how to
console others but you are too generous and
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[Color]black and blue
[Animal] wolf
[Drinks] dont drink
[Soda] coke
[Book] The Vampire Chronicles
[Flower] Blood Red Rose
[Color your hair?] i did once
[Twirl your hair?] no
[Have tattoos?] no
[Have Piercings?] ears
[Cheat on tests/homework?] nope
[Drink/Smoke?] eew
[Like roller coasters?] hellz yeah
[Wish you could live somewhere else?] kinda
[Want more piercings?] nope
[Like cleaning?] yeah
[Write in cursive or print?] both
[Own a web cam?] no
[Know how to drive?] yes
[Own a cell phone?] yes
[Ever get off the damn computer?] only to sleep
[Been in a fist fight?] yes
[Considered a life of crime?] no
[Considered being a hooker?] no
[Lied to someone?] who hasn't
[Been in love?] yes
[Made out with JUST a friend?] yes
[Been in lust?] yes
[Used someone] yes
[Been cheated on?] yes
[Kicked someone in the nuts?] yeah
[Stolen anything?] yes
[Held a gun] yes
[Current clothing] black sweat pants and one of ben's shirts
[Current mood] boerd
[Current taste] *licks back of hand* kinda salty
[What you currently smell like] roses and lavender
[Current hair] golden brown with a little black left from the dying last year
[Current thing I ought to be doing] sleeping
[Current cd in stereo] HIM-Love Metal, Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals, and Gackt - Love Letter
[Last book you read] Pandora by Anne Rice
[Last movie you saw] matrix revolutions
[Last thing you ate] a cookie
[Last person you talked to on the phone] mom
[Do drugs?] caffiene
[Believe there is life on other planets?] maybe
Remember your first love?] yeah, he was a dick
[Still love him/her?] i wish him death
[Read the newspaper?] yeah
[Have any gay or lesbian friends?] most are
[Believe in miracles?] yes
[Do well in school?] i did when i was there
[Wear hats] eew hat hair
[Hate yourself?] used to
[Have an obsession?] it's sitting on the other side of the room
[Collect anything?] yes
[Have a best friend?] see obsession
[Close friends?] what about them?
[Like your handwriting?] sometimes
[Care about looks] who doesn't
[First crush] hmmm Jacob Loving
[First kiss] Ben THrasher
[Do you believe in love at first sight?] yeah
[Do you believe in "the one?"] yes
[Are you a tease?] sometimes
[Too shy to make the first move?] nope
[Daydreamer] yes
[Bitch/Asshole] only to certain people
[sarcastic] me?...NEVER
[Angel] my parents like i am
[Devil] i dunno
[Shy] kinda
[Talkative] sometimes