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Monday, March 26, 2007

   funny laws.....

i was reading somewhere the other month that in the state of Arkansas (where i am) if you have slept in a bed with an individual for 30 consecutive days that by state law you are considered married........0o....i just randomly thought of that and wanted to pass this little bit of ammusing wierdness on to all of you. lol.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


geeze i totally forgot to update at all the past like 2 weeks.... i am sooooo sorry guys and girls. i got pokemon colleseum and have been totally pre occupied by that. other than that i feel way better now. and am going back to my game lol

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Friday, March 9, 2007


still sick. and NOW i have thrush.....

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Monday, March 5, 2007

sorry for not posting.....

sorry for not posting for a while guys, i've been sick for the past 2 weeks, almost 3. i went to the doctor last friday and she gave me an anitbiotic that just made everything WORSE!!!!! So if i dont feel better in the next few days ben is gonna force me to go back, if he has to call the doctor himself. so yeah i feel like crap. i have an uber sore throught (the strep test came back negitive) and EVERY lymph node in my body is swolen and hurts like hell (doctor didnt even look at them), my head is killing me and yesterday i couldnt stand up. SOMEONE JUST LET ME DIE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"The Birds and the Bees"(The Cencored and Abridged Version) Another Cleverly Disguised Rant!

ok seriously, this is NOT rocket science people! I might as well break this into parts...sorey about this folks, but a sertain boyfirend of mines irritating ex *cough*kara*cough* is annoying me again

How to Empress the Opposite Sex:

Do's - Men;
just be your self, if that doesnt work then give up, END OF STORY!!! we dont care "who won the super bowl", or how big "it" is.

Do Not's - Men;
run up to us, belch really loud, then expect us to agknowlage you other then a hard slap to teh face.

Do's - Women;
be yourself, if they dont like you then they are obviously gay, or you are obviously annoying and clingy

Do Not's - Woman;
do not tell them your cup size, or that you can deep-throut a Twinkie.... that screams "I WANT TO LOOSE MY VIRIGINITY", or "I HAVE STD'S, AND I WANT TO SHARE"

Dating Do's and Don't's:

Do's - Men;
hold her hand during the movie and complement her on how she looks even if she is the most beautiful girl there.

Dont's - Men;
DO NOT look at the boob or ass regions of other "hotter" girls that happen to walk by, do it on your own time when you are out of range of the swinging, brick-filled purses.
dont sit there and chat on your phone while waiting for your date because you are either early or she is a bit late then give us the one minuet signal, only to talk for 5 more minutes. what are WE supposed to do, we want to look at your eyes but because you are talking on the phone you may think it an invasion of privacy and we cant take out our phones because you have signaled us that you will only be a minuet. so girls like me will beging to do random stuff such as count the skin cells on the back of her hand......or worse...far worse......

Do's - Women;
look nice but dont over do the makeup, look natural.

Don't's - Women
dont tell them how much "less cheap" your last b/f was, it makes the guys feel bad.
at dinner dont order the most expensive dish on the menu, if your guy is like mine he's gonna always want to take you someplace fancy with expensive food.... also dont get the cheapest thing either.
dont ask them to get you something, it's rude, and makes them feel taken advantage of.

How To Respond to A Break Up:

Do's - Men;
Get over it, face it one of you screwed up.

Don't's - Men;
FOR THE LOVE OF CRAP DONT STALK HER!!!! it will only get you arrested.
and dont stalk her new b/f either.

Do's - Women
it's ok to cry about it, yes it's gonna hurt, dont let your uncaring father/friends laugh at you... that's why god invented testicles... to be kicked(dont do this really, it's mean)

Don't's - Women
Dont plot revenge, it's productive time waseted that could be sued plotting ways to blow up the science lab.
DO NOT EVER go crying to your ex's current girlfriend begging her to tell said guy that she is still in love him....this is STUPID and WILL ruin a friend ship should there have been one present before the act of stupidity.

Stupid "ideas" that dont go over well PERIOD:

DO NOT go out and buy BABY clothes for a couple in HS just becasue you know said couple has "done it" trust me, this does not go over well, in fact it will generally result in the giving party being left with loss of hearing and/or unconcience on the floor, and never being spoken to again.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

   OMG IT'S FINALLY FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My computer is finally TOTALLY FIXED!!!!!!!!! It doesnt crashe anymore AT ALL!!!

so i was randomly surfing throung the archive files at the Newspaper website of the town that i grew up in, and you'll NEVER guess what i ran across!..... my grandfather's obituarie article form Jan 28, 2000. i was REALLY bored today lol and i decided to look up stuff that has been going on sence i left, and i found that. btw in January of 2000 i was 11.

In other news.... the black-hole that ate my Gameboy has claimed another victim..... my penticle. i was wearing it on the 15th, then after that it just vanished, i thought that i might have acciedntally put it in a pant pocket, but i hadnt because it wasnt in any of my pants, or the washer OR dryer. GODAMMIT, THOSE THINGS AREN'T CHEAP EITHER!!!!!!!!!

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Saturday, February 17, 2007


ok, i finally got a new motherboard and power supply for my compuuter, they should be in in a few days. then my comp will be exactly like ben's, only my graphics card wont be as good as his.....T_T. o well, BACK TO SCO AGAIN WOOHOO!!!

in other news, in the past 4 days we have re-watched Trigun, and i STILL can't find my Gameboy!!! ><;

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Friday, February 16, 2007


i think it really needs a feliony to sing with headphones on...... i dont care how well you sing when you can hear what you are singing, but i guarentee that if you cannont hear the notes you are "singing" it will NOT sound good.


Ben - he sings better than Gackt when he can hear what he is doing. Put headphones on him at loud volumes and he sounds like a dying cat.

if i had sound bytes i would share them, but i dont, so be thankful.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

   O M F G!!!!!

So FFVI advanced was released the other day..... MY GAMEBOY IS FUCKING GONE!!!!!!! it's no where in the house i've looked all over for it and i cant find it....I MISS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, February 6, 2007


so i randomly looked at the date that i joined MyOtaku.... I've been here for nearly 4 YEARS!!!!! does this mean i have no life???..... ANd i also just noticed that i have wasted nearly two years of you all's lives forcing you to listen about my love life... i feel terrable.... I'm sorry if i have annoyed you guys with my pointless banter about my sitting on my ass all day doing nothing. please forgive me...*bows*

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