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Friday, January 18, 2008

how sad
I guess no one wants to comment me anymore.... that means I MUST POST MORE!!!
very un-likely but you know.

So my friend is not pregnant. Which is good cause there is no way she could have brought up a baby properly. (I mean love only goes so far.... sadly)

Erm... My grandma is dying. I guess her kidneys are failing and they can't operate on her cause heart isn't strong enough. She's 79 though and in my opinion has lived a pretty long fulfilling life. If she wants to go then I say let her. (I mean she's pretty much blind and going deaf. I'm surprised she's made it this far. She's smoked for a good 60 years.) Then again when I think theres also a chance her reasoning may be a little off. (I mean when your old your brain may go a little beserk.)

I guess time will tell.

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