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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thank God Winter Break Is In Two Weeks

School is totally trying to get between me and my reading. Not cool, NIU, not cool. Oh well. At least I'm now well into Book #7 of the Young Wizards series, and have managed to get myself addicted to both Kare Kano and The Wallflower manga series'. Gotta love those wacky comedies. Especially The Wallflower. It's like a version of Ouran written by cracked-out goths. Awesomeness. I went and bought a copy of the complete anime series (yay import sets!) even though I promised myself that I wasn't going to buy anymore anime this month T_T I'm too lazy to type up a summary, so here's a Wikipedia link

Now, back to my homework T_T

-Quotation of the Day-
"Maybe this is the other thing that makes wizards so powerful when they're young. It's not that we don't know about death. It's not that we don't believe in it. It's that we're still able to let life go, if the price is right."
-A Wizard Alone-

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