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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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capture (11/13/07)

HI nice to meet you.

SO you are a Tsbasa Fan too.I love Tsubasa too.I have only seen one season.I love your site .So I am going to add you as a friend hope you don't mind
I hope we could be good friends.

See ya.

xUnrequitedxLovex (07/06/07)

heey, it's still me
okies signing your gb again
this is fuuuun
okies dokies
WIll message ya!


XxUnkownxX (07/06/07)

Hiii, okies, so I finally got my new site up and running
I'm pretty sure you got my PMs
and again...[I know it's getting annoying]
but thankies for putting up with the site change and going there
to add me [if not yet, take your tiime]
lol. xD
oh yea.,..If you get another gb sig from xunrequitedxlovex
It's still me, I kinda found out that my bl kinda...splited
half went to the other site and half went to this sn
so yea..lol. =]
and..you might be getting the same gb sig from the other
I'm sorry, but i can't type 100 or so more diffrent messages
for everyone @_@
lol. okies
Well *huggles* ttyl!
[it's Sakura5 if you didn't know]

p.s. -personal message-
Love your bg
and the song
I hope you update soon!

theunaverageidiot (06/12/07)

Sup Andi.

Posion Fangs (03/17/07)

Hey pretty cool site that you got going here love all the colors. I'm just passing by and found your site I decided to sign hope you can return the favor. Well hope to see you around the O sometime and wish you best of Luck.
~Posion Fangs

Emmah (02/20/07)

Howdy! *Waves*. Your site is very cool ^^ I like it ^^
I've just looked through your fanart, and I must say, it is very good ^^

I hope you can come by my site sometime


Grif 2.0 (01/21/07)

Hey ^^ Nice site I'll add you.
Feel free to PM me anytime
for anything ^^ Cause
I'm weird like that.
I guess thats it
Welp Cya


"The sword is a lethal weapon, the sword skill is the skill of killing, no matter how beautiful the words you use to call it, killing is still the fact"
~Himura Kenshin

If you like Trigun, pay attention to my "Real name" lol but idk if i spelled it right O.o
Its the name i write on my school and work papers XD heh heh

Kazehara4 (10/22/06)

Hiya! I love the site! The background is cute! Anyway, come by my site and visit! I'd appreciate it. Well, just wanted to say hello. Oh, and I'll add you as a friend too! See ya around! ^_~

EdwardElricThe2nd (08/08/06)

Nihao! I love your site! Your bg is great. It's from X, right? I get CLAMP's work confused ever since they released Tsubasa. lol well neways u sound like a cool person, tripping ppl randomly and what not. lol Hope we can be good friends. ttyl! n_n

Idiots do cool things.

That's why it's cool.

Fullmetal heero King knowz bestiestz. d watz rite & don't do da drug! . thanxie! n_n 

- our friend dwdl̢Thnd ♣♠♣♠

Suyari (08/07/06)

Hi! Thank you very much for signing my guestbook, and leaving such lovely comments. Yes, Neji is love. It took me a while to see him, because in the beginning he wasn't highly featured, but afterword...You couldn't keep me away.

I hope to be posting some links to my fics soon, just a bit busy sorting through Otaku at the moment. And I don't believe you were being presumtuous at all. Heck, if that's the case, forgive me too, because I'm friending you back.

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