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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 10/12/07:

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What Is Your Anime Eye Color?
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Result Posted on 01/03/06:

Independence True Name: Avasa Element: Fire or Water Colour: Red, White, Black, Dark Blue Description: Independent people love love, but are
often afraid of getting hurt or becoming
dependent on someone. They want their love to
be perfect, so they usually don't just date
anyone. They date people who they know will be
there somewhere in the future. This causes them
to turn down some dates and may make them
appear to be cold-hearted, but this usually
isn't the case at all. They just prefer their
space and only want someone in their lives who
won't be dependent or make them dependent. This
is often the case with making friends. At first
they may appear cold and shy, but once you get
to know them, they will be much more open and
sometimes hyper. But don't expect these people
to want to go somewhere with you. They will
often be at home enjoying the company of
themselves, and will only go if they feel
pressured or if they owe you a favor. They make
good and bad grades in school depending on the
subject, but strive to do well. They don't
really play sports or are in school clubs
unless their friends pressure them. They hate
it when people pressure them, but often give in
knowing that that person will owe them in the

+)(+ What Symbol or Emotion Does Your Soul Resemble? +)(+ {For girls only! Beautiful Pics!}
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Result Posted on 12/23/05:
Whoo! Another one ^_^

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Result Posted on 12/23/05:
I joined a club! But this still doesn't make me a crazy fan-girl! Just a girl. Who is a fan. Fan-girls scare me O.o

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Result Posted on 12/06/05:
Hmmm, I wonder...

Murdered, that has made you shy and it is a bit
hard for you to trust people. You are afraid
of the dark.

How Did You Die? (Anime Pics)
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Result Posted on 12/01/05:
Wow. That's a REALLY good quiz O.o

Your element is Shadow: Indifferent, unusual,
gentle and a complete mystery. No one tends to
know quite what to think of you because you
camouflage your emotions so incredibly well,
almost as well as your thoughts. You are
unpredictable in that no one knows exactly what
your going to do or what your capable of and
you've made sure they never will. You are quite
the wallflower but deep down inside is a kind
and very intelligent person. You are capable of
love but unless you let some light into your
shadowed life you'll have a hard time with your
relationships. People are a mystery only
because they all seem too superficial, you
would rather be somewhere else. Away from all
the noise, perhaps putting your feelings into a
form of art. Such as writing your feelings into
a poem or journal, or perhaps painting a
picture. The shadows make you feel comfortable
and you don't like to step outside your comfort
zone or let anyone else in, the spotlight
terrifies you. You are truly a mystery.

.:-|What is your true element?|-:. -With Anime Pictures and detailed answers-
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Result Posted on 12/01/05:
Cool. Tattoos. ^_^

You are a popular person inside, if you could let
it out, you would be a very fun person to hang
out with!

Who are you like inside? (great pics!!)(update! New result and answers!)
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Result Posted on 11/29/05:
Well, I don't know about genius, but I'm certainly not an idiot ^_^

I am 8% Idiot.
Friggin Genius
I am not annoying at all. In fact most people come to me for advice. Of course they annoy the hell out of me. But what can I do? I am smarter than most people.

Result Posted on 11/29/05:
Rock On! 80% chance of survival and cool powers ^_^

You are a witch! (Or warlock) Are you good? Or are
you evil? You're right in between. You use
darkness to your advantage, and you are very
smart. You're a great ally to have in a group. If you're a good witch, you have an 80% chance of
survival. If you're a bad witch, you only have 40% chance of
survival. (A house will fall on top of you.

What's your horror movie identity? (Anime pics)
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Result Posted on 11/25/05:
Yay! Fai! Annoyingly laid-back and chipper, yet more serious than let on. Muwahahaha!

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What Tsubasa Character Are You?
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