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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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Takoyaki Power (08/14/06)

Hey, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I've been busy w/ school prep and such lately. Thanks for adding me as a friend^^ you deserve a cookie for taht ** hands riona-san one** and I'll add you too!

Thanks for the compliments. I really have no idea what I'm doing >_< I just try and see what works! Your site though...it's brillant! I'm completely impressed that you could do something like that!

Yup! I'm a HUGE Ouran High fan. The show is so clute (and seems to be one filler episode after another! Makes me so happy **sniff**) Blach good. Yaoi BETTER!!!

It's nice when someone can figure out my name. Saddly, though, it seems that only about 2 or three people (yourself included) have been able too. **sigh** well, I'm a furuba fan through and through. But it really did make me sad that after that volume, the Ritsu/Mangager thing never showed up again (at least not until vol 20, as I'm on)

Green/Black my fav colours...thought I'd incorperate into my site^^

Now it looks like I'm the one who won't stop talking/typing^^

I'll be certian to add you and come back for a visit and comment ^_^


Kogasgirl4ever (08/04/06)

i like ur layout swing by and sign my gb

NightBeck (08/02/06)

Hey Teri! I'm sorry I took so long to get to your guestbook. Your layout is absolutely lovely, and I can't stop listening to this song you've got up... gorgeous! *purrs* I'll be adding you now, missy. ^_^

InuYasha Fan009 (08/01/06)

Heya! Awesome site! Love the layout. It's cool. ^^

Yep yep. TOTALLY agree with your rules. Very understandable. I hate it when people talk in the "chat-speak" sorta thing. XP

Ooh, lots of fanlistings. XD You have a few that I have on there. ^^ InuYasha, Reno, KH, gah! I can't name 'em all! XDD

Oh, you're part of the REVOLUTiONiSTs? I would like to join that club, but I'm not very skilled in HTML or graphics. XP

Well, drop by my site sometime. Oh, and can I add you? 'Kay, c'ya!

~InuYasha Fan009~

dark sephiroth (08/01/06)

Hot damn your site is pretty =) Thank you very much about the compliment regarding my graphics, i do try lol.

Will add you back right now =D Hope to speak to you soon lol.

loveLIESbleeding (07/31/06)

Cute site. I love Corrine Bailey Rae's Like A Star. It's a nice song to ease to.

Is there any other songs you like by her?

Blue Hawk (07/29/06)

Greetings RinoaSquall4ever

Thanks for signing my guestbook and adding me as a friend ^_^

Yay! I got another friend! Wohoo! Yay me! *confetti*

Ahem! Anyway, the guy on my avatar is the one and only SMEXY AND HAWT Shun Oguri!

The Discovery? I saw him on YouTube, he was actor in Hana Yori Dango as Hanazawa Rui, the silent and mysterious type of character and I LOVE HIM! You should too and we shall spread the love of Shun ^^;;

You're myO page looks great by the way, another CSS specialist here. I'm still learning,hahahaha!!!

And I proclaim that we are officially FWENDS!

You can't back out now! We'll be fwends forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever....

Just like a marriage couple XD

Hahaha! This should be great

~Blue Hawk

lilrawangel (07/22/06)

OMG you love full house?? i doo~~ its such a good and sweet korean drama xD i love korean drama's there all sweet but full house is probably the funniest i've watched soo far and Rain was sooo cute in full house tooo xD
well im end it now soo Baii Baii

Sharingan Itachi (06/24/06)

Sorry I thought you were a guy, I mean I couldn't help it, Sara told me you were a guy and I'm a guy so we're sorta stupid. Lmao
But if it makes you feel any better you are a very beautiful woman and any guy would be lucky to have you. I mean I haven't seen a picture of you, but personality wise your great.
I hope we can become very good friends. Well from what happened last night I think we can. Lmao

Well I'm adding you as a friend and you better keep in touch or I'll bite your head off! Lol


dbzfreak93 (06/18/06)

Hi there, thanks for signing my guestbook. Thanks for the complients on the layout, I get that alot. =P. The color combo like green and black, yeah. I'm changing it to a new theme in about a few hours anyways which is red and black. Your site not that bad either!! Actually, it's great!!!!!

^_______________________^ Your layout is completly made by you, wow, you are way better at HTML than me!! Your links in the upper left-hand corner and your awesome mainpage!! Thumps up!! I haven't seen you around that much, but pretty much like once or twice. Wow, alot more people are starting to see my site!! ^_^

Anyways, adding you as a friend!!


[Thus Ends Guestboo Signing]

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