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Hello. I am a second-generation Taiwanese-American who has studied abroad in Madrid. Who are you?

I am HuanBao on DA and rikuHEART on Gaia.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Okay. I'm seriously SO pissed at theO for not updating myO AT ALL. UGH.

I'm gonna try to make a transition to Worlds and see what I can do there....I'm still trying to find my way around it.

I'd stay here, but everyone on my friends list is either like totally inactive now or has switched to Worlds.

*sigh* And here I've been a (at least somewhat) active member of myO for like...almost five years. Now it's not that I'm leaving them so much as it is them leaving me.

I feel so much like punching something right now.

Rrrgh. So anyways. Suscribe to me on theO please? I've already suscribed to all you guys. =3

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Swee! D=

It's been like...How long since I've been on here? X_X Oops. Sorry. Anywho...I started driver's ed., and my stepdad took me out driving for the 1st time in a parking lot. It was scary. Dx But I'm sure I'll get the hang of it eventually. I'm really pissed though cuz my driver's ed. classes take up the time I usually go to life drawing. GRRRR. So in the end I only got to go twice...until the end of April I won't be able to go again. ]=<

Also we started registration at my school for next year. I'm gonna do the IB program, which is kinda like AP only it's done internationally and it's supposedly super hard...ALL of my classes except for ONE semester (when I have Link Crew...basically upper-classmen welcoming freshmen type of thing) are gonna be IB-level. We'll see how well I handle that. X_X IB SL (standard level) math/calc, IB US history, IB SL art portfolio, IB HL (higher level) Spanish 7, IB SL physics, IB HL (higher level) Junior English, Theory of Knowledge (waste-of-time class required to get the IB diploma at the end of senior year >=\ ), and Link Crew. Gah. Plus volleyball plus all the volunteer work I do plus friends plus studying Chinese...kdjagkljekafe. Oh boy.

Guess I can't complain. It was my choice. XD

Gr. We have our state's standardized testing next week for reading and writing. It's SUPERSUPERSUPERSUPER easy yet every year tons of people fail it. I really don't understand it...It's so stupid. They make us explain EVERY LITTLE STEP in our thinking. Such a waste of time...I'm super mad too cuz it's required for sophomores but freshmen can take it also and then just not take it sophomore year. So I could have just taken it last year and sleep in next week while people are taking the tests. Urgh. Irritates me cuz last year they made us take the practice one anyways since so many people failed the year before. *shakes fist*

Busy weekend too...I'm doing activities with autistic kids tomorrow morning, then spending all afternoon grooming my dog (yes he takes that long to groom) then all night practicing piano and completely RE-writing a speech I have to do for speech class cuz it's supposed to be informative but my teacher said that mine was too persuasive. -_-' Then Sunday mornings I volunteer at a Chinese library then Sunday afternoon I have a piano recital.

*whew* I cannot wait for everything to just be DONE with. TT_TT

Luvs and hugs,

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