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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sweefundunger w00t~!
Wooohooooo it's mid-winter break! =D

Only I still have a bunch of homework to do. *shakes fist at teachers* Gr. Anyways. My parents are out of town at some money-making class or something. I honestly have no idea. XD But hey, I get to be home alone w/ my little brother for four days, so I can't complain. XD

Life drawing was awesome. It was kinda weird, drawing a naked person, but you're supposed to get used to it after a while. The other artists there were all older than me and real serious about their work...And sosososososososo much better. *depressed* But I guess I just have to practice more to get better. I'm going again this Wednesday! I don't know if they're gonna keep it on Wednesdays in March and April, but I hope not because I'll be doing driver's ed. on Mondays and Wednesdays during those 2 months! D=

I went to see Juno with my friends from my old school yesterday! It was really great getting to see them all again. I had a lot of fun, and the movie was AWESOME. The actress who plays Juno (don't remember her name T_T ) is REALLY good. Though I missed out on like the first 10-20 minutes of the movie because of this crazy thing. So we had asked a neighbor to watch my brother for me while I was with my friends, but she never showed up. So we called her and called her but she never picked up, and she didn't have an answering machine either. Finally she picks up and says she's sick. -_- So then I had to bring my brother with me, throw something together for him to eat on the way, and find when the next bus would leave (we were taking the bus). So we were already running late, and the closest bus stop to my house is like a mile away and my brother walks really slow, so we had to take a later bus. So we got on the bus and passed by like 2 stops, and it wasn't looking right so I asked if it was the bus going in the right direction - and it wasn't. Even though it would be the right direction for all the other buses that go to that stop, but I usually don't take this one so I didn't know. So we get off and had JUST missed the one going in the other direction so we had to wait for like 20 minutes in the cold. Finally we got on the right bus and arrived like half an hour late. And I haven't had a cell phone since I got back from Spain, so I couldn't call them either. D=

*whew* But yeah. I had fun. =D And I am supposed to tell you guys the other thing about Chinese New Year, aren't I? Umm well the legend is that there was this monster and every New Year's he'd come out and eat everyone. One year he came into a village, and everyone hid themselves to prevent being eaten. However one of the little boys couldn't find a place to hide that wasn't already taken, and the monster started coming for him but then sceams. Why? Because the kid's wearing red. So now you're supposed to wear red on Chinese New Year. And set off fire crackers, cuz that scares the monster too. XD

Anywho~! Hope people had an awesome Valentine's Day! Please check out my new fanart!

Shikatema Chibi 2

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

Luvs and hugs (and sorry for the long post),

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sweefff. Fundunger.
So. I started classes about two weeks ago. Everything's going pretty well, only I don't have any classes with anyone I really know. I've made a new friend though, and in my raquet sports class one of my Chinese school classmates switched in. =D I still don't really have my own little "group" nor do I have any particular friend who I hang out with regularly out of school, but I guess I'm getting there. The people who I talked to from last year still remember me too. =3

Anyways. Today is Chinese New Year!!! Gong xi fa cai!!! *throws confetti and gives you a red envelope* Happy year of the rat/mouse/...rodent (it's all the same word in Chinese XD)! I wonder if I told you guys the story behind this HUGE holiday before (in Asia it's like bigger than our Xmas). O.o I'll tell you guys the story about the Chinese horoscope for today and the one for some of the rituals of the New Year on my next post. =3

Well basically a loooong time ago the emperor decided to hold a race across a river between all of the animals, and the first 12 would be the like..."holy" animals who would represent each year. The rat and the cat were friends and decided to try to win the race together, so they asked the ox if they could ride on its back while it swam across the river. The ox, being kind, agreed. But when the race actually came, the rat pushed the cat into the water, making them enemies from there on, and jumped from the ox to another big animal's head to another till it was the first to reach the other shore. The next animals were the ox, tiger, hare, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. So that's why each year has its own animal on the Chinese horoscope, and it's all in that order. This year we're starting fresh with the rat again. =p

So anyways. Please check out my new fanart! I JUST got some Copic markers finally and have started experimenting with them. I'm also gonna start going to some life drawing sessions with nude models and everything (my first one's next Wednesday!) at this new art store I found. It's much better than the one I used to go to. ^_^ Sooooo excited!!!

Luvs and hugs (and please send love and support to ElvesAteMyRamen; she just lost ALL of her savings to some bastard identity thief),

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Sweefundungerrrrr =o
Okay. Started school. Classes are okay, only I'm not with anyone I know. =/ All the people who I talked to last year have totally different schedules. TT_TT

Anyways. I want to go to Taiwan again (if you were here, remember the summer camp I went to 2 years ago?) this summer, so I had to go do a health checkup for the form and stuff. I go, they say I'm perfectly healthy, they give me a TB (tuberculosis) test...I come back in 2 days later like they said to do, they read my test...And turns out I'm positive. O_o At least for the antibodies of TB...They sent me to another office to do chest X-rays, and those came out clear. So I probably just have the bacteria and haven't started having symptoms yet, since apparently they reproduce SUPERSUPERSUPER slow. Like several-years-until-you-feel-symptoms slow. I probably got it in Taiwan, since in Asia there's a lot of people w/ TB. But whatever. I just need to take antibiotics (1 pill a day) for NINE MONTHS. Bleh. But at least it's just 1 pill. =)

Gra. TONS of hw and reading that I need to catch up on now. TT_TT Please check out the new fanart!

Luvs and hugs,

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Gah. Haven't been around here in forever.

But yeah. Pretty much after coming back from Spain I've been sitting around at home on vacation. Second semester doesn't start till the 29th, which means I don't have to go to school till next Tuesday. PLUS I don't have a math class! I was supposed to go in AP Calc. this year but since I've already missed out on a half year and it's such a fast-paced class, they said that I can just start that next year. B) Haha but anyways...being bored at home has got me drawing a ton. D=

Ohmigosh. That reminds me. My fanart account here is like waaayyy behind my DA. I need to upload more. Oh well. One at a time. Please check out my new fanart. ^_^

But yeah. Basically been bored here at home. =/ I started up piano classes again after five months of no piano. D= I've forgotten a lot of my pieces but I'm not too rusty. OH and I saw Atonement with my stepdad yesterday. It was really, really, good, but also very sad. T_T

Yeah. No news other than that.

Luvs and hugs (from Seattle now T_T),

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back in Seattle now.

The evening of the Day of the Kings my friends and host family threw me a surprise goodbye party. So sweet. <33 They gave me more stuffed animals - a sleeping teddy bear that SNORES and rises its stomach as it snores (omg so cute x3) and a flower that says, "You're special." <3

The next day I went shopping with Maria Isabel and her friends since the after-holidays sales there are HUGE. =D I got lots of neat shirts and earrings.

Then Tuesday we started going back go school...On Thursday, my last day at school there, my friends Natalia, Jorge, Manuel, and Luis gave me ANOTHER stuffed animal (yess) that was a penguin...I kinda developed into the "penguin" of the group from an inside joke a while ago. XD And they also gave me a frame with a picture of all of us together. It's sitting on my desk right now. <333333

Friday I went to the airport. My family came along with me, of course...And 10 of my classmates. XD lol So like a third of the class was missing that morning. I was super glad they were there though...And 1 of my suitcases was like 15lbs overweight, so I had to pay $50. XD Much more expensive to mail though, so w/e.

When I finally had to go to my gate, I gave everyone a hug and a kiss on each cheek (you're supposed to do that every time you see someone or say goodbye to someone)...And Natalia started crying when I gave her my hug. And of course, that made me start...And I couldn't stop after that. =( My "mom" Paqui started crying too, and my friend Marina. I was also crying the night before.

The flight was expectedly depressing. I was going from Madrid to Newark (9 hours) and then from Newark to Seattle (6 hours). On my 1st flight I was sitting next to a preppy old lady. Yes, you heard right - a preppy old lady. She was super nice and all, but wow. A Coach bag and D&G sunglasses. D=

Maria Isabel gave me a letter the night before I left. She told me to read it on the plane...And when I did I started crying all over again. It was so sweet...

Then at Newark I was originally supposed to wait for a whole FIVE hours for my connecting flight, but it got delayed by TWO HOURS, so I had to wait for 7. -_- Spent it mostly eating. XD I also saw a Japanese guy there who just totally SCREAMED, "GAY!" I have no problems with gay/bi/les people, but he was in a tighttighttight dark purple henley and SUPER skinny jeans - and not even guy skinny jeans, but GIRL skinny jeans that are tight on the thighs too. I had to double-check to make sure he was a guy. D=

Then on the flight from Newark to Seattle there were so little people...I got an entire three seats all to myself! And they were window, middle, and aisle seats! =D I got to lie down to sleep there...XD

I drew a lot on the planes...Please check the new fanart (just uploading everything one by one for now). <33

So yeah. I'm back from five months of studying abroad in Madrid. I'm unbelieveably sad because I miss everyone there so much; I made some awesome friends who I love to death, and my host family there I certainly consider part of my own. I'm still glad to be back with my family here though (missed my dog), and I'm really thankful that I got the opprotunity to have such a life-changing experience. I'm practically fluent in Spanish now, have learned a ton of Spanish culture, and made some incredible friends. =)

Luvs and hugs,

^ That's me with my host family in the airport in a somewhat-candid photo. xD

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

   Sweefundunger WAH!!!!
Felices Reyes!!! =D Here in Spain they have a tradition every 6th of January. Supposedly during the night before the three kings visit all of the kids' houses and leave presents for them. The kids leave a milk-like drink and sweets too. It's like another Santa Claus! Woohoo! XD We (being the kids) give some stuff to the parents too though. I gave my "mom" a cute cigarette box and my "dad" some CD cases. And guess what they gave me???? My "brother" gave me a Pignoise CD (YES!), my "sister" gave me some makeup (super cute)...And my "parents" GAVE ME A NEW DIGITAL CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!! D= D= D= D= WAAAHH!!! OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! My old one is SUPER old, uses up the batteries super fast, and freaked out on New Year's while I was at the party...I dunno WHAT happened to it, but it wouldn't take any pictures. It wouldn't even go to the screen that takes pictures. But the other day it went back to normal even though we didn't do anything to it...My "adoptive" mom said that she freaked out cuz I told her about it the other day. XD lol But whatever. It's still a sucky camera. So I'm SO glad I have this new one. <33333333333 So preeettyy too. ^_^

Anyways. I've been drawing like crazy lately. I've been making little cards for all my friends and my host family. I'm also drawing a picture of the three of us kids together for my host family. It's taken from a photo that we took in Portugal when I first came here (yup, we went on a little trip to some relatives in Portugal too B) ). Geez...Time here has passed way too quickly. :( I'm leaving next Friday...It still hasn't really registered in my mind that I actually had the opprotunity to study abroad, perfect my Spanish, travel Europe (even though it's only two countries XD), and learn the culture here...It didn't register before I got on the plane coming here...And it still seems so unreal. *_* Wow.

Luvs and hugs from Madrid,

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Woohooo!! Happy 2008, everyone!!! =D *boogies* What did you guys do??

We had (another) massive dinner that day, this time with the mother's side of the family. Their family's pretty crazy in the first place, but after the wine...XD Oh man, it was hilarious. The grandpa started getting up and dancing. And then the whole family joined in. XD And here, you're supposed to eat 12 grapes (all of them) in the 12 first seconds of the year, and we were watching TV and waiting for them to give us the cue to start eating but they didn't! lol So we started eating a bit late but I finished all of mine. >D Yummy. Maria Isabel didn't...she doesn't like grapes. XD So supposedly she has bad luck this year. Oops. =p

Then after an hour or so we went to her friend Luna's house for a party. Lots of other friends came too, including two guys...And these two guys are THE class clowns. OH MY GOD it was so hilarious and fun dancing with them. XD They were being total pimps (being the only two guys at the party lol) and dancing with each girl. XD XD XD

One of Maria Isabel's friends though was kinda...ugh. She's really nice and all, but I really can't stand her. All she ever talks about is boys and clothes. She was supposedly "going out" with some guy (she calls it going out; I call it making out -_-), and he said that he couldn't make it to some date or something and she spent practically all the party being gloomy about it. AND she actually said that she had come to the party just to make out with a guy (particularly the taller one of the ones who came) but ended up not getting any chances...She started thinking that our ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY TOTALLY DRUNK friend (OMG SO FUNNY) was making out with him since they kept making excuses to be alone together, and she was making total drama out of it. Ugh. GOD I can't stand her...

But yeah. Our drunk friend, Saray, was HILARIOUS. And no, none of us are legal...But I'm a responsible little girl, and I didn't drink anything. XD Maria Isabel is really responsible too, so she only drank a little...But oh man, Saray...She was screaming and going totally crazy and falling to the floor and spilling drinks and talking with woozy gestures and everything. XD It's always amusing watching drunk people. XD

But yeah. We ended up getting back home at like 6:20AM. I woke up today at 2:30. B)

Luvs and hugs from Madrid (and feliz aņo nuevo!),

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Monday, December 31, 2007

Hey Otakuites. How was everyone's Christmas? =D

We did a secret Santa thing within our family. I gave a headband, a necklace, and a pair of earrings (and I made a nice Christmas card) for my "adoptive sister" (as we call it XD) Maria Isabel. She really liked it. ^_^ My "adoptive mom" gave me an iPod case (YAY I've been wanting one) and a really pretty bracelet with my name and a doggie charm on it. =3 Hehehe

We had the traditional MASSIVE dinner on Christmas Eve with some other family (an uncle and his family - including his three-month-old daughter OMG so cute...and also the grandparents from the same side of the family). Then the baptism of the same little girl was the 29th. We also had a HUGE dinner that day...Then today, New Year's Eve, I'm gonna go to Maria Isabel's friend's house for a party. =D I think we're coming back to the family (some other family members are coming...this time from the mother's side of the family. Hehe she says it's her turn now. XD ) for the night though...not entirely sure how we're planning this all out. O.o

But ugh. I feel so sick already from so much food. And I still haven't even tried the Christmas food they eat in Spain...Only a couple. >.< Totally dieting when I get back...(Two weeks. :( )

Luvs and hugs from Madrid,

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

sweefundunger WAHOO!
WWWHHEEEEEEE IT'S WINTER BREAK FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!one!!!1111uno!

XD lol GOD These last few weeks have been so stressful - tests, tests, FINALS, tests, tests, tests, and MORE TESTS!!!! X_X Ugh. SO glad they're all over with. They went okay, I guess...I'm a bit worried about literature and about math, but I got good grades on the previous tests, so maybe that'll help even out my grades...

*breathes* But at least school's FINALLY done with.

...That also, however, means only three more weeks left of Spain. :( I don't really want to go back...TT_TT I miss my brother and my dog and all (and my trees! and my snow! D:), but it's not like I have a huge host of friends to go back to, not like here...Cuz there I had just started out in an entirely new high school where I didn't know anyone going in....And I didn't really do a good job making friends last year, so I highly doubt people will remember me. .____. And I just really don't want to leave behind all the friends and experiences and fun I've had here....TT_TT

Anyways....On a brighter note, I helped my host family decorate the house for Christmas today. :) We have a tree and lights and a mini-nativity scene and everything. I woke up this morning to, "MIIIIIIIIIIIIL EEEEUUUUUROOOOOS!" on the TV. Here they have a Christmas lottery every year called "El Gordo" (the fat lol), and what they do is they take kids from this one boarding school who sing out the numbers, and they always sing, "MIIIIIIIIIIIIL EEEUUUROOOOSS!!!" (1000 euros). At first I thought it was my host family's son, since he has the exact same voice, but after the 20th time in five minutes...I was pretty sure it wasn't him. XD It was super annoying though...For literally HALF AN HOUR I was upstairs in my bed, listening to the TV downstairs, screaming "MIIIIIL EUUUROOOS" AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. At last I grabbed my iPod and slept for another two hours. XD lol

Anyways. 2 new fanart...One's actually not-so-new, but I never mentioned it in my posts, so...yeah. <333

Luvs and hugs (and feliz Navidad~!) from Madrid,

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Friday, December 7, 2007


*breathes* Phew. Sorry I haven't been around, but we have a solid FOUR-WEEK-LONG block of tests right before Christmas break, including FINALS. Two more weeks to go. Thank GOD for the Fiesta de la Inmaculada on Thursday that got yesterday and today off.

I'm using this time to study for our history final (SIX units, plus all of their dates and names...And with all the Felipe II, Felipe III, and Felipe IV...I'm gonna get so confused!!) the Monday after this one. Then our math final, which I'm not that worried about, but with the teacher we have....*rolls eyes* He PURPOSELY tries to trick us and uses easy numbers like 2 and 3 in class but puts 19 and 151 on the tests. -_- Plus we have his test this Monday. And an ethics test. AND I DO NOT UNDERSTAND PRACTICALLY ANYTHING still IN ETHICS. Then Wednesday there's supposedly a sophomore math test (I'm in 2 math classes cuz they couldn't work out my schedule right...I should only be in junior math, but I'm in both now), but our teacher left the school suddenly, so we don't know what we're gonna do. :/ GOD I hope I don't get my junior math teacher to sub for sophomore math. OH GOD OH GOD. Then Thursday a physics test and Friday a geology test...Damn I have to learn all the terms in Spanish. I've already taken Earth Science with a REALLY good teacher in the US, but obviously...not in Spanish. -_-

Then start the finals. OH GOD OH GOD HISTORY FINAL FIRST. Then math. Then English (haha) and LITERATURE...which is practicaly the same as history, since we have to learn about famous authors' lives. Then there's sentence analyzing, which is super hard cuz I don't really get their system of labeling things (they call adjectives compliments of names....yeah...WTF?), and if we have to comment on a given text...I just don't understand the majority of the vocabulary of texts...If I knew what each word meant, I could put everything together and understand it...But since in literature you use lots of synonyms and literary devices like puns and stuff...There are a lot of words I've never even heard of.

GOD. All the stress really amounted up on Tuesday. It was right after our break, and my friends were talking about hanging out on Wednesday. I had volleyball but I was the only one who couldn't make it...So they were totally pressuring me to go, and I felt like I was weighing them down...I REALLY wanted to go to VB, but at the same time I felt like I was making them really upset, which I DO NOT want to do. I had junior math, and I really just DO NOT understand the subject we're doing right now (vectors). The teacher was going too fast, and since I learn mainly by reflecting, I didn't have time to actually LOOK at whatever the hell I was copying off the blackboard, let alone reflect on it and actually UNDERSTAND it. Now I have a ton of questions, and Monday's the test. I was just super stressed and super pressured and I almost started crying in math. In the end I went with my friends on Wednesday, and it was fun and all, but...ugh. Gotta STUDY.

Anyways. I have no idea what to get my host family for Christmas. GOD. WHAT DO I DO WHAT DO I DO WHAT DO I DO?!?!? A PS2 game? A couple boxes of chocolate? I'm saving the drawing of all of us together idea for when I leave in January. PLEASE give me suggestions!!

Luvs and hugs from Madrid,

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