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Friday, July 28, 2006

Date: July 28, 2006
Time: 12:18 am
Mood: guilty ^_^;

Uh-oh. Dany here.......I was supposed to have a new layout up this week but I've been kinda on the lazy/occupated side lately ^^;

Battle of the Layouts

But for those who've read it on my page, I decided to just do a BotL (Battle of the Layouts for those who don't know. When I usually do these on my site, I have premade thumbnails ready and post them up for battle. But since I was so unprepared this week, I'll just put up some names/titles. Anyways, here we go:

Final Fantasy VII:AC
Other: give your own suggestion

Whichever has the most amount of votes, I'll attempt to make a layout of it first. If any problems come up (i.e. can't find any good images), then I'll do the layout with the second most votes and so on.

Other News

And I'd like to apologize for not updating the members list, but at least it means there's more to look forward to next week :D Things to look out for are:

---more organized page
The intro, rules, member info, etc. will be put into an iframe and hopefully the post section will be easier to find instead of scrolling past everything else.

---New sections/pages
I'll also be adding a section with banners for those who aren't in the group but would still like to support us. And I'll also add an affiliates page which I still haven't gotten to ^^;

I think that's pretty much all for now though. Sorry if I let any of you who were awaiting a new layout down, I'll just have to try super hard this time :D

Thanks for reading,

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