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Ishida x Orihime is love.

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Monday, February 6, 2006

homgz, i live again!?


I'm alive. o_o

11th grade started...and boy is it tough. Dx

How have you all been? ^^ If anyone still has me on their friends list, that is. ^^;;

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What the boats!?

Don't ask me what the means..."what the boats", but it's like saying "what the shit!?"

Anyway, today was a crazy day...

remember that boy that everyone thinks I'm going out with? Yea, well some of my so-called friends decided it be funny to tese him and I constantly and take candid photos of us. I mean, we're just friends! Gawd, it's like they never heard of having boys as friends...jeebus.

Also today, my friend was commenting about how depressing couples are. She was referring to two couples, both couples who spent the entire lunch period all over each other...talk about PDA!!
Anyway, We all agreed with her statement. They are depressing, esspecially since we are all SINGLE.

Well, there was another incident, but I will refrian for saying what it was, since the person who insulted my friend happens to come on this site...*cough* =__=;

Well, I'm to hyped/pissed over today's events, so I can't do an anime/manga recommendation.

Forgive me! *bow*

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