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Friday, July 22, 2005

first of all I want to thank you guys for 100 hits. Almost 100 hits now and thank you very much. The memory of terror victims is being kept alive and strong.
Next I heard some bad news yesterday. London was attacked again by terrorists. Fortunately, not many people were hurt. It could be a copy-cat attack or just another attack. Whatever it is, it will not be tolerated. Whatever the terrorists are trying to achieve, will not be. The people of London are staying are staying strong and so are others around the world. God Bless this world. ^^

Your friend,
Alex :)

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Monday, July 18, 2005

I would like to take this moment to remember the victims of terror in Iraq. There, so often, innocent people are victims of terrorism. As well as American soldiers. Now I am not trying to be political nor trying to support/go against the Iraqi war. But thousands of people are dying in Iraq from terroristic acts and they should be remembered as well. May they be blessed and may God watch over them. May they bless us and be in our hearts. Take care.

God Bless the victims of terror.


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Sunday, July 17, 2005

   Hi, hugs
You can give hugs to the victims of terrorism. Well not literally. But, I have a hug meter in my quiz results, it's at the bottom of this page. *points to bottom of page* (homepage). Please go click and give hugs to the victims and their families. Thanks
God Bless you..

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

   staying strong in the face of terror
Going through times of terror is tough, staying strong is very hard. Terrorist attacks shake us up and hurt our emotions. But one thingís for sure, we can stay strong. That is what we must do. Terrorists seek to put fear in us and make us break down. But what one can do against terror is to stay strong and united. There are many grieving families who suffer through these attacks, but if we keep strong, we can create a wall of comfort for them. Uniting and wishing them our prayers and comfort, we can be there for those who are suffering. Staying together and helping one another helps us win. Evil comes, but beating it with good is what we can all do. We may be thousands of miles away sometimes from the victims, but our love has no boundaries and it will help everyone. And most importantly, we must remember those who died. Their deaths were tragic, but the ones who died will always be in our hearts forever. Theyíre our angels, watching over us from Heaven. ^^
Lastly, letís not forget the heroes during terrorism. Some of them are normal people like you and I. After the September 11th attacks, people donated so much blood, food, and clothing that the outpouring of support was too big to put in any number. Other heroes are those who risk their lives rescuing people. Whether it was the Oklahoma City attacks or rescue workers in London (or firefighters/policemen/paramedics), they risked their lives to save others. In 9/11, policemen and firemen rushed into save as many people as they could in the World Trade Center, even though it was very dangerous. In Oklahoma City, rescue workers risked their lives to go into the building to rescue victims, and one of the rescue workers lost his/her life. In London, police and rescue workers worked together to save people. And letís not forget the civilians who rushed out to save others too. For instance, in Washington D.C. after a plane crashed there on 9/11, soldiers and fellow co-workers (who arentí soldiers or police or anything like that) rushed back to the Pentagon to save their fellow friends and family members. Bravery stands out in terrorism, defeating terrorists. So does heroism. God Bless these brave men and women. :-D And God bless the victims of the attacks, including the heroes who gave their lives up to rescue.

Here is a poem my friend Beth made (xXBethXx)-

Those who have died
All who have been through this terror
Countless lives swept away
Treated as worthless beings

Jealousy drives them
Anger of what the other has
The world is their battle field
Everyone a soldier

To those who have survived
We reach out to you
Loved ones left behind
Painful memories of that fatal event

You must hold onto hope
It will light the way
Don't give into the darkness
Stay in the light
Your hope will help win this war
So that no more lives will suffer

Bye everyone.
God Bless you and everyone :]

btw if you want to write a post about something, you can just PM it to me, what I mean is if there is an issue in your mind you want to talk about that is realted to terrorism, like the one I just posted about, you can write about it. ^^ I'll gladly post it on this site. I'll credit you ^^ just PM me if u have any questions or want to submit something :D

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

:) read below hehe
Hi guys : ) Well I got some important news. This site is gonna be a memorial so I probably wonít be using it to use to comment on your guysí sites. BUT, and this is a big but, you can add my other id as a friend and I use that one to get to and talk to people on their sites. (through commenting). If you donít know it already, PM me for it. :D But this site will largely remain a memorial.
I wanted to bring up an issue that has concerned me for a few years. This is related to the memorial. Since the attacks of 9/11, Muslims have been scapegoated for the terrorist actions. The ones who attacked NY, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania were Muslims, but that doesnít mean people have to scapegoat EACH Muslim to be a terrorist simply b/c of his/her race. Iíve heard stories where Muslims go to supermarkets and get looked at in a bad way because of their religion and race. Even worse, thereíve been times where theyíve been attacked and killed, being blamed for the attacks. Worst of all, even non-Muslims have been attacked because they look like Muslims. Examples of these are non-Muslim Arabs, Middle Eastern people in general, and Indians (as in they are from India). I know there havenít been many reports of this kind of stuff happening lately (excluding the reports you hear about from Guntanmo (sp?) Bay and Iraqi prisons, I will not go into that issue because it is more controversial and involves much of politics which we do not need on this site). I just hope that these attacks and scapegoating will stop. Itís not necessary and only brings more hatred and anger. That isnít necessary, especially for those suffering from the attacks. There are people who are suffering because they lost their loved ones due to terrorism; do they need to see any more violence? And besides why must we all stereotype? Iíve talked to Muslims before and I have read about their religion and learned about it too. Itís a peaceful religion that does not support violence. Islam is against such attacks and does not tolerate things like this. Hopefully this violence and stereotyping will end.

Lastly, I want to say a request. This isnít exactly related to the memorial but a friend of mine needs your support. Her mother had a big surgery and lost a lot of blood. Her momís gonna be okay and I think sheís gonna recover but itís gonna be hard on her (the mother and my best friend) and the recovery will be a long and hard process. Please pray for my best budís mother. Oh ya my best budís id is Marikmine so if you wanna PM her with some nice comments, u can :). Thanks guys. And please pray for SessLover18's cousin. SessLover18 is my friend and sister and well her cuz got sick and is in the hospital. And she's very sick right now, please pray for her and my best bud's mom. (I don't know her condition other than she's really sick). And oh ya, if you ever need some help or support and want to ask people to pray for those who you are worried or care about, feel free to ask. This is a memorial but I would also like all of us to help each other too. It helps make the world a better place and helps make this site a more comfortable and good environment where everyone can get along. : ) Take care. Bye.

Your angel on Earth who luvs you,


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Monday, July 11, 2005

Welcome to the memorial site for terrorism victims. :) This site is open to everyone. :D I hope all of you are doing well. As the rules say, please do not cuss and please be nice, and no flaming.
For the site I will take any submissions. as long as they follow the guidelines-
1. They must be related to this site (Terrorism victims memorial)
2. They may not have cussing or any reference to inapporpiate material (sexual, violent, etc.)
3. If they are not made by you, please give credit to the person who made it. And if needed, get permission from them, we do not want a copyright issue going on.

Send your submissions through comments or PMs.
They can be poems, banners, anything :D Just as long as they follow the guidelines. As for banners, I would love to post them in the intro. But of course, I will try to post them in the posts too. Once i run out of room in the intro I will post banners in the quiz results.
Oh ya, you can share your personal stories here, if they're related to the site. I will gladly post them in the next post, that is with your permission. Since this is a memorial for victims of terrorism, any stories about how terrorism has affected you or your loved ones (death, making you want to help others more, etc) are welcome. Basically you can talk about how terrorism has affected you. But of course, you do not have to submit anything and I will not force you to tell me anything you don't want to. This site is one that is for everyone and a comfortable enviornment for everybody that visits. :D Take care and keep being nice :D

God Bless the Earth.

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