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Thursday, July 14, 2005

   staying strong in the face of terror
Going through times of terror is tough, staying strong is very hard. Terrorist attacks shake us up and hurt our emotions. But one thingís for sure, we can stay strong. That is what we must do. Terrorists seek to put fear in us and make us break down. But what one can do against terror is to stay strong and united. There are many grieving families who suffer through these attacks, but if we keep strong, we can create a wall of comfort for them. Uniting and wishing them our prayers and comfort, we can be there for those who are suffering. Staying together and helping one another helps us win. Evil comes, but beating it with good is what we can all do. We may be thousands of miles away sometimes from the victims, but our love has no boundaries and it will help everyone. And most importantly, we must remember those who died. Their deaths were tragic, but the ones who died will always be in our hearts forever. Theyíre our angels, watching over us from Heaven. ^^
Lastly, letís not forget the heroes during terrorism. Some of them are normal people like you and I. After the September 11th attacks, people donated so much blood, food, and clothing that the outpouring of support was too big to put in any number. Other heroes are those who risk their lives rescuing people. Whether it was the Oklahoma City attacks or rescue workers in London (or firefighters/policemen/paramedics), they risked their lives to save others. In 9/11, policemen and firemen rushed into save as many people as they could in the World Trade Center, even though it was very dangerous. In Oklahoma City, rescue workers risked their lives to go into the building to rescue victims, and one of the rescue workers lost his/her life. In London, police and rescue workers worked together to save people. And letís not forget the civilians who rushed out to save others too. For instance, in Washington D.C. after a plane crashed there on 9/11, soldiers and fellow co-workers (who arentí soldiers or police or anything like that) rushed back to the Pentagon to save their fellow friends and family members. Bravery stands out in terrorism, defeating terrorists. So does heroism. God Bless these brave men and women. :-D And God bless the victims of the attacks, including the heroes who gave their lives up to rescue.

Here is a poem my friend Beth made (xXBethXx)-

Those who have died
All who have been through this terror
Countless lives swept away
Treated as worthless beings

Jealousy drives them
Anger of what the other has
The world is their battle field
Everyone a soldier

To those who have survived
We reach out to you
Loved ones left behind
Painful memories of that fatal event

You must hold onto hope
It will light the way
Don't give into the darkness
Stay in the light
Your hope will help win this war
So that no more lives will suffer

Bye everyone.
God Bless you and everyone :]

btw if you want to write a post about something, you can just PM it to me, what I mean is if there is an issue in your mind you want to talk about that is realted to terrorism, like the one I just posted about, you can write about it. ^^ I'll gladly post it on this site. I'll credit you ^^ just PM me if u have any questions or want to submit something :D

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