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Welcome to my memorial site for the victims of terrorism. Come here to leave your thoughts, and words for those who have died from acts of terror. If you know someone who died from terrorism, feel free to mention his/her name here. All are welcome to come and visit this site. :D Rules:
1. No cussing
2. No flaming, I will not tolerate this, especially since this is a memorial
3. Be Nice
Remember the victims forever :)

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

..Today is the anniversery of the terrorist attacks on Madrid Spain. 2 years ago, terrorists struck a train, killing 191 people. 1500 were wounded. Today, Spain is mourning those victims. May God Bless them all...
**Moment of silence**
May God watch over them. *hugs* This post is dedicated to those who died and those who continue to suffer, physically, mentally, or emotionally. May they heal. *nods*

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hi everyone...sorry for not updating so long..I'll try to Monday..I'm really sorry...TT
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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

hey everyone sorry about not posting so long, this week I'm dedicating this site to the soldiers who have died in Iraq as well as innocent Iraqis who have died during the Iraqi war. I'm thinkin about having this memorial also to remember them too (victims of the Iraqi war). May God bless them all.

Here are some banners made by my friend (and sis) animegirl-11, they are for this site:

And here are some I've made for those who have died from the war in Iraq:

Your friend,

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Give hugs for Terrorism victims! Hugs for their families and them! Show your love and unity behind the victims and families.
BlackMagicianGirl's Wonderful Terrorism Memorial Banner! Thanks buddy! *hugs her*