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Thursday, November 13, 2003

   Hey peeps
Everyone like my new Avi? I'll probably get a red dragon in the future, but I like this one alot too...if any knows why I can't type stuff in my OWN shoutbox. please let me know.

Anywho, it's like a 40 minute drive home from the SAT place, and when my radio turned off(the POS randomly does that) I was thinking of you guys, and then the internet, which led to anomonity.

I realized I couldn't say anomoninity, so I started practicing. This everntually became a chanting of the word "anomoninity", and then I put it into a tune, that sounds something like Godsmack. So all they lyrics of the song are "anonominty" sung in different notes. Except for the lines, "Who you are, I could care less. I don't want to know, I must confess."

I just thought I'd share that. I hope your Thursday nights are more productive than mine.

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   Hello! Alright, after I write this,I have to do a HELL of a lot of SAT crap. Football practice was cancelled today(bummer) to to high winds and crap. AND the school's power went out! Yay! That means if it's still out tommorrow, we won't have school, but that's an awful lot to hope for.

MOVIE QUOTE TIME! Hmm, let's see, yesterday's was WAY to easy.

"Can you guess what I am? *Spitting food* I'm a zit!"

YOU know what to do!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2003



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Damn busy day!
Ok, today I didn't have Powderpuff practice, but I had clarinet lessons, then Spanish tutoring, then Band practice, and now i'm checking this at 9 at night, while being assaulted be mO buddies on AIM...I got MSN, because Mole, Someguy, and Shanny forced me too at 11:30 AT NIGHT LAST NIGHT! ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS SLEEP! But we had an interesting convo, anyway.

MOVIE QUOTE TIME! You know what to do...

"What are you in for?"


Since there's two, you just have to name both the characters and not the actors.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

   har dee har har...
Just so everyone knows, I've just uploaded Ring Wars: Episode 1: The Phantom Hobbit, Chapter 4. You can probably all find the link by now. Now, I have to finish hw. Tomorrow's a busy day.
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when harry met sally
Everyone remembers the 'faked-orgasm-in-a-deli'
sequence from your kind of movie When Harry Met
Sally. It seems that you're falling for a buddy
or have already fallen for them. Uh-oh. You're
probably caught between the possibility of
having a great relationship and wrecking the
one you have now. You know what they say, it's
better to regret something you did than
something you didn't do.

What Romance Movie Best Represents Your Love Life?
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   Maybe this is why I get in to so many virtual fights...
You're unglompable. You're just plain nasty, mean
'n nasty. You don't want people breathing your
air, much less getting close enough to TOUCH
you! Loosen up, smile once in a while!

How Glompable Are You?
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We're from NORTHERN VA!
Ok, the subject has nothing to do with the post, I was just emphasizing it. Anywho, my day was decent, haha, all my teachers were gone so we painted in art, watched movies in history(for once, where we learned that in the old west after white people had slaughtered the Indians, they cut open the females and wore their...organs...on their hats and stuff, which is why 19th century white people are NOT cool), and other things.

This afternoon I had my first POWDERPUFF FOOTBALL practice! I'M LINEBACKER AND I KEPT BLITZING ARE QB, HAHAHA! NO ONE MESSES WITH THE TIGRESS! Anywho...My mommy also bought me a nice new red soccer ball and some goalie gloves, because our all-star coach randomly called me up and asked me to play goalie(apparently the one they have sucks). Funny thing is, I don't even play goalie. I only played this season cause no one else would. I stopped on PK and WHAM! I'm a superstar*smiles smugly*

Anywho, movie quote time! I thought of this in school today. Remember, I want actor(or actress), character, and movie! The person who gets it wins...err...A VIRTUAL HUG! Yay!

"Yippee Kayay, motherf*cker!"

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Monday, November 10, 2003

   Sup, dawgs?
Anywho, I was jst letting everyone know I might not be around so much this week becvause of Powderpuff Football. For those of you who are underprivaleged and don't know what that is *cough*shanny*cough*, it's when some Junior and Senior girls play flagfootball against eachother. There's only one game though. I'll probably be linebacker or punter, I'm not sure yet.

No movie news today, unfortunately. So I'll do the quote guessing game. Ready? Here goes!

"You're the second man who's killed me this week. But I've got seven lives left."

Ok, actor/actress, character, and movie!

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Sunday, November 9, 2003

   Har dee har har-that kid on the right is what i looked like in a soccer game yesterday...

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