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Thursday, November 27, 2008

nothing much
Photobucket hm....i shure havent post here in a long time >.<
*appologises to my myosight*
well i hope me giving you a shiny new theam makes you happy
[oh god im talking to a sight!]
hm...speaking of speaking to inanimate objects yesterday i ached the bee movie
rich was kinda weard cause a bee fell in love with a human....how is that so posed to work out !!!!
*head hurts* that setting them up for failure XD
i mean the life spans and the size that would really end out tragedy!
oh that reminds me today i was looking up weapons on the internet specifically eastern/middle ages weapons XD
i had fun basically it was resurch for my manga because my main character's weapons are very knight influenced
*gosh my head hurts from straining it so much >.<
it was weard last night because i had two very weard dreams
one was about having pluming problems and i was stuck in the bathroom!!! >.<
and the other one was that i moved back to california and every one was trying to be my friend [kinda like on twilight when bella whent to the school]
and i was just like leave me alone!!!!!!
T.T and then guys were asking me out and it was like ....i dont like you go away!!!!
the most horific night mare i tells you
well with this theme change i leave you with this pick that you will not get unless
1 you are agirl
and 2 you played valkeriprofiel2

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