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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Photobucket not that i was that woryed
o wait i fergot to say what i was talking about ^.^'
well it turns out i didnt gain 20 pounds it was just that the scail dosent weig things right when ever its on the arpet it needs to be on flat ground like tile or concreat XD!
so i only gained like 3 to 5 pounds XD
yesterday i finised breacking dawn the last book of the twilight searys through bellas perspective and i loved it !
it would be cool if they could make a book for jakob thow hes so funy XD
but i will miss the book T.T im just happy that they didnt kill it [the book]
o so that breings me to my new theam edward cullen
hes awesome [GO EDWARD CULLEN!!!]
so i noticed that alot of my playlist kinda go with him how he feels ,hos ppl feel about him ... and songs i just like XP
i noticed alot this week that ppl i tend to have thot of in the back of my head just some how show up
like my friend i was thinking about him cause he was saying he didnt know if he was coming back to our school and the next day he was at my job
lol so if i think about things for to long then they wont come true?
oh yah i fergot to mention that a month ago we got a kiten from y old manager its so cute and black ! it has yellow eyes !!
oh yah i have virus on my computer right now and im takikng it off ...i dont know y i mentioned that lol
so nice to post here again ^^ hope you like my new theam manga edward ^^
lol yesterday i had a night mare about going back to school whell it wasent scary more like anoying i didnt have any classes i wanted! and every one was gone !! noe T.T
did i mention to morow is the first day of school for us ?
me and my brother had had so many dejavu moments so i cant wait to get away from him we are so much like twins except for one is a moron [and its not me !]
sory for not visiting alot i havent had much time lately to get on today i only had about an hour
darn work and my sleeping habits [and my brothers ]
well at least i updated right?
wish you guys the best and hopes my hair dosent fri up tomorow especialy how things are looking out side [rainy lol and wayyy to much humidity ]the same thing goes for you tiff ^^

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Photobucket lol titels are so anoying lol
i just start puting randome things their
wow its been a long time sence iv posted on myo!
i miss this place and my fancy kosmos layout [im so changing it XD]
gah well i thot i would right about weard moments at work
1me and my manager [neda]
manager:y do you guys let the hot fudj fall in to the amonds?
me so that.....hmmm [thinks]
manager: so that the amonds and the hot fudg can be frends?
me:0.o...ummm sure
manager:i thot you would say something weard so i thot id beet you to the punch
2me and my manager [neda]
manager: what's that cart for?
me:um....its to kill you with!!!
manager: not if a kill you first!!!
me: awwww
manager: you started it ^^
me : no i didnt mean it in a sad awww i ment it as in a awww ill kill you too^^
i dont rember any more XD
so anyway work seems to have tromitised my mind !!! because now i have dreams that for some reason we are still open after we close and ppl keep coming in to the store and im like close the door!!!! nnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooo
bad bad dreams -.-
i found this cool fan sight callled fan pop and it has baisicaly alot of fan suff from books to movies and ppl
gahh!!! im freacking out today cause over the summer i gained 20 poinds!!!!
i looked at the scale and was like wtf?
it must be musel [coff coff]!!!!
im prity shure some of it is thow lol cause iv been working hard over the sumer and yah....[not that much of it thow ]
so yah im looking forward to geting rid of that !!

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Photobucket mood:blanck
time:2:12[after typing the whole post that is
i havent been geting on lately
yesterday i whent in to work at 2:30 and stayed
till 11:30
owch i know....
not to mention that most of the men at work piss me off !ptheir the type of "player" guys or more like some of them folow the two guys that think they are ...and they look like ....i can say nothing nice about them thats all i have to say i couldint even talk to them yesterday cause im shure ...gahhh i hate them i know hate is a strong word but o rea,ly REALY DONT LIKE THEM well its only like three of them but yah their making me feel like all men are like this T.T and i heare the storys of that the girls that they are trying to get or got just want them for their mony wich makes them curupt as well i hate ppl like that....
i was talking to my friend jeff [he's the best guy ever especialy compared to THOWS guys]and he told me that i shouldint let their image obscure all men's image lol and i agree but its hard....
well i got taged so its time for tagy thingy !
1 iv always wanted a garden i dont know y lol i dont think id even take care of it
2i feel like painting but i have no paint
3 iv been waching red vs blue alot lately [a halo parody] its the best you guys should wach XD!!!!
4that inspired me into making a monga with the ppl from my other mangas against the other ppl!how that would turn out idk....
5im not lactosen talernt! real fact ...dafeather taght me how to spell hour yay i did it ! [not kidding ]
6 i keep thinking abut next years acon i wana cos play so badly!!!
7 i found out a few days before that my favret manga [one of them] is going to end at book 10 T.T
the gentalmens aliance cross
8i think im a loner some times but some times im realy despret for atention idk im weard @,@

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Photobucket you guys are right that was just a dream and i know that ^^ it just creaped me out!

lol moving on ....
yesterday me and my freind tifany got cot in the rain! again
y does it only rain when i dont need it too?mahahah but i sitll love the rain
hope it rains today while im at work....so then it wont be bissy
sonot much to say except me and tiff wached some movies and we hered one of the new disturbed songs ^^

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

please read! alll! i need feed back and tell me if my post is cut off this is important to me !
Photobucket i had the weardest dream last night it scared the living shiet out of me even thow it wasent scary it was just out of the blue weard!
i had a dream that i was the re-encarnation of mary! mary jesuse's mother! i rember it was some blind crased man that was straingly about my age 16-20 i guess]
blablering off about how e he doesent know y HE CHOSES to protect me and this and that i fergot the rest but i put two and two to gether!and i started crying and runing ! he was lieing he had to be then i tasted blood i wiped my tears and the tears were blood ..if you ever here3d of the storys of mary's statues bleeding tears?
to me to be mary would be horable fate
number one i would have to have a child i NEVER want to have children as bad as that might sound to you to me it makes me feel like you know exicstance is live grow up to machurity so you can have a child raise the child die and the sycle starts over againPS IM NOT TELLING ANY ONE TO GO OUT AND HAVE CHILDREN OR NOT THIS IS MY OWN APINOIN AND IM JUST TRYING TO LET YOU ALL KNOW HOW I FEEL [even if you try to brighten it up it still the darck reality of this world have children or all traces of you will vanish ]!ponce i have a child it makes me feel like my use in this world is over i pased on the geans and my fortune [wich i have non ] pluse i am not redy to sacrafice [i knwo that may sound greedy]
does making me go agains nature bad?
i want to think that i am more than just a woum !
and when ppl call me names like mom or tell me im pregnat i realy feel like killing them[cause they know i dont wana have children they think its just a phase i garentee they are wrong...
also reason number two all mary was able to do while they killed some one special to her was wach i know in my heart i would die if i ever wached some one be killed and do nothing i would die inside !i would kamakasi before anything like that happend!
reason number three it is said that the second coming of jesus would be the end to the world right?....i dont wana bring an end to excistance im one of the few wo would think eternal life would not be a curse!

ps sory for geting a religion subject on here T.T
weard dream i know.....
i know very long please dont kill me .....

changing topicks....[dont kill me this is not as important but hey its a part of my life and how im good at pointing out scum]
"i sould had lisened to you" and i "never thot it would hurt so much...." thease two frases keep repeating in my head i feel so gilty for my freind
her boy friend broke up with her this was her first love...it makes me feel gilty because i knew this was going to happen whell i dint know but i told her it would.... n0w i feel like i predestined her for falior...
but nother the less this is hardly my folt i just feel guilty because i hated her because she was with him and such but i stoped caring a long time ago [stoped hatting]about how she took my place at work...
i feel like kiking his ass...again....
lol again i opologise for the llong post!!!!

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

random burst
Photobucket lol im so happy lately i dont know y lol 3except i still hate work lol it sucks that i have to pretedn to like ppl that i dont even thow i kinda do but dont wana hurt their emotions

you dont have to read this XD...hahahahha i had fun beeting up this guy yesterday ![not realy hiting him more like poking him while he tryed to get me to stop but ijust kept geting free and making him get on the table !mwhahahah and he kept screaming for help form the other guy and and the other guy would just stare and laff at him ..i cant help im strong lol, well i was just cracking up because all this time he was just beging for his help and screaming at him that i was over powering him XD he was laffing too lol
him:ok ok you won you won i give
me:no i stilll want to hurt you!
him :jeff![screams for help] im not kidding man shes strong help
jeff: shes a girl what am i soposed to do? laffes at a distance ^w^

....jeff wont ruin my fun XD
...y am i posting this for ? XD
wso much fun lately lol i guess its cause iv actualy hanged out with my freinds and such and i like what iv drawn so far i feel so satisfyed with my self thow im shure im going to feel so lasy bye the time i get to work

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Photobucket yesterday...i got realy far in making up my story you see i like connecting my stores to real life lejionds for example soul ryuki is kinda related to the greak gods and you will see how i did it with ryukai !!!!! it has to do with old lore to that i twisted in to mine!!!!mwhahahah i had chills while i was brainstorming the whole thing and please don't get mad at me but i kinda used the adam and eve thing but its so different that it wont even be noticed !!!!!
well anyway i love connecting real life events to biblical ones and to story's like for example noahs arck to the ice age melt down
wory if you can not still read this ^^; i hope one of my oicks isant too big i can read it thow cause i use fire fox ill try looking at my page on the internet explorer [to lasy to do the tag thing today and the favorite anime male's today so i guess ill do it latter [tomorow]i only have like one owere left on the comp T.T what a drag!

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Photobucket wow iv been doing nothing for a while well not realy [points at sight]XD i couldint resist XD man i love no background picks the look so cool on sights!
signiture avi iv been wanting to have one for a while but i dont have the will powere to keep one for more than a month! lol im suprised that i kept that one as long as i did im tempted to change it again!T.T oo i like it anyway thow red blue red blue XD
well i got taged bye two more ppl so i guess
factnumber 1 choclet is the only swet thing i can eat that doesent make me sick
fact 2 im happy not to be lacktosent talerent i rember that their was a guy at work who was and he was so unlucky cuase we work in a ice cream store![not as fun as it sounds folks!]
my favret female charcters
1 kos_mosKOS-MOS
2 simeria/alicia{valkeri profile}Photobucket
3yuna yuna
6mis mimory [i dont know y i can ony remevber he rlast name [scryed]scryed
i would do a favret guy list but eh one list per day right
fact 4 i have couples that dress alike! its the most anoying thing in the world i mean if they were doing a costume or for a special acashion that would be fine! but for no reason !thats just anoying[same with dresing animals in ppl close]
fact 5 i cant dance......[or i dont know how]
fact 6 santa clouse tryed to kill me in my sleep as a result he lost his left arm!
i think i have a clip of that o hear it is !
might not be suetible for yunger audiences [for blood and intent to kill santaXD ps i only made the santa and gore every thing else is drakenguards}Photobucket
lol this actualy goes with what i was saying XD

eh it hink that is enof facts ill just leave it at this lol
no tagy today unltess you wana be taged !!!XD

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Photobucket tag just for the fun of it
today i am responding to rsr.....{scrubs head ] i can never rember her whole name lol[bad memory XD]
pluse i was just to lasy to actualy right in paraqraph form
ok fact #1im obsesed with thease three words deth kill red blood lol thows are my favret words..here ill do this expreshion for you[o.O]
fact#2 im making another comick[i think this is the forth XD[that im actualy working on sence eripmav blood i kinda in halt] it is a fan comick of vampire knight with some charecters and story line i made up! i will up load the comick some time like a moth latter [if im lucky!
fact#3XD # and #...i mean 3 [keep fergeting to take my finger off the shift keyXD] are the same button
i am often tempted to become evil and hurt ppl but the only reason that i dont is not because of the ppl but because im afraid that i wont be able to go back after that ....not because i feel gilty wich makes me feel kinda bad....[wich brings me too]...
Fact#4 !!!!YAY NEUTRALNESS!!!! ferget light and darkness if some one trys us their ded![see you know what im going to start counting how many times i use words like that ]...because we are to lasy to get up and fight for what we belive in and what we belive in is lasyness!!!
fact#6 i cant play air gitar!!!! wooooo.....{actual fact] iv actualy sang serously in frunt of every in my quire class bye my self [yah i know scary]not to mention that im not good at siningXD
fact #7 when i was littel i yoused to hang out with a gang ..of stray cats what did you think i was going to say id die before i did that !lol i had to capture the cats to gain their trust![not kidding folks i was like what 5-7 and i cot the mom cat with a stick that forked at the end and pined it down XD i am alfa bioch XD
fact#8 i talk to my self...yah and im not crasy its just thinking out loud so ppl that say that ppl who talk to them selves are crasy theiy are the biggest hipacrotes ever cause they think too!or their stupid because they dont think!
.....i have one person left after this lool[just got taged today]kinda sad that the ppl who taged me have yet to coment T.T but i knwo you guys are bysy

...i guess ill tage some one
Snowcloud Ruckles Ryochi30 Ryosuke Forever somegirl Zpt Heart
ps if i havent been geting to anyones stuff let me know im subscribed to alot of ppl and only get on in the mornings so if i miss anything im sory [ps i still havent goten to anything of today realy so i might be geting too them soon]i dont want anyone thinking that their beeing egnored!

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Monday, June 30, 2008

   mawhwhahahahah and the facts continue
Photobucket hahha i changed my theam again hope you dont mind the musick its rather straing XD i love it thow ^^

i am doing the respons post to innocents heart tag
1i spent all knight chasing kittens befor more than once ....
2am no good under preshur
3pop corn makes me thursty ...for blood [jk]
4my friend wants to kill me for likeing A F I[incaft im lisening to miss murder right now,mcr,and fall out boys ,i like most kinds of musick
5 with leads me to the other fact i lerned how to spell murder form that one movie when the ghost would right redrum on the wall freacky movie6 i can t rember the name scared the crap out of me thow
6...ahh i fegot what i was going to put alredy!!
...fact 6 i have a horable memory some times i ferget what i did a second latter!
7 im a procastinater yet im very impashant
8 futy gum makes me sick @//@

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