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Monday, November 19, 2007

i have a mini rant. cause if i dont rant, i'll combust. o_o
so, i made varsity basketball, as stated in my last post. my coach was my coach for JV soccer but shes RIDICULOUS! i got iin trouble today for being a minute late on saturday. I DONT DRIVE. ITS NOT MY FAULT. FJSHAFKLJHAS and she always keeps us 15-20 minutes late, which is really bad cause my parents start yelling at me cause they need to get back to work or something. and i always feel bad for making them wait cause it means they get home later and have less sleep :/ AND AND AND she decided we are going to have practice on sunday. but im going to a concert on sunday. so i have to tell her im going out of town so i can go to the concert and not get yelled at.
the last time i went out of town for real, she got really mad and asked me about 50times why i couldnt just stay with somebody. ansdkjfask
AND THEN my best friend is all broken. she keeps falling in love with people that dont love her back in that way, and with people who want to, but cant. and shes all upset and i really dont know what to do besides just comforting her. but that doesnt seem like its enough and i wish i could do more.
ANDDDDD i failed a physics test today, and im going to fail a math one tomorrow :/

okay, happiness now.
and im going to two concerts during it. im uber excited.
and my first game...well, scrimmage is tomorrow.
im so excited like, its insane.
and and and i found out, when we have bball practices in the morning, i'm in a really good mood after. that makes me happy. ANDDDDDDDDD this weekend, i went to this classical middle eastern dance thing. i think its Indian. anyways, it was like, my friends graduation thingie. she was so good. she had 5different outfits, and 2 of the dances were over 40minutes long, and she did them all herself!!
i think she did 12dances in total...idk but there was like 300people there and she looked so pretty and she was so good!
imma post pictures later.

how are you guys?

o_o that rant was longer that i expected...

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

   *stabby rip stab stab*
okays sooooo,
basketball started. [YAY!]
i made varsity and im only a freshman. [YAYYYY!!!]


it really sucks cause i start practice now, the time i usually ended practice for all my other sports, so i get home really late and im reallllly tired now. :/ and and and i still have homework :[

but today was fun cause i got to walk over to starbucks to get coffee before practice...only i got hot chocolate.
it made me happy ^__^

and and and im really excited because in like...a week or two...im too lazy to count, i get to got to two concerts that i've been waiting for since june. im really stoked.

thats all!!!!

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