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Sunday, November 4, 2007

so yesterday i went to my aunts house. she got married 3months ago and we watched the video from the wedding. we also watched what they recorded on their honeymoon. it was funny because my uncle was filming the bathroom, and it when to a shot of the mirror and he was on the toilet. xDD
i just had a bagel and i want another one :]
oo last night, i got the new avenged sevenfold cd. gahh i really love it.

i should really clean today...or do my homework...
but i doubt that i will.

so how are you guys today?

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

   holy crap you guys...
i haven't been on here since january.
that isn't too long...but it's almost a year.
so much has happened. i went through a bunch of my old posts. it was so surreal.
some things i was so worried about don't even phase me now.
a lot happened in that little amount of time.
so, whats up with you guys? i'd be very surprised if even half of my friends haven't deleted me yet.
shit, i thought my account would be deleted.
this is just really weird.
but i wanna come back, cause honestly, i missed myO.
so yeah...i guess thats what's up.
this is really weird.


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Thursday, January 4, 2007

lkufjskljhfklsjhrfa blahhh
kay so we won our basketball game [go us!]

and i fouled out cuz the ref has hated me for like, 3years now.
it was funny though
20seconds left
up by 3...2? 3 or 2
some girl shot
i TOTALLY stuffed her. i mean, SLAMMED the ball...not her...the ball.

he called a foul.
i was like :o
then i fell to my knees like, it was so crazy.
he hates me.
3 outta 5fouls werent even mine.

but it's okay,
cause we won...finnally.

and now my room is painted :]]
2 walls are red and ones black itz sooo cool :]]]
im so happy 2day was awesome...

but now i have alot of homework :[[
and i havent practiced my guitar in 3weeks...and i have lesson 2morrow :[[[


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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

kay so my room was party painted today
one wall is black :]] itz a chalkboard wall...which is even cooler. the rest are gonna be red YAY

my mom and i went to look for carpet, but we didnt find any :[[

IM SO HAPPY my room is gonna be done by sunday, furniture and all!!! i've been waiting for this for almost 4 years omg im so happy :]]

so, how is everybody?
i have to go to school tomorrow, and i really, really dont wanna :[[
stupid school.

i make :[[ and :]] a lot...a lot.
kay yeah thats all.

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Monday, January 1, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! lets make it better than last year...no?

how was yours?
did you go to any parties??
well, i stayed home and watched TV and talked to my friends.

this year has started out shitty :[[
my moms being an asshole today...but...shes been silent for about 30min so maybe its over :/

i just wanted to say happy new years and have a good one!!

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Friday, December 29, 2006

new york what?
yeah, im going to NY to see my sister...even though i just saw her 4 days ago...
well, im gonna be there until sunday XP
sooo i probably wont be on unless i hijack my moms/dads computer...most likely my moms cuz hers is faster.


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Thursday, December 28, 2006

i got adobe photoshop for christmas,
and i cant stop playing with it.
itz awesome.
im friggin addicted lol.

thats pretty much it i guess, notihng interesting...

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

kay so the people are rippin up the walls in my room right now.
and itz really loud XP

so how was ur holiday??

im really happy cuz i got:
this record/cd/cassette/radio player
and a bunch of little things

i've been playing with photoshop all morning lol. itz fun!!
kay, thats pretty much it.
im really bored.

how was your day?

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Friday, December 22, 2006

kay so this has to be kinda quick
i havent been on in a while. and i wont be until like, after Xmas or in Jan.

too much stuff to do b4 the holidays. itz crazy.

so ya...thats wussup.


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Monday, December 18, 2006


my weekend:
play basketball until i die
get my finger jammed (i couldnt even bend it last night, it's better now though)
clean for Xmas
sit on my butt.

almost late for school
stupid convocation that was POINTLESS
did random crap in my classes
get in the most rediculous fight with my so-called "best friend" (i hit her in dodgeball and she swears it didnt hit her and everybody saw it so she gets pissed, doesnt talk to me, then me and my other friends were dancing in the locker room, so now she thinks im a whore. oh joy)
get hair dye
do this.

blahhhh im sooooooo over all the friggin fights. like, the girl whos supposed to hate me with the utmost passion is nicer to me then my bestfriend. thats not right.
i think im gonna sit somewhere else for lunch tomorrow :/

oh, and i have a concert for handbell choir tomorrow, which im excited about, cuz handbells is FUN.

but i have a new girl(jessica) next to me since the old girl (emily, who is my life) moved away :[[
and jessica irks me to no end. i've never really liked her, and she thinks we're friends cuz we like anime and jrock, and cuz shes my handbell partner. but shes SO annoying. for example, theres this REALLY hard part that she has to do. it took emily a while, but she finnally got it. when jessica tried aboput 3times and didnt get it, she bursted out into tears and ran away. i was like O_O its okay.
then wen i try to explain to her she starts freaking out and screaming X_x

kayso now that my rants over,
whats up with all of you?

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