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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

its been forever since i updated last! so much has happened since i last updated but im on my phone so ill keep it short then ill comment tomorrow cus me and amanda have a ged appointment since we went homeschooled and the whole transcript thing confuses me @-@ but anyway we ended up quittin in december so its really boring but atleast i dont have to deal with giant dirty diapers and donald anymore. ive been making astick ppl movie kinda like my ninja one but this ones alot longer when i get it done ill post it. ooh and i have tons of pics also but they have to wait for a computer, which ill hopefully have net for mine soon, anyways this phones annoying me (atleast i have a full keyboard even tho its tiny) so imma got o sleep so i can get up tomorrow =) LaterZ~
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Monday, November 12, 2007

Ifinally got another chance to update!! Which means i havent slept since work but owell ill have time for that later! Plus i work with linda tonight so it doesnt take as much sleep. But when i work with donald.. eeww i dont like him. He looks like a pregnant alien.. eew.. And hes soo annoying and old and eeew... and really slow.. Lindas slow too tho and can be pushy but i just ignore her when she gets that way cus shes usually tellign me to do what i am already doing or telling em to hurry when i go alot faster than she does. And i just ignore donald as best i can always. We set up our night shift christmas party its for the 6th and since we drew names i already got lindas pressent she wanted candles so i got her some and they smell good.I still gotta get Donna summin tho, haha Donna and donald ha that cracks me up for some reason. And i put in to have christmas off so hopefully ill get it off but i think it may only be christmas day.

I went shopping again (on no sleep, prolly not the best idea but o well) I actually went to get christmas pressents but i started out at hot topic on myself. I got soem tripp pants i love em adn 2 shirts that were on clearance one was a pirates of the carribean johnny depp tank top and the other was a good charlotte tee then we went to wet seal and i got a i think they call em baby doll tees and its black and is grey checkered in spots and has stars and says punk pins and has a skull in hot pink, ooh and also has grey safty pins. I love it but its kinda small but o well.

Then we were walking and a chick came up to me and i couldnt understand her (i think she was russian and so i couldnt make her english out real well) anyway i ended up sittin in a chair while she straightened part of my hair andtold me how dead it was and told me i should take care of it and asked what i did to it and told me she picked me cus my hair was dead (i felt great at that time) my hair was fuzzy at the time yes but it was mainly because i washed my hair before work and so i was out in the cold with wet hair and forgot to put my dove stuff in it that smoothes it and it needed brushed again and anyway i ended up buying it ooh and i wasnt the only one with bad hair cus they sat amanda down next and they were even showing other people how well it worked and she had another chick feel of mandas hair to see how well the thing worked. Anyways we ended up payign to much for it but i like it anyway. (100$) @_@ atleast it works tho and its ceramic so it shouldnt fry our hair as bad as the metal ones would. I did finally do some shopping and got some presents and still have alot to do. but thats ok thats why i started early.

And hopefully ill get internet next week. My mom was suppose to get it for me today but she went with my dad out of town so i have to wait. =(

ooH and i heard from bear again. hes nwo in minnesota for a year and half. And my guitar is at his moms house... and this factor pissed me off so i think i was getting weird looks at walmart cus i was frustrated. Cus i acctually called him to get my guitar and found out he wasnt even in texas anymore. Im not really sure what to do about that. grr

Anyways i guess since im hungry and i have to go to work again in 11 hours and need to sleep i should probably go Have a great day!!!!!

LaterZ~ ^_^

Ooh and thanks for the comments on my pictures!!!=)

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sorry its been so long!! i did get to get my comp (i love it) its a compaq presario but i dont have internet and i havnt been able to convince mom to get it yet. =( Ooh i have more pictures, ^_^ halloween ones.

Me and jesi (i had to be a rockstar and she was a witch)

Me and val (kagomebob,or kagomemom)

Me and wesley (he was a spider)

I really love this one (amandas costume was a geisha but since she worked she was joshua the gay mechanic)

Hmm i should have fixed these but i really like this one too (though its not halloween)

Well ive been hanging out alot with val again. We got all of our differences sorted out and so now everythings cool.
Lets see here today i plan on sleeping since i worked last night and havent slept but 3 hours since and im exhausted but i had to go get manda and i was late for that as even.
Wednesday night i have to work (blah)
Thursday me and amanda are going shopping
Friday im gonna go hang out with val since were both off that day.
saturday and sunday night i have to work =(

Ooh i have some cute kitties!! they are so cute!! and we have puppies but i havent seen em yet cus the dog had em under the house =(

Ooh and im getting more muscels Yey!! but all my muscels are sore and my knees are killing me sometimes they dont want to bend, and i always have bruises covering them cus of the bedrails.

Well i hope everyone is doing good and ill try to get on again soon and HAve a great day!!!!

LaterZ~ ^_^

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Well ive made it through another 4 nights of work and now im off for to then its back to work but i should get payed tomorrow so yey!!!

I still havent heard from bear but i found a site on myspace that has the disc golfing stuff and apperantly him and brandon won a game. And he looks really strange.. last time i saw him he didnt remind me of a wolverine empersonater or summin so ofcourse i have to post the pic for yall to see.

Lol and ofcourse the other guy is his brother brandon. And im not sure why but this pic of him really cracks me up.. And im still sad that he shaved off his mohawk cus he was so much cuter with it.

later today me and manda are going to see my sister crystal should be fun enough and after that im not sure what well do. Right now shes at work till 3 and its like 2 30 so im fixing to go pick her up.

Ooh and thanks for wishin me a happy bday!

umm hmm ooh yea and im gonna save the check i get tomorrow and then in 2 weeks ill go get me a comp so i can update more =D

Ooh yea and im gonna post some pics today since i have more time to do so.

Me and wesley

Me and crystal at whataburger after we went to a bar with jason and some of his friends and played pool.which was fun but one of his friends (worm.. hahaha) had an argument with his gf and so she stayed home and he was trying to get me to drive him to the bar and i didnt and then he was making fun of my bf (apperantly bear was a topic of their conversation) and the buying me drinks and had his hand on the back of my stool. Eventually the bartender came adn she asked for our ids and me and crystal said we didnt have ours with us (she lost hers) and so she stopped serving us but that was ok. i only had like a margarita and a tequila sunrise and summin sex on the beach or summin like that. it was grapefruit juice anyway and stuff.

haha my teeth are greenish. lol

Well i guess im done for now ill try to update again soon! ^_^


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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Well i found a chance again to update yey!!
Well i turned 19 the 27th and it might aswell been any other day cus i got off at 7 then had to sleep but had a hard time doing so.
The 28th however me and amanda went shopping. it was fun. We went to the mall first ofcourse and got some cute shirts and. We both got a skeleanimal shirt that was made to look liek a jersey and for some reason it says DEAD on the front and has a 01 at the bottom and the 0 is a skele animal head shape thingy and on the back it says skeleanimals and then a bigger 01 and its red and black. I also found her a shirt that says come to the dark side we have cookies and it has a lil monster thing holding a plate of cookies and its black and the writing and monster glow in the dark so its cool. I also got a t shirt that says dont talk to me when im talking to myself and i got some cute socks and we both got new shoes and i also got a hoodie shirt thats black with pink hearts and some other stuff.
We went to eat at red lobster, our waitors name was jake and he was really tall and manda pointed out the fact that he had big teeth. And apperantly he was smart to cus he was talking to some ppl about college and stuff. And when some of the waitresses sung happy birthday to the guy at the table next to us amanda got a great idea and told our waiter why we were their and at first he just asked my age and stuff so i thought i was safe but noo he came back later with 2 more waiters and a biscuit with a candle in it and they sung happy brithday to me. So now i must get her back next time. muwahahaha.

After that we went to see our cousin and my nephew and he was being so cute he was so happy to see us and just all smiles and soo cute.
I also tried to go find bear cus since i dropped my phone in water ive had a hard time getting a hold of him and he wasnt home so i just decided to see if he was at his brothers (hoping that wasnt considered stalking) so i went by there and it looked liek his bike was there and i seen ppl outside so i stopped but it was just brandon and tammy but i couldnt see cus it was dark and when he lit his cigarett i thought it was bear but when he asked us wats up? i knew it wasnt but i ofcourse made sure it was brandon first and then asked him if he knew where bear was (bear has my guitar and im scared mom will find out cus she threatened to take my guitar when it was at my cousins so i can just imagine what shed do now) anyway i found out he was in oklahoma cus his job sent him off so o well i didnt get to see him but atleast i know where he is now. When i call him it doesnt ring i just get his voice box so either his phones off, dead, or out of service so owell i guess maybe i can get a hold of him when he gets back. It was also rather awkward chatting to brandon so i was happy to leave. And i just hoped we didnt intterupt like an argument or summin cus tammy didnt look to happy but again it was dark.

Well i have to work tonight and its already 330 so i guess i should go home and go back to bed.

Have a great day!!!!

LaterZ~ ^_^

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sorry its been so long. i cant even remember what i last posted, i have pics to post but im at the library cus my parents came home (i believe i may have explained that before) and now i have my old job back as a nurse aid. i work from 11pm to 7am so far and its ok except manda works 3-11 so we dont work together. i hope soon to get a laptop cus a lightning storm fried our computer and so maybe i can sometime soon so i can update more, altho if i stay on night shift ill have to update when i get off work but thats ok.

Me and manda get paid the 26th so were planning on goin shopping on my bday since its the 27th. I had the day off but she had to switch with someone to get the day off.But were good to go. ill only have 2 days on my check so it wont much but better than nothing. Anyways i hope to get to update again soon and comment and all that good stuff. And most of the pics i have are posted on my myspace page so if you wanna go check em out before i can post em its
i dont really know how to link stuff so o well anyways Have a great day!! ^_^


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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Well i finally got another chance to update.
And alot had changed again.
My parents are back from wyoming cus jenni needed their help cus she was in danger of getting her visitation rights taken away so they cam back to help her so she could still go visit aiden and stuff.
We had to move once again, my stuff is now back at my moms.but she still doesnt have internet so right now im staying with crissy and on matts computer.
Im thinking since my parents will have to move again but it will be somewhere in texas (probably colorado city) ill just move with them and theyll get internet so yey!! but they prolly wont move for a few weeks.
As of right now were hoping to get to go to the fair tomorrow but it seems unlikely at this point and the 15th im hoping to get to go to the concert with bear but i dunno, right now im waiting for a txt from him cus i need to find out about that soon.
My dog sabaka i think got ran over =( and we thought that mrs kitty was dead but when i went home she did to, somehow she manages to do that. But theres summin wrong with her she was really skinny and cant walk to well she seems off balanced and stuff so i fed her and she stayed inside for a while so maybe shell get to doing better.

Anyways i guess thats all for now ^-^
Have a great day!!!!

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Well its been forever and so much has happened but ill just make it quick and simple cus ive been trying and trying to update but summin always goes wrong, first the internet wouldnt work then the monitor shut off while i was updating and i couldnt get it to come back on but maybe nothing will go wrong this time.

We moved in with jenni- got free husky puppys- they got sick so we only had them for a couple of days- my kitten i think was also sick so i lost it aswell- jenni is not a easy person to live with- we fought with her- while we were moving out it flooded and so some of our stuff was still in her house, mainly just shoes and our king sized bed =( but overall nothing was really ruined sept for jennis car

Then we moved in with matt and charlie- now we must move out cus apparently they havent been making the house payments- due to the fact that jennis car doesnt work she had to send it back to the dealership and now she cant really go to work so she moved back to where our parents lived and now they have to come back from wyoming to help her through cus if she doesnt have a job and stuff shell loose visitation rights to her son which she wont get back until april if then.

Ooh and i didnt go to that bbq with stetson infact i never talked to him again instead bear texted me and asked me to come over so i did and i feel really bad for going to that party with stetson but i didnt even shake his hand so anyway i learned not to do that again. Bear has his own appartment now and works like every day almost. In september we are going to a drowning pool & the exies concert with i am really excited about.

And amanda now has a boyfriend, and the other day we threw a party to celebrate wesleys bday which is the 30th so we kinda celebrated it early but it was fun some of jasons friends came over and brought their kids and then after everyone left amanda was drunk and wouldnt leave me alone about bear. And she was telling me that i could do better so i told her she could do better than her bf, she said she didnt like the way he treated me so i said the same and it went on and on and on and she said the same thing over and over again and it drove me crazy. And i just said summin about the fact that she is 17 dating a 15 year old, if hes even that and she got all offensive and shot stuff back at me. Ya know their relationship isnt illegal till next year haha. When we were trying to go to sleep tho hours later she still hadnt let it go and she was like i just want you to think about what ive said and i said ok aslong as you do too and she was like what have you said so i told her again and anytime i said anything about her bf she got all offensive and started arguing and cutting me/bear/ all of which were past experiences and so i pointed out the fact that if she wants to start a fight anytime i say summin about her and andrew then im really not gonna listen to anything she has to say cus shes bringing up stuff that happened months ago and everything im saying happened days ago.

Well anyways i guess thats all for now i have pictures to post sometime when i get the chance ^_^


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Monday, August 6, 2007

Well im fixing to ramble alot.

Ok so bear got back today.. i didnt stick around there to see him. I couldnt get a hold of him the next night, not the receptionists fault this time it was his. So he calls me at 230am wich i was awake anyway so no big. He asks me wat i was doing and do to the fact taht i was trying to go to sleep and not doing anything i said nuthing. well that wasnt good enough for him so he was like What are ya doin? and i was like nuthing and then he was like i called you at 230 and you were awake.. what are you doin? and i was like well i was trying to go to sleep but its too hot and he was like summin bout thats all i had to say but said all of this rather pushy and sounded like a jerk.. then i asked him wat he was doing and he said he had just gotten in from el paso and had gotten pulled over by the border control adn was just calling to see if i was gonna get to go to where he was at and i told him i couldnt find a ride (since you know i asked everyone i could think of) so then he asked summin about if he should expect me or not and i was like well i guess not (since ya know noone wanted to take me on a trip that would overally take them about 9 -10 hours.) and then he started kidna getting moody again so i said i had tried and he was like watever so now im getting moody to and then i said what do you not believe me and he was like not really so this point neither of us are very happy and argued a lil while longer and then he said he had to go to bed so i said ok and we said bye.

Im not sure but maybe he thought since i was awake at 230 i was cheatin or summin cus i dont think he trusts me at all i mean obviously he didnt beleive me. So i wasnt happy at all after that conversation to say the least not to mention the fact that he calls me weird alot and even called me a idiot.

So jason had been wanting to set me up with a guy he works with cus noone wants me to be with bear and i was gonan stay with bear till that happened, cus it wasnt only that it was everything else i couldnt get ahold of him again till last night and he just got back today, but when i look back he didnt call em often i always had to go to him he wanted me to buy him stuff but never bought me anything and was a jerk at times and stood me up alot and he always had an excuse one time it was even basically that he forgot, yea he must have also forgot to answer the phone when i called him to see why he wasnt there and even cut his phone off.

So needless to say i went to a party with the guy jason wanted to set me up with. Even tho i havent broke up with bear yet (i couldnt get a hold of him) the party was alot of fun he was basically me and like 7 or so guys. And i got invited to go to a bbq this weekend so i think me and stetson are going together. ooh and his name is stetson btw. Only this time i think manda should be around so i think she will prolly go to, yey someone i know haha. It was really awkward bein at a party and not knowing anyone. but u know since i was the only girl they warmed up to me lol. and eventually some more girls came. And stetson was really nice he opened the doors for me and misspelled my name lol but atleast he didnt do like his friend and call me veronica lol. Anyways id love to post more of the party but i dont wanna ramble to much ^_^

My parents are moving to wyoming tomorrow =(, dunno when ill get to see them again so thats why i came home again to spend time with em before they go.
So im moving in with my sis and may not get to update for a while. But i will try to!

Ooh and im gonna take my kitten with me, maybe its mom wont miss it too much cus i cant take her too.

So anyways i guess HAVE A GREAT DAY!!! and however many other days till i post again!!!

LaterZ~ ^_^

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Thanks for the comments on the pics and stuff!

Today i didnt do much. Tookc are of a kitty cat cus its retarded mom put it and its sibling under the car so when mom was leaving she smushed one. poor kitty but judging by the body and stuff i think it died instantly and it was surprising that the other one lived due to the fact that it was right by the other one. Anwyays i kept it with me for a while cus it was lonely. I found it a lil toy to sleep with so its asleep right now.

I also tooka iq test tonight to make sure i wasnt gettin stupid and since my iq is 131 that makes me gifted ^_^ yey!! a lil over 10 more point thingys and id a been a genius. haha

I didnt get to talk to bear tonight cus hes like a motel or hotel and so i have to call it and then the receptionist gives me his room well it was busy and then the last time i called at like 10 30 it wasnt busy but she didnt answer... grrrr.. i didnt try again since i figured he was already asleep anyway.

hmm nothing else really happened so i guess have a great day!!


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