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HEY welcome to my site! Rando was one of my favorite characters from yu yu hakusho. And i received the nickname rando because he was psycho and it just kinda stuck. And just so ya know i am kinda crazy and a dork.


You have caused me pain....I DONT LIKE THAT!!

Since Rando had Hatefish i decided to draw my own hatefish. ^_^

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Well were in merkel now getting ready for the ged tomorrow so ill have internet access till we go back wednesday afternoon Yey!!!!! So im gonna post some pics!!! ^_^ we hung out with some local losersw that seriously stay drunk they wake up and start drinkin we ofcourse didnt drink near that much but i did make a mix drink to strong once and took off in a dead sprint and ran into a parked car and fell off. There was a imprint of my body in the dust on the hood of amandas car it was hillarious. cus u could see perfectly that my arms were spread out and were my legs were and where i rolled off. but they were really full of drama and you start to hear rumors. but i learned how to play beer pong and i love it. my partner was named dustin and we kicked bootay lol we both made our balls in our opponants (lynn and clinton) cups and so we got em back to throw again and i made my ball again only it was in the cup i had just made it in that clinton was holding and fixing to drink, lol he looked at it and was like that was riddiculous a riddiculous shot and it was just too funny. The first night we went out clinton was waisted and was following me around and was like inches away from my face it was weird and he kept asking me if i wanted to fight so i play slapt him but that just made him worse and since i ate tacos before i drank a mix drink (whiskey adn diet pepsi since they were out of reg, it was gross) i got so sick and apperantly i got drunk and dustin was gonna help jenni get manda to the couch but he used the wrong words he said lets tag team her so i slapt him and apperantly he was like did u just slap me so i slapt him again then jenni started yellin at him and we eventually left i felt bad for slappin him tho cus he didnt mean it like i took it and i probably wouldnt have but i me and clinton had been play slappin or wateva early, so i appolagized later and apperantly he forgave me cus we were beer pong partners later anyways i could jabber all night so ill just post some pics =)

me josh andrew amanda and christopher in the background, josh and chris are our cousins and andrew is their friend

at the top of the pyramid is amanda then me and alicia (luv her shes great) then ashley and jenni

ok ill start in the back dustin (green shirt) colby lynn skye brandon(i think)
middle row- jenni clinton banana(haha) whitney and levi (striped shirt) front row- me and amanda ashley and tommy (rowdy, he wears thongs lmao)

me and ashley, shes kool too

amanda me and ashley, dunno wat mandas doin and she doesnt remember lol @_@

i really dunno bout this one lol
but its ashley alicia jenni me clinton and amanda in the background

me (haha i have grapefruit juice) val manda jenni and clinton

me and val

me val amanda and int he background tony lynn dustin ashley and colby

christopher and a doll lol

clinton me val and dustin, luvly pic haha

Clinton hahaha he passed out and we put makeup on him lmao, what makes it even funnier is i put this pic on my myspace and my cousin melissa commented that i looked dead hahahaha not me! he wasnt happy when he woke up lol

josh haha hes weird

i spose thats enough pics for now ^_^ and i must go take a shower now and go to bed


i really dont wanna get up early in the mornin =(

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