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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Now where was I?

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I was weak. Thats why I needed you...needed someone to punish me for my sins...but thats all over now...I know the truth.
-James Sunderland: Silent Hill 2


Hello all.

I'm taking myself out of hiatus now. What does this mean? How could she do that when finals start on monday?! Doesn't she have a project due in four days that she still needs to write a report over and finish up the connections?! But of course my friends! Don't you fret! I shall still get all that done, I'm just done with my moping and now my work load has decreased!

That being said, my 365 project is very much past the point of posting everything I missed so I'm going to be starting it up again tomorrow and finish all the ones I didn't do at the very end. I did do some while I was gone, but I just never had the time to post any of them. And why can't I do todays you ask? Because right as soon as my friend is back from the b-room we are going out to celebrate the end of another year! Especially now that all of us are over the age of 21 :cough: Anna :cough: So ya.

I'll be posting some stuff later tonight so look forward to that and wish me luck on my project. I'm going to need it. -.-;

Edit: Never mind...we are waiting for her to finish her episode of Inuyasha now...can't really blame her, its the last Kikyo episode...god I hated that woman.



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