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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

currently listening: popular by kristin chenoweth
i've been listening to this song a lot lately! ^ ^ it's a REALLY really fun song from the musical wicked. miss chenoweth's voice is SO cute when singing too! <3 i only wish i had a unique voice for singing... or a GOOD voice for singing, ahaha! > >;;; anyway... this song teaches you that there's nothing that can stop you from becoming populer.. LAR! XD my favourite stanza in the song, 1:48-2:01. totally awesome song, take a listen!

okay.. so i kind of died for a little while... haha. SCHOOL IS COOL THOUGH. except for exams, which are a bite in the behind. they're okay so far. i've taken biology, yearbook (in which there was not really any "exam," more of "finish your spreads or you'll get points marked off"), health, and english, the last of which was the HARDEST. omg. i'm really worried for my grade on that. ;o; i got 100 on my health exam today though...? tomorrow i'm taking geography and spanish, which i'm pretty durn sure i'll pass. THE HEAT IS ONNNNNNNNNNNNN!!

and... i donno, i just don't want to be online lately. being online, checking messages, uploading pictures... even drawing, to an extent, have kind of lost their lusters at the moment. i'd rather be reading lately. (read: reading harry pottah)

THAT'S RIGHT. harry potter owns. no "pwns" from me because i hate that word. in the last few days i've been reading it on a rampage; my friends and classmates have noticed i'm sailing through the books at an alarming rate, which is really just genetics from my mum, who is an avid reader. i finished the first three books in the time spanning from last saturday 'till now, which is the following wednesday in my time. (a special secret: i strongly dislike time zones) but yeah. prisoner of azkaban (3rd hp book, for non readers) is my favourite so far! ^ ^ my friend megan agrees; she likes sirius and i like remus. ; ; S-SHUT UP. i know at least once in your life you've had a strong liking (per se, a crush?) on a fictional character. and i just happen to be attracted to older, sophistocated, A;SLKDFJA;SLJDWEREWOLF guy characters. yeah. so you better shut up.

anyway... i'm starting the goblet of fire right now, and maybe i'll go in and watch some criminal minds or something later, so i'll end it here. monthly manga rec hopefully coming soon! i might miss it this month because i really have a LOT going on; the end of the semester and switching classes occurs next week, and the workload is like UGHHHH. so i might not be on for a long long while. don't worry though!

love you, bye bye! <3

PS: books are WAY better than movies. remember it, love it, cherish it, frame it and hang it on your wall. READ MOAR BOOKS KIDSSSSSS.

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Monday, December 31, 2007

currently listening: the one by backstreet boys
I LIKE THE BACKSTREET BOYS MORE THAN *NSYNC! -shot- but no, seriously, this is my favourite song EVERRRRR by the backstreet boys! ; ; i love it more than all the *nsync songs put together. haha, i was always the big bb fan in the family. ^ ^;; my mum and sister liked *nsync, and my dad liked neither because he thinks boy bands are sissies. WHICH THEY'RE NOT! ;O; boy bands have like...the most dreamy guys with beautiful voices. c: and the lyrics are soooo romantic..aya! just try to listen to this song, for me?

it's new years eve and i'm...not doing anything. ._. mum and dad are going to my uncle's house for a party with him and debbie (his wife), so i'm staying here with chelsea. she's going to bring her friend katie over, and they're having a sleepover so i'm BY MYSELF. but that's okay, i could use the privacy! ^ ^;; everyone (read: mum) keeps butting into my room like, "TAYLOR WE'RE LOOKING AT ANOTHER HOUSE TODAY GET DRESSED!" and i'm like, ">:EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

yeah, we're prolly moving again later next year. JOY! scratch that-- we are moving. mum just came in and told me our realtor is coming over so we can sign the contract. = =;; we're movin in march to a new house a few neighborhoods down..it's a really nice house and a number of steps up from where we're residing right now, but...AAAAAAAAAAARGH! -headdeskdeskdeskdesk- FRUSTRATION@MOVING!!! -headDESKREALLYREALLYHARD-

now then! what was it that i was gonna do......RESOLUTIONS! that's it! here are my new year resolutions:

-start/work on all comics!
-lost moar weight so i can get in a bikini and look smokin' hot!
-get contacts!
-moar fanartz!!
-get out more!
-traditional art!
-less anime, moar realism!
-better landscape art!
-learn how to use makeup easily!
-design moar characters! -shot repeatedly-
-make character outfits moar original!
-finally get my website running!!!!!
-LESS TALK MORE ROKK!!!!!!!!!!! ( just kidding, i'm going to be talking more than EVER >:3 )

and finally

-monthly manga/anime recommendations! :3 this is something i thought up today that would be kind of fun, and be like my music recommendation for every post, you know? i'd get a series that i enjoyed and write a review for it, and draw a piece of fanart for it too! ^ ^ a different series every month, and i'll prolly do series that are not big famous series like bleach and fma, but underrated ones. i think that'd be REALLY fun to do, you know? like another gift for you guys. and it'd give y'all a taste of some other anime that i like! like you see how on my "favourite anime" i've added muhyo to rouji and gankutsuou. OMGILOVETHOSESERIESSOMUCHHH! ;v;!!! like, muhyo to rouji is my FAVOURITE series at the moment. i finished reading to chapter thirty and i'm like OMG!!!!!!!! it's SO good. i might do it for january. and i might do moar than one at a time, so watch out!

sooooo that's all for this post. have a happy new year; celebrate celebrate celebrate, and maybe a little more for me since i'll be in here doing something or rather that has nothing to DO with celebrating! ^ ^;; i'll prolly be drawing a little bit and getting a scrap dump scrabbled together to show you guys.

auf wiedersehen!

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Friday, December 28, 2007

currently listening: run to you by ryan farish
a rave beat! well, not as hardcore. it makes me want to draw a dancy picture though. i'm not sure, this song makes me think very very much. all ryan farish songs do! HAVE I NOT EXPRESSED MY UNDYING LOVE FOR RYAN FARISH ENOUGH?!?!!!! -fangly face- >:EEEEEEE

christmas was a blast! i got many presents, all of which i adore. ^ ^ i just got back from my auntie's house in palestine (east texas, for non-texans). i saw baby myles and tenny-penny, who have both doubled in size, basically, since i las saw them! tennyson's 3 now, and she was dragging us all around aunt kathy's house wanting to play hungry hungry hippos and a monkey game and watch her barbie movies and i was like HURKCAN'TDOIT! @v@;; she's a ball of fire, that one! and myles was SOOOOADORABLEA;LDFKJA;SLJDFAS;LJDF he's about..6 months now? he's so freaking cute. 'cept when he spits up and farts, because that's never very attractive (NOTE IT). but whenever he looked at me he was all *GRINNYFACETEEHEE*!! he likes me, which makes me really frazzling happy, because i'm not too great with little kids since i'm pretty laid-back. they're all like COMECATCHMELET'SGORUNAROUNDANDSETTHINGSONFIRELOL! and i'm like nohere'sthenewyorktimesnowreadit. yeah..> >;; which makes me rather skeptical on whether my kids will grow up normally...zoinks!

anyway, we had an awesome time. my cousin lee came up from austin, too, and we picked him up at the airport before we went. he's really really cool; i got a tee from his skateshop "no comply" wicked!

okay, list of presents...GO!

itunes gift card!
jacket&sweats from american eagle!
a denim tunic!
hound of the baskervilles book!
transformers 2 disc special edition!
best of the colbert report!
digital photography book!
various sweets and goodies!
a scale! (lulz)
rhuel perfume!
a watch (the most shopped for thing in dallas at the moment)!
camera keychain thing!
ugg boots!
no comply t-shirt!
twin fortune kitty statues!

lol at the copy/paste from dA. but with the add of a few variousities (ugg . . . statues)! oh, also an unexpected guest for christmas! MY PERIOD. >:' i had cramps on christmas eve. total suckfest.

so anyway, assassin's creed is the most awesome game ever now. seriously, you get to go around KILLING PEOPLE and then RUNNING AWAY! NO SARCASM! really. chels and i played it 7hrs nonstop except for lunch. i didn't play it, but watching it is even FUNNER because it's like a movie! the graphics are wonderfully awe-inspiring, the story is intriguing, and the characters are fantastically original! OMGAWESOMEGETITNOW. *shameless plug?*

aaaaaaaaaaand now to another big point of the post! I'M GETTING A MAKEOVER TOMORROW AT 333333333333333333...actually, just 3pm at some place i can't remember the name of. i think it started with a c..but anyway, it's mostly just a haircut (katie holmes with a twist of victoria beckham style!), but MAYBE i might try contacts again. i keep telling myself i'm going to need them if i want to cosplay the characters i'm planning for a-kon, so that kinda helps. so they also may try make-up and stuff on me to where it compliments my complexion. COOL, RIGHT? i'm so excited! ^ ^!! so tay (cartoon version) is going to be getting a makeover too, to match me. not adele from ecstasy resistance though, because her character is not EXACTLY me. > > shut up.

yeah. awesome post. i should get a medal?

answer: yes.

hasta pronto!

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

currently listening: queen of the winter night by tso
tso is the trans-siberian orchestra, in case you didn't know. ^ ^;; they're really really REALLY awesome! though i didn't get to see them this year, but next year i will! -shakes fist- anyway, i wish i could do what this singer could. = =;;; i'm SERIOUSLY envious of her voice and being able to hop up and down a scale so easily like that! true talent right there, man. and combined with the electric guitars, orchestra, and piano, pure awesome christmas rock!

hey, just in case i don't get to come on later, i want to tell all you guys merry holiday festivities. ^ ^ i myself will be having a very merry christmas this year! cause jesus is the reason for the season!

merry christmas to my fellow christians! pm me and tell me what you got as gifts later, 'kay?

jewish guys, hope you had an awesome hanukkah!

african americans who celebrate kwanzaa, have an awesome holiday! celebrate your family and community whole-heartedly~ (yes, i do know what kwanzaa is. :V)

and so it is merry christmahanukwanzaakah. checked the spelling, that's how you spell it. ^ ^;;;

i'm sorry, i don't know of many muslim or hindu holidays, but if you have them this season, my best wishes too! tell me about them; enlighten me on your festivities. ^ ^



listen to crystal theory's christmas chillout! omgomgomgomg awesome possum music! it's kind of tied with tso at the moment..but it's really relaxing. give it a try?


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Friday, December 21, 2007

currently listening: simple and clean by hikki
my kingdom hearts obsession is on the rise! ...as is my love for akuroku. DON'T BE HATIN! >:E anyway, this is always a good song to listen to that makes me happy because it is just overall fantastical: the lyrics are pretty sad, but the way she puts it out and composed the music makes it magic. it also gives me memories of my first time playing kingdom hearts...^ ^ every time feels like the first!

no, sexual innuendos will not be abundant hence forth. SHUT UP.

last day of school was today before the holiday break set in! -dances around- i had fun. we got let out at 1:00PM and it's about 2 now...but i think i have cello lessons still, which always kills my mood. BUT 2 WEEKS AND NO MORE! ; ;)9 then i'll be happy. i don't know what possessed mum to make our lessons on fridays (normally) right after school. seriously, it's screwed up! everybody's all happy about leaving and they're like 'IMGANNAGOSEEAMOVIETEEHEE' and ask me what i'm going to do and i'm like '...er, uh..cello lessons...' and i pull off an IFFY-GRIN. which is kind of like a "sweatdrop" in the normal anime fan's terms. WHICHIAMNOTANORMALFAN. i hate them anime terms, i just like to read/watch it. don't you go using yer wapanesies on MY SITE.

clean up your mouth!

i have to work on my org-infinity x-mas exchange picture for zilx. :> hopefully i can crank out another picture before christmas day rolls around!

a merry shout to every religion's holiday! merry christmahanukwanzakah! or however you spell it.

ciao for now! eat your vegetables.




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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

currently listening: burn by usher
HAY USHER'S PRETTY COOL TOO! ; ; at least this song i love. <3 ;v; yeah. shut up!

i'm actually not supposed to be on right now. >v> i got grounded from NOT WRITING DOWN MY ASSIGNMENTS. it's like they're going to ground me next for GETTING A SNACK. jesus! really, mum thought my planner was a directory, so when she saw i wasn't writing what all assignments i had, she told on me to dad and he grounded me from the computer. AHAHAHHAHAHA SHUT UP. >:' i'm really angry at them right now. my anger showed itself the other night when dad first grounded me, i threw a lot of things to the ground and scribbled all over two GOOD QUALITY sheets of paper from my sketchbook. two good sheets of 11"x14" paper gone to waste! ; ; seriously, i didn't know i would go so far as to tear up my room.

i'm grounded until my friend marissa and i finish this project in english due tomorrow. = =;; we already got half of it done, so it's no big deal.

now if i could just understand my math homework...yikes.

AND i did a commission for my friend lauren that she loved! ^ ^ i got $20 out of it. then my friends natalie and lori commissioned me this morning to do x-mas pictures of their parents. HO HUM! AAAAAAAAAAND i have to do a picture for the *org-infinity christmas exchange on dA. otherwise i'm out of the club forever. JOY!

-headdesk- sorry if i'm missing comments and whatnot; i'm really really smoked. see you all in maybe a few days or less without having to sneak on the computer! ^ ^ love you all.

PS: freezing rain sucks.

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

currently listening: dreaming still by pixietricks
OCREMIX.ORGISAWESOME. ; ; pixietricks has one of the most beautiful voices i've ever heard, seriously! i feel like falling asleep when listening to her songs and collabs; it's soooo relaxing. i wish i could sound like that, but i sound like a squawking parrot. SQUAAAAAAAAWK!!! >8VVVVVVVVVV

omigod, i just finished reading the lovely bones a few minutes ago. ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; t-that was the best story e-ever! -sob- ;o; omigolly gee willickers! i got all teary eyed at the end because it was so sweet and sad and heartbreaking. alice sebold really has a way with words. very poetic and compelling! READ IT IF YOU HAVEN'T. dood, you'd be missing out!

augh but FRICK, i have a yearbook work day from 2-6 today. ; ; taylor m and i have to do a spread on WEEKENDS. CAN YOU GET ANY MORE VAGUE?!! seriously, we have no CLUE how we're going to manage this topic. gooooooooood griiiiiiiiief! >:EEEEE -fume fume- i don't want to go..i want to work on my christmas gift for you people! i do have one, you know. i did have a thanksgiving picture but i didn't get to finish it, and halloween was a bust, but AT CHRISTMAS I WON'T LET YOU DOWNNNNN! ;v;)9

raaaaaaaaaaaagh i have to get ready to go. toodles! enjoy your day; i won't be. <3

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

currently listening: a mole should be staying a mole? by iwasaki taku
ohmygooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. i love this song SO much because it has such a soft, melancholy beginning, but circulates into a beautiful overture. ; ; the beginning keeps giving me the picture of tidus from final fantasy x leaning back and resting before the blitzball game, you know? you should if you've played the game. in the beginning sequence. then the end of it reminds me of...frick. i can't say because i know SOME PEOPLE haven't watched all of gurren lagann yet. -sits in corner- i don't like that. soon i'm just going to just SAY IT because i've given you long enough. i guess it reminds me of the end of episode 27 and 16. yeah.


i'm seriously fuming over this! no house, no csi, no criminal minds, no bones or anything until those writers get their frickin' dinero. i feel like i want to go on strike as well...; ; i want money toooooo....

that's all i got to say about that. nothing more needs to be said, am i right?

so anyway...i'm getting back into playing final fantasy! X> suddenly my love for final fantasy x was rekindled, though i don't know how. maybe it was my dream last night! i dreamt of a place that heavily reminded me of besaid, so i'm going to paint it in photoshop to give you guys an idea...maybe later. 8> i'm eating BEEF CHOW MEIN. don't i sound japanesey? CHOUW MAYNNNNNN~~ but after i'm going to start painting. cause i don't have anything to watch tonight CAUSE THEY WON'T PAY THE WRITERS! see where i'm going here..?

ummm...nothing else. > > umumummmmmmmm..oh! i just got a year-long project in english. i get to pick a topic that i want to elaborate on. no guidelines or NOTHING, i just have to compile a presentation by next may over the topic?

MY TOPIC? art? not exactly...the art of storytelling! ^ ^ my friend lauren and i are going to make a joint effort to do a project over the art of storytelling over the ages. we've chosen the story of cinderella because that's one of the universal stories that everyone in the world should know! ^ ^^^^^^ i'm happy. i get to make a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE mural. like at LEAST 6 feet long and 2 feet high. it'll be the bomb! i'll be sure to take pictures and maybe see if i can somehow get it up on here. FDSAJFDSA;LJAFD;JAF;JLFSD I'MSOEXCITED!

and yeah. time to paint; i is done with my food!

PS: kira, nika, and graaaaace i'm still making my princess, sorryyy. 8> we need to make the princess club soon.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

currently listening: love conservative by iwasaki taku
another song from the tengen toppa gurren lagann album, VAT?!?!!!! anyway, this song is really really beautiful, and i love it. ; ; it makes me incredibly sad though, because the way they put it to ttgl's final episode made me cry! ;o; AUGHNIAAUGHHHHHHH...-headdeskdeskdeskdesk...desk- i still hold ttgl in my HAWRT. -pokes chest- i has to draw more fanart and actually post it. aya, lying, i don't want to post my fanart...yet. >:3

when i grow up, now i want to be a pretty princess. c: i'll have big poofy dresses (not necessarily made from various draperies) and sing a lot and make people happy and YEAH! maybe a few cleaning montages along the way too. princess princess princess, i want to be a PRITTY LITTLE PRINCESS~~~!! cX

mm, yeah, i saw enchanted today with my homiez kira nika and grace. we were going to see the mist, but then we decided upon bee movie because of the lack of parental supervision and CRAZY people not wanting to see the scary movie, then we decided upon enchanted because there were 9 seats left in bee movie and kira doesn't like jerry seinfield. ILOVEJERRYSEINFIELDYOU'RECRAZYKIRAHOMFG.

afdsjfakjdlfdjsakjkfda;fdjas;j! so yeah, i went out and about with these three peepz (and kira's boyfriend julian, who i consider a homedawg) today at the collin creek mall. ITWASFUN. we went to the photo booth first, couldn't get our money in, so we ended up kicking it. don't worry, because we got our pictures AT A MORE RELIABLE PLACE*. (*a photobooth across the mall) aaaand we got FOOD too, which was more like everyone except grace got smoothies and she got a pizza. that's the way, grace, stand out from the crowd! ^ ^)9 we went to a bunch of stores too, i made grace touch the back wall of hot topic to show she went through the whole store, and nika persistently sat on the floor so we couldn't drag her into aeropostale/american eagle/hollister, or things of the like. and julian was quiet...too quiet. X>

so um um um...i want to draw a princess now because enchanted inspired me. S-SHUT UP, IT WAS A GOOD MOVIE, SO SEE IT. yeah. i want to save all my disney movies from storage and watch them. ;v; my rekindled love for disney HAS SPOKEN!

-rolls off-

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Friday, November 16, 2007

currently listening: ...
rap is the soul of man! dig open your ears and listen well to the great kamina, the man of raging waves that believes in himself aiming for the sky! by iwasaki taku. you'd better believe it, that's the title. >:3 NOW YOU KNOW. i love this whole frickin' album TO DEATH HOMG. i love TENGEN TOPPA GURREN LAGANN TO DEATH. watch it. watch it right now, you ding dong, or else i will make this whole post a link to it! ttgl is like the best thing since sliced bread. but there is house and csi and d. gray-man...I CALL A TIE! SUDDEN DEATH BATTLE!!

it's thanksgiving break at last! -prances around- i'm so very happy because i don't have any homework...that i remember...shut up. ; ;

but yeah. best part is that over the WEEKLONGBREAK i am allowed, no-- i MUST draw for the vase competition this year! >:3 i might enter my dizzy tree picture if i actually have the willpower to work on it, or maybe i'll make a landscape and submit that. i don't know! i have a few months though; it takes place some time after the break.

and OH how fast this year is going by! a few days have been long and dreadful, but as a whole the year is sparkling with me. i can't wait for christmas to come and then the summer so i can go to a-kon! ;o;!! it'll be so awesome!

umm..my mouth hurts because my gums by my molars are sore and i have an ulcer and a fever blister. i don't know where they came from, and YES i brush my teeth. mouth wash too! ; ;;;;;;;;;;; jesus christ on wheels.

another thing that is getting me all pissy and whiny is JORJA FOX ON CSI?!!?!!! i don't even have a smiley for the disdain i feel! THAT WAS TOTALLY OUT OF CHARACTER LEAVING, SARA. YOU WOULDN'T DO THAT IF JORJA WOULD JUST GET HER HEAD STRAIGHT. seriously. i was so depressed today because of when grissom read her letter..if she REALLY LOVED HIM then she WOULDN'T LEAVE HIM! *is in agony*

so anyway...i'm preezed and in pain at the same time (LIEKHOUSE?!?!!!) and i need to sign back guestbooks later. not now because i'm feeling so lazy and have the itch to play kingdom hearts. i really want to watch avatar too! i remember a few years ago when it was still in production there was a show on nickalodeon called u-pick live that gave a preview of it. they went into the studio and got interviews and stuff and HOMG I WANTED TO SEE IT SO BAD. it looked soooo cooool! people were all pissy about it saying it was some wannabe anime and i was all like shut up shut up! now they're all posers.

yeah. total epic post of doom. comments not required but are always welcome!

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