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Wednesday, September 5, 2007


zomg peeeps, new theme! and none other than EDWARD CULLEN (>/////<) ----*fangirl squeal* gets the spotlight.

sigh... i fear i am a fangirl...


i saw a silver volvo, and i like, SPAZZED! i got out my cell phone and i was like, PICTURE! PICTURE!! when the driver got out, i screamed, "I LOVE YOU CAR!!" she gave me a kinda weird look, and a "thanks..."

yup, definately a fangirl. but i am ALL for the bella edward pairing! i know i can never have a fictional character (unlike SOME people i know *cough*japanese kitten*cough* sorry bout that... ^^' don't take it to heart or anything...)

i'd also like to get something straight- fangirl extermination is not for me! i welcomr fellow edward fangirls with open arms. it's fun to be all like, "edward ish teh HAWTNESS" with them.

i've already done a couple of school papers on him...

well, until next time,


kurai nakigo

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

hey!! i haven't posted in a while, almost a month!! *legasp* i've just been busy, with y'know, life. omg, i'm in wisconsin now!! i'm with japanese kitten, and we're having a lot of fun. i shall post piccys!!! whoooo hoooo!

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this is nika and I chillin out on the dock. the dock is awweeeesssommmeee!!!

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this is us playing ping pong. squee for ping pong!!

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this is us on the shuttle at the airport. i like this pic cuz i dont look like a midget for once! lol ^-^'

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this is nika with her brother BJ. piggyback! how sweet!

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this is BJ's fiancee, laura, and she is possibly the most warm hearted, polite womn i have ever met! here she is meeting us at the airport.

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this is one studly fisherman... huuuggggsss!

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here's me eating icecream, and nika waiting for hers. buahahahahaha, i have iceream, she doesn't!!

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this is us hugging BJ.

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more piggy back! that's me on the top, nika in the middle, and bj at the bottom.

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this is us at the flea market. i got a huge bouncy ball, cell phone jewlery, and nika pitched in 3$ and i pitched in 15$ for hannah's (priestesspower444's) present. nika gave me all the money she had left! how sweeeeettt!! hannah, you're going to LOVE your present!

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this is nika being shady in the car.

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tis us goofing off in the car.

lol, steve. us goofing off in the car, again.

before i end this post, i'd like to tell yall about the "sock" story. okay, so nika and i were sitting on the dock, feeding the ducks (the ducks swam away, it was the seagulls that ate it.) bread, when my sock blows away, into the lake! before i tell yall the next part, i'm going to give a bit of background- i love animals with a passion. okay, back to story. i was afraid that a seagull would think that my sock was bread, and try to eat it, choke, and die. so i jumped into the lake, and got my sock. when i got out i was freezing! (the lake water is nice, but once you get out it starts to get cold.) i got my only pair of jeans i brought with me all wet, and i've been having to wear PJ pants ever since. my jeans are STILL drying as i type.

end of story!


~* Grace in wisconsin

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

   my life, as of now.

hi peoples! here is an update of my life as of now.
gah, my uncles funeral was really depressing. i couldn't stop crying! but the pastor's message seemed to go on FOREVER! he kept on saying stuff about an anchor and the lord jesus being the solid rock, over, and OVER! it drove my dad to say when we got home, "if that pastor had said one more thing about an anchor id've screamed!" lol
also, my 18 year old brother is moving out to L.A to start his life in the animation buisness. he's leaving tomorrow, and with my uncle AND him, it's kind of like, *SLAP ACROSS THE FACE*!! it's kind of bittersweet, him leaving. him being all independent, but then, i might not even be able to see him on the holidays. from tomorrow on, i will be the only child in the house! i guess it's going to be a lot like how it is with japanese kitten and her older brother.

ALSO! i submitted some new art, and there is one i want y'all to see especially- i think it's the best i've done. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT! and check out some other things while you're there! ^-^
oh! and make sure to check out priestesspower444's commissions! she really is a great artist, and your own full colored commission is only $10.00! PM her for details! (click here)
~*-insert nickname here-

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

   death, highlights, babysitting, and commissions. ^-^

hi peoples!! sorry i haven't posted in a while. been busy. v.v my uncle just died, so i'm all really sad. he had cancer.
but what's really awesome is.....
i got my hair cut and highlighted! my friend cut my hair, and it really looks good. she gave me these really cool bang lookin thingies. i now have strawberry-blondish brown highlights on my black hair. i really like it!
as i write this post, i am once agian, babysitting. i just put them to bed. THEY'RE SO CUTE!!! >.< but eliie (the little four year old girl) who i can barely understand, makes up for it in SUPER UBER CUTENESS!!!!!!!! EEEEEEE! *squeal*
oh! and make sure to check out priestesspower444's commissions! she really is a great artist, and your own full colored commission is only $10.00! PM her for details!

~*Rai/Mina/Hari/Ghetto-san/ i SAID give me a NICKNAME! no more "lol...." I'M SERIOUS!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


priestesspower444 and i had so much fun at seaworld!
(we did have to sit through a 6 hour long car ride though. but we still got to talk a lot!) i kept on trying to persuade my mom to get us a hotel room in advance, but she said, "we'll just play it by ear." she really should've listened to me. all of the hotels were sold out, except for this really crappy installment of days inn. oh my god, the first night of our stay in that room sucked! we got a room right next to the pool, and we heard people outside screaming, babies crying, and people yelling in spanish well into the night.
but seaworld itself was awesome! the first thing we all did was go to see the shamu show, believe.
pri chan and i decided to site in the third row of the splash zone, and we got SOAKED in salty, cold water. unfortunately, pri chan had her eyes, and mouth open when the big splash came. poor pri chan! it was fun anyway. ^-^
the wave pool was awesome too! it was sooooo much fun! the water felt great!
we also went to see the sea lion show! it was soooo cute! if yall ever go to sea world, seeing the sea lion show is a must. when the walrus came in pri chan was like, "WHOOOA! that thing looks like an oversized twinkie!" lol
in the evening we went to the river walk and ate at casa rio. omg, the dessert was amazing! it was this pita bread thing that was hollow at the center, doused in honey, and had powdered sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on top. mmmmmmm! pri chan had a virgin strawberry daiquiri, and it was sooo good! (i had a few sips. ^-^)

on the second day we got reservations at the radisson. (thank god!)
we didn't have to pay pricey parking because a shuttle took us. on the second day, it was just me and pri chan! we rode the steel eel together, and by the time it was over, she was swaring up a storm. she really didn't enjoy it! after that we got frozen cherry drinks and got pizza. after that we fed and petted dolphins. it was so amazing!
then we went to see this pirates 4D thing. omg, it was the most stupid pirate thing i have ever laid my eyes on! they were all like, "it be a trap!" lol. and the captains name was captain lucky! lolz! hahahahahahahahahaha!
after that, pri chan went in the wave pool with my with normal clothes on. just for me! awwwww!
thus, that concludes sea world. i'll post pictures soon!

~*Rai/Mina/Hari/Ghetto-san/ i SAID give me a NICKNAME! lol

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